Intellectual degradation of the West

An NBC News journalist asked Russian President Vladimir Putin whether he is a “killer”!

This sort of a question by the American TV channel correspondent indicates the intellectual degradation of the “West”

For the first time in three years, Vladimir Putin gave an interview to the American television channel NBC News. During the interview, the Western correspondent recalled the scandalous statement by US President Joe Biden when the head of the White House called the Russian leader a “killer.”

“I have heard dozens of such accusations, especially during our difficult events during the fight against terrorism in the North Caucasus. And at the same time, I have always acted in the interests of the Russian state and the Russian people. And different labels are not something that is even worth worrying about, “- said Putin, answering the question of an NBC journalist,” Mr. President, are you a murderer? “

This sort of question of an NBC correspondent speaks of a deeper process in which the degradation of journalism is only part of a general trend.

This is a kind of religious fervor. For the modern West, liberalism is not a teaching, but a belief, some kind of religion. According to this belief, since Putin is not a liberal, he is very bad. This approach turns off the brain. The head becomes unnecessary part of your body ”

Therefore, the inhabitants of Western countries are experiencing a natural degradation of intellectual abilities, the analyst noted. They don’t have to think, because everything was determined for them in advance: the West is good, Russia is bad. In such conditions journalism as an analyst simply cases to be in demand. It is not just the journalists themselves who lose this skill. They simply don’t need it any more. All major media are pushing exactly the same script and they don’t even need to offer any proof for any of their claims. As EXCEPTIONAL they just must be trusted.

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In the West, consumers of high-quality journalism have died, or there are very, very few of them left. The process began not today or yesterday, it has been going on for decades.

However, even if the West does not really hear (or want to understand) Russia now, one must continue to appeal to common sense. That is exactly what Vladimir Putin is trying to do during the interview.

Putin spoke not only with a journalist. Putin spoke with his readers, viewers. It is impossible to prove anything to a believer [in liberalism]. But something will remain in his memory and will accumulate. Well, let’s hope so

There is no hope that common sense will defeat the faith of Western liberals with one blow. However, everything will change when realities begin to contradict faith. Credibility of Western media has been seriously eroded in their own countries. Current pandemic crisis has exposed many lies by Western politicians and institutions. The West turned vaccination into a part of a cold war. Many people in the West, particularly in EU countries realized that their politician pay more attention to their ideological lies than to the wellbeing of their people.

Not only that – countries that refused to follow directions from EU “Central Committee” in Brussels were accused of nationalism and all sorts of things. It is interesting to mention that these countries are not really the “West” in spite of being members of EU. Take Hungary for example. Or Poland and Slovakia. Population of these countries does not tend to follow their politicians and journalists serving them blindly.

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If a person walks with his eyes closed all his life, sooner or later he will break his nose. When the citizens of Western countries break their noses, the words uttered by Putin now will become relevant to them. Therefore these words need to be said sometime.

There is no accident in the fact that world most famous political prisoner (Julian Assange) is imprisoned in London and wanted by USA. His own country (Australia) is not doing anything to protect their citizen. All three of these countries are members of such called “five eyes” – closed community united in spying on the rest of the world with one goal – to maintain their imperialistic position in the world. The secret about the “five eyes” was disclosed by a whistleblower Edward Snowden who had to leave USA to avoid consequences of disclosing illegal actions of his government. Not surprise – he found shelter nowhere else but in Russia.

When I was much younger we observed people from Soviet Union and some of Eastern European countries being political prisoners and escaping prosecution by running away to the West. Today, it seems that opposite is happening. When are residents of the West going to realize what is happening?


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