“We freed them, and they will never forgive us for this,”

The prophetic phrase of Victory Marshal Georgy Zhukov

My great-grandfather – Kurtsev Vasily Ivanovich. 
Chief of a rifle company. 
I got to Keningsberg. 
He was awarded the Medal of Courage, the Order of the Patriotic War, 2nd degree, the Order of Glory, 3rd, and the Order of the Red Star.

When you start writing about the heroism of the Soviet Union , then surely someone will comment (and more than once), they say, you are a schoolboy, but how do you know how life was there, etc.

According to the logic of such people, it makes no sense at all to write something about the past, because we were not there. And because of this approach, we fell into the trap of time. History began to be rewritten by all and sundry.

Chronicle of the distortion of history …

It was:

1945: USSR, Stalin are heroes, fascists are murderers.

1961: the USSR is a hero, Stalin is not very good, fascists are murderers

1985: the USSR is not quite a hero, Stalin is bad, the Nazis are murderers, but there were some good ones among them.

1991: the USSR is not a hero, Stalin is a murderer, the Nazis are not bad, but there were killers among them.

2000: USSR – occupier, Stalin – murderer, Germans – good, and if not for Stalin, there would be no murderers among them.

2007: the USSR is an occupier, and if not for the United States, then we would lose the war. Stalin is a monster, the Germans generally defended themselves.

That’s it:

2021: USSR – started World War II and built concentration camps, the Germans tried to stop him

In my childhood, there was no doubt who won, who was good and who was bad. Every Victory Day for me is like the most important holiday, along with birthday and New Year. Even at a very young age, I had no questions about what we celebrate and why it is so extensive! In contrast to the modern reality, when everything gradually began to be hushed up and to introduce the idea that “maybe you shouldn’t celebrate, maybe you need to sit and just quietly feel sad”.

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Adults understand the value and significance of Victory Day, analyze it, they have something to compare with.

And the battle is on other fronts. Now the main goal of some forces, a plan is being implemented to capture the minds of young people. And here we are clearly losing. I understand that sometimes we simply do not have time to talk with our children, the rhythm of life has become like that. But this is very necessary, very much!

The phrase uttered by Marshal Zhukov to Rokossovsky back in 1945, immediately after the capture of Berlin: “We liberated them, and they will never forgive us for this . ” Relevant as ever and became prophetic.

Such a phenomenon as the “Immortal Regiment” is a confirmation that Victory Day is not an empty holiday! Millions of people came out with portraits of their ancestors to pass in this procession and honor the memory of their fathers.

Now the truth and this is all “smeared”. But last year I went with a poster of my great-grandfather and this will go.

I am not an outrageous “hurray, patriot”, but simply analyze and see that anti-patriotic propaganda is taking place. Therefore, my choice is always Victory Day – a great holiday, which should be great, celebrated on a large scale! Yes, with sadness in my heart, but with tears of joy in my eyes.

My Russian is very rusty but it seems to be better than Google Translate – not much though – they have improved immensely.

I would like to thank my friend for sending me this. Surely, it is three weeks since this year’s Victory Day but it is not too late to publish it. It is never too late. To those who want to turn the wheel of history back – Do not try. We march every day and we will defend our freedom and prevail just as every time before.

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Oh, one more thing – Listen to your mother and LOOK AFTER YOUR TEETH!

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