Honda Xcelerator is a program designed for innovators across all funding stages who seek to transform technology and business. Honda has created this program to engage innovators in an open and friendly environment. The program offers funding for rapid prototyping, collaborative workspaces, and pairing with Honda mentors. WHAT WE OFFERFunding […]

John Hewson The case for a truly independent Federal Integrity and Anti-corruption commission is beyond question If, in today’s COVID world, we could do a “pub test”, the message would undoubtedly be that people simply can’t understand why the major parties haven’t got together and established it years ago. Rather […]

Australia has become the complacent country. Complacent about its future economic competitiveness. Complacent about climate change. Complacent about how to navigate our future in the region given China’s rise, America’s response and a neighbourhood increasingly torn between the two. Complacent too about the gradual erosion of our democracy itself through a growing “pay for play” culture from financial donations to political parties, an increasing assault on the independence of the public service and the abuse of monopolistic media power.