How to adapt and thrive in times of crisis

New insights on how agility and curiosity are helping organizations weather the storm of 2020

2020 has marked the greatest period of uncertainty and economic volatility our generation has ever faced

Yet some organizations have quickly adapted to the shifting forces that have short circuited the economy, and are surviving—even thriving—during the crisis by using:



To uncover and pressure test the solutions that can help them find success.

To act with enough speed and commitment to uncertainty and adapt to volatility.

The pandemic threatens our health, our lives—and our livelihoods

Just 39% of workers think their company is prepared to withstand an economic downturn

Times have never seemed more bleak for many of our customers, constituents, colleagues, and employees.

Historians, economists, and journalists will look back on the actions taken to address the myriad challenges of 2020 and remember those who acted swiftly and wisely in the face of adversity. In this historic moment, we all need leaders and business partners who can meet the challenges of this new world order, find novel ways of operating, and ultimately help drive the resolution of this crisis.

How organizations are weathering the crisis?

The most successful companies are finding opportunity in the chaos

The top 3 cited ways businesses are responding to the coronavirus crisis, among those who say their company is prepared for a downturn:

Research shows that those with the best outlook for weathering the crisis aren’t just lucky. They share two fundamental traits that makes them especially suited to adapt, survive—and even thrive.


The willingness to explore, seeking new opportunities and solutions by using data and feedback as a guide.


The ability and resolve to act quickly to adapt to new paradigms by fundamentally changing the established order.

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