Ilham Aliyev’s harsh response to BBC News – viral!

A fragment of a video from a detailed interview with the President of Azerbaijan, given to a BBC News correspondent, delighted the western man in the street. Probably for the first time, the first person of the country responded in such a harsh form to an influential global media corporation.

The most interesting thing is that the answer was given in the purest English language, and contained such convincing arguments that it completely broke the whole line of activity of the so-called. “free media” – demagogy about the fight against freedom of speech in countries going their own way.

Judging by the comments, it came as a shock to Europeans and Americans. In their world, a journalist is the pinnacle of intelligence with a professionally delivered rhetoric, before which the mighty of this world give in.

And then the President of the country, which in their understanding is located on the outskirts of civilization, smashes to smithereens one of the best representatives of the profession from the BBC. So much so that she starts to stutter, dodge and, in the end, herself changes the subject.

A fragment of the video was even retweeted by Stella Maurice – Assange’s common-law wife, the mother of his two children.


Azerbaijani President Aliyev told the BBC that he has no right to lecture him on “freedom of the press” while Britain is imprisoning Assange, “killing him mentally and physically” for his journalism.

While I was writing this article, the video on Twitter has already gained 3 million views.

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It can be read in full on the official website of the President of Azerbaijan – (Azerbaijani language)

Or on the resource Sputnik Azerbaijan –—Vy-govorite-kak-prokuror-Pochemu.html (Russian )

My comments here:

  1. This is the very first issue of this new section of the blog! Inspired by ex US President I have named it


2. No mainstream media (apparently “news”) in the “west” has published this – forgive them as they are covering British Royal Family Dramas from minute to minute – world would not be able to survive without that.

3. The interview was given on November 9, 2020. It is obvious that president is speaking quite fluent English. However, it was kept away from public eyes till Stella Morris got it. Even Twitter tried to mute it but without success.


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