The Philosophy of STOP!

Written by: Joseph Carli

We’ve all had those times in our travels through life, when we’re on a roll and there seems to be no stopping us … perhaps it’s a winning streak at punting on the horses … I heard of one chap went years on such a winning streak … till it suddenly crashed and he just couldn’t believe it would end, so he kept going and going, losing and losing till he was back where he started … Australia, it is time to introduce philosophy of STOP!

Perhaps it is something more simple, where as a young high-flying, good looking, partying person, you have the option of dating more than one or even two people at once … and you start to believe you’re almost movie-star material … until a chance meeting between one or the other persons in your dating life and then …

Yes, you get the drift … we’ve all been there one way or another … but the curious thing is not being able to read the signs that it is all getting way out of control and the best solution would be to pause right there in your actions and … STOP! … STOP right here, right now … don’t go a step further, gather those thoughts together, sit down and work it through to where the current line of action will take you.

Pushing reforms back

When we look at the actions or policies of, particularly, conservative governments in Australia, we see a momentum of hubris that builds from the first days of coming to office, where there is a surge of enthusiasm to purge uncontrollably those policies of the Labor govt’ to the point of breaking every election promise, every reassurance of trust and integrity, until they move on to the inevitable blunders and corruption … a seemingly endless caravanserai of plunder and rapine of social and economic essentials.

With the business community also, riding on the coat-tails of such a govt’, CEOs mindlessly granting multi-million dollar bonuses to themselves and their favourites until the companies they lead and rely upon for their living standard begin to totter and collapse under such insatiable greed … ”When first the tottering house begins to sink, thither goes all the weight by an instinct” …

Even private citizens, investing their retirement superannuation in property to rent or speculate on or negative gear in the search for ever more wealth … and of course, those famous “Franking Credits” cabal of parasites again investing their retirement monies in stocks and shares know no limit to their slavish hunger for more and more! … until suddenly they discover their financial adviser or bank has been leading them down the garden path and they smack themselves on the forehead for not seeing the obvious … they should have done a STOP! … and considered their options … but too late.

No … we have to incorporate the philosophy of STOP! Into our culture, into our creed and into our deepest psyche to pull us up BEFORE stepping into the abyss. But how do we know just when the fall is coming so to be warned?

I’ll tell you …

How do we know?

It’s that moment when you are about to commit to action a deed or statement and you are in such a euphoric / confident state of mind that you think; “No-one will notice” … or “This won’t affect anything or anyone” … or; “This’ll be funny” and you blurt something out and it all goes to shit in an uncontrollable way in an instant. I call such moments “ Self incontrovertible blunder” …

A thing coming from your own “left-field” and yourself watching / listening to yourself saying / doing a thing whilst simultaneously thinking; “what the hell am I doing?!” … there is that split-second moment in the hiatus between the actual action and the framing of what you are going to do where your logic/reasoning capability says … or OUGHT TO SAY … STOP! … just fucking STOP! … don’t be so stupid! … and after all, stopping demands no effort, indeed, it could be described as “inaction”.

We’ve done this as well … and congratulated ourselves later in dodging a bullet for the deed. We have to be able to recognise that split-second moment and be able to mentally put on the brakes to STOP! I would suggest practicing by creating mock scenarios and recognising the moment when STOP is needed.

There are also opportunities on social media platforms like Twitter etc. where you can bait a conversation to a point where it is getting out of hand and then execute a STOP moment by pulling up and giving ground to the person/s you were baiting … such an exercise is easy to set up and to wind down so that you do not come under suspicion of trolling and perhaps your sudden admission of compliancy would be seen as altruistic and you get complimented for a conciliatory action … but such an exercise would be more recommended for the experienced “player” … and I’ll take my own advice here and STOP! Before I go too far ..

Just bloody well STOP!

The recent shenanigans in America is a perfect example where the Philosophy of STOP! Ought to have been enacted … perhaps as far back as 2016 when Trump could not help himself as he played to his own ego and plunged into the vortex of national destruction. Here in Oz, we can now witness a similar scenario in regards to a leader who has neither ability to fore-see, nor capability to fore-bear catastrophe or corruption and as far as one can see, no time soon will his mental faculty nor his political advisors put a brake on the runaway controversy of reckless governance and say STOP! … just bloody well STOP! … and let the nation and it’s battle-weary citizens take a breather and stop the forever grinding machine.

Yes, there is need in an age of increasing “just in time” economics for this new philosophy … never before have we had need to STOP! And reconsider our work opportunities, our social positions and our relationships in a time of epidemic and lockdown. The philosophy of STOP might save the happy future for our children.

We must embrace this Philosophy of STOP!

Here is another post that I agree with 100%. That is why it is appearing under “blogs” section. Because, if I could, then I would write exactly the same myself. I thank the author for writing it. For those still reading, please STOP and think. Everything said above is very important for the future of our country.

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