Getting out of lethargy

What future for Australia is waiting at the end of this recession?

No, I am not going to join all those talking about “snap-back” economy or V shaped recovery. Let them dream.

I live in Australia since 1987. and was (un)fortunate to observe huge changes that happen to this country and our society. Well, it seems that I arrived to country that was going through its golden era. We called ourselves a LUCKY COUNTRY. And lucky (and happy) it was.

Then we elected John Howard for Prime Minister as a leader of LNP Coalition. One has to have an enormous amount of hatred towards his own country and people to be able to proceed with policies destroying the very fabric of that country and society. John Howard persisted in destroying every bit of Australia created by our greatest leader Gough Whitlam and built on by Bob Hawke and Paul Keating.

Electing John Howard for Prime Minister was not a crime itself. Everyone makes mistakes and that applies for whole countries – if you look at our “allies” (some other time about that topic – Do Not Push It!) Americans then you will see that they have been making mistakes since 1960’s with a small exception of Jim Carter (my respect goes for him not just as a president but for everything he got involved after his presidency).

However, RE-electing John Howard (more than once!) was not only terrible mistake but a sign of ignorance and growing intolerance within Australian society. No, there is no excuse in believing in “Children overboard” lies, tax-cuts that resulted in cutting very important services as health, education and aged care (to name only some). There is no excuse in following that monster in Iraq war based on lies about weapons of mass destruction. There is no excuse in letting him send our soldiers in Afghanistan. Everyone (well not quite everyone) is talking about alleged war crimes by our soldiers in Afghanistan but nobody is questioning those who send them there.

Finally ALP won federal election and I thought we will see changes reversing crimes against Australia committed by John Howard and his government. Well, great financial crisis (GFC) hit the world and probably affected Labour government even that Australia avoided going into recession as the rest of the world (thank you K. Rudd and China). Prime Minister K. Rudd came up with initiative commonly called “mining tax”. That obviously enraged true owners of our country and democracy who were hiding till then. All powerful mining industry supported with all mighty Rupert Murdoch press started all out war against Kevin Rudd and his government.

Australian Labour Party (ALP) had lost me when Julia Gillard ousted Kevin Rudd as Prime Minister of Australia. They let down this country and they will not be able to recover till they publicly acknowledge it. Gillard managed to win following elections (losing majority in the process). They got Rudd back in office once they realised things are developing into political disaster. However it was too late and LNP took charge of Australia back. We live with consequences of that today. And still, so many people cannot see how much backward this country traveled under their governments! Mass media and Murdoch turned this country into very lethargic and ignorant mob. Every time I thought that LNP has reached the bottom, they grabbed the shovel and started digging deeper. How far? I don’t know.

I can still dream though. And as that silly question – What would happen if… Today I posted an article about Honda Xcelerator program. The program offers funding for innovators, rapid prototyping, collaborative work-spaces and pairing with Honda Mentors. We have no Honda or anything of that kind in Australia. From country producing almost everything we turned in country capable of DIGGING only – either in agriculture or mining.

What would happen if Kevin Rudd was not ousted by his own party and introduced “mining tax” instead? I am convinced that likes of Tony Abbott (past) and Scott Morrison (current PM) would never get to lead this country.

If that was the case then probably we would not lose complete car manufacturing in this country (all disappeared withing three years).

Now, we are in recession. The rest of the world is in recession as well so it is not a big deal. COVID19 was skillfully used by government to blame it for everything that went wrong in this country – of course that Murdoch prestitutes helped it immensely. The most scary (and sad) is the fact that majority of people in this country cannot see what is really happening to us. Corruption of this government has no match through whole history of Australia and we are silent!

It is time to get out of our lethargy. If we miss next opportunity (federal elections) then we are in deep trouble. We will be the first ever generation living in Australia that will hand it over to our children in condition worse than when we took over. Are we prepared to play that role? I am not!

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