Everywhere in the world, SAFETY is our PRIORITY

It is compulsory to wear Safety Glasses, Safety Helmet and Safety Boots in our plant at any time.

Change from 1312RE to 1312FR without stopping Board-line requires involvement of several operators
on the Wet End – Forming area. These are – Core Mix Operator, Former Operator, PLB Operator and Shift
Supervisor. Presence of Plaster Mill Operator and Shift Electrician is also required in case of need for assistance. They will all operate in relatively small area and under considerable pressure to perform their
tasks efficiently and timely. Due to potential spillages, this area might become wet and slippery. Only well
organised and trained crew can perform this change without excessive safety risk.

Some precautions can and must be taken to eliminate or minimize risk of injuries and accidents.

For example – during this change we move from DCP to HEM configuration – this involves change of our
DC pumps and replacing long hoses with short ones. To minimise number of operations performed during
this product change we can change DC pumps before starting product change (10 minutes earlier) so that
only long hoses need to be swapped for the short ones during the change.
Work area must be cleaned from any spillages and anything that might represent trip hazard. Mobile DCP
work-bench should be pushed on side to be out of the way after pumps have been changed prior to the
product change.
PLB operator handling Fiberglass should wear Dust mask. Dust mask should be also used during work on
the Vermiculite Transfer platform.

It is our goal to operate our plant efficiently. IT IS OUR IMPERATIVE TO OPERATE OUR PLANT SAFELY.

If working conditions during this product change become dangerous for safety and
health of the crew then change should be abandoned and safety restored to acceptable

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