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The Western media are already giving many assessments of the talks. The general opinion of representatives of influential media boils down to one thing: the US president completely failed the agenda of the negotiations and surrendered at the mercy of the winner. He did not put forward any ultimatums to the head of Russia! And he disgraced himself at a press conference.

Joe Biden is not to be envied. A very elderly man, tired of political intrigue and uncomfortable questions. He suddenly became the spearhead of the weapon that the West directed towards Russia. Its mission is to express Western contempt for Russia’s position, to protested and threaten it for its allegedly unacceptable behavior.

You don’t have to be an American journalist to understand that this has not happened. Hearing their collective Western democratic leader say about Putin that he is the “leader of a proud nation” with whom, instead of threatening punishment for “unacceptable cyber attacks”, they managed to agree on the prospects for cooperation in cyberspace (as well as on a number of other issues). The Western public fell into sediment. Biden was smashed to smithereens by their own journalists – White House-affiliated The Hill and even pro democratic party CNN. I am still trying to figure out does CNN directs Democratic Party or the other way around. Please help me! I am confused!

Infamous press conference

The Hill journalists were embarrassed by the way Biden held a press conference after talks with Putin. The US leader was expected to tell how he “drew” his own “red lines” to Putin. However, this did not happen. Moreover, American journalists, who were already exhausted in Geneva from the crush and excitement, were amazed by Biden’s speech with the help of a teleprompter. After Putin shortly before that spoke in his own words, improvised and let many who wish to speak.

Vladimir Putin answered questions from the press on Wednesday afternoon in Geneva after his first summit with President Biden. The Russian President spoke for over 55 minutes and answered more than two dozen questions. During the press conference, he did not use a teleprompter. Shortly thereafter, Biden answered only seven questions from the press, but first spoke for 11 minutes, reading the text from a teleprompter.

– writes Hill.

At the same time, Biden first assured the journalists that he would answer their questions. Then he immediately corrected himself: “As usual, they gave me a list of people to whom I will answer.” Could Biden not say that? He could. But he said. That outraged the journalists.

Well, of course. The leader of the free world has just and again essentially admitted that he cannot reply to reporters at random after Putin – a bloodthirsty killer who restricts freedom of speech in his country – did just that.

– journalists were indignant.

Eh “Leader of the free world” – By what standards?

Hill is bitterly aware of the inability of the “leader of the free world” to live up to the high level of preparation and openness that Putin has demonstrated. This is not the first time that Americans have paid attention to the openness of the Russian president. But this is probably the first time that another mention of Putin’s ability to communicate openly with the press sounds so impartial to the President of the United States.

If you are wondering why the advisers to the President of the United States refused to hold a joint press conference with Putin, then here is the answer: because there is no doubt that Putin would try to hold such a conference with Biden for several hours in order to (A) not allow Biden contact only reporters selected in advance for him and (B) show his excellent psychological endurance,

– writes the edition.

Biden used “cheat sheets” – just as his empire cheating the rest of the world

Biden used “cheat sheets” and “pieces of paper” that Hiil journalists openly called “a manifestation of weakness.” Biden’s answers were mechanical, smooth, without a lively emotional reaction, sharpness. At the end of Biden’s press conference, the journalist of the CNN TV channel loyal to Biden tried to revitalize, “shake” the US president. She believed Biden was aware that CNN were “their own people,” who need to voice what they would like to hear. However, Biden offended them by replying to the journalist as if she represented at least the pro-republican Fox News or the Russian RT channel in general. Here’s how Hill writes about this ridiculous scene:

Biden tried to leave the press conference after seven of his own completely faceless answers to questions. But then there was a real embarrassment. CNN’s Caitlin Collins asked the outgoing Biden a reasonable question: “Why are you so sure that Putin will change his behavior, Mr. President?” “I’m not sure I’m going to change his behavior. What the hell? What are you doing all the time?” “When did I say that I am sure of this?” He asked <…>. Then Biden began to lecture the journalist: “If you do not understand this, then you are not doing your own thing,” he said dismissively. At this point, Biden showed more toughness than he probably did in his meeting with Putin.

“Putin got everything he wanted from Biden “

CNN did not remain in debt. The journalists of the channel, loyal to the Democrats, seem to have taken offense at their president and literally “smeared” him in the material about the meeting with Putin. Journalists are sure that Biden lost not only diplomatic, but even rhetorical duel to Putin.

It seems that no amount of friendly words will prevent the Russian leader from continuing resolutely and with complete impunity to promote his own political agenda both at home, in Russia and abroad. Despite the fact that at the beginning of his press conference he declared that there was no “any hostility” between him and Biden, Putin immediately made the already familiar accusatory anti-American speech in order to deflect any criticism of the Russian Federation aside.

– writes CNN.

The channel noted that the parameters of the summit were adapted to Putin’s domestic political needs. So, for example, the US originally requested the meeting. This became a confirmation for the Kremlin that Putin is a leader of the same level as the President of the United States. It would seem that one statement of this fact would be enough for any “American hawk” who does not consider the Russian president to be his equal. But CNN goes further and writes that Putin immediately took advantage of the fact that he was not “curbed”.

The West, no matter how tough it negotiated with Russia, was largely unable to rein in Putin and his allies. In the eyes of Putin’s opponents, there were no consequences for him, as for a person who poisons political opponents, interferes in elections in other countries, supports the Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad in his bombing of his own country and the annexation of foreign territories.

– indicates the American TV channel.

The real defeat for Biden was that Putin managed to get the United States to agree to work together on security issues. And to restore diplomatic channels. And without abandoning statements about the shortcomings of American society and defending his own interests. CNN is extremely annoyed that the outcome of the summit looks like it was Biden who made concessions to Putin.

In short, Putin went to Geneva and got exactly what he wanted. He left Switzerland, taking with him from there a great diplomatic victory, which he could win by simply arriving there,

– the TV channel makes a bitter conclusion for itself.

The USA got nothing from the summit

The influential American business publication Wall Street Journal in its article “Biden Tests for Putin and Vice versa” actually admits that Washington did not receive any political benefits from the summit. Any results of this summit for the United States will be known only later, and not now.

We will soon find out if Moscow has received more opportunities to increase its pressure, or if the American delegation has shown a determination that will contain further Russian revisionism.

– said in the article.

Journalists were alarmed that Biden seemed to have adopted a peaceful and optimistic tone – For all world to see how “free” American media is a bunch of warmongers paid by military industrial complex

Journalists were alarmed that Biden seemed to have adopted a peaceful and optimistic tone in dealing with Russia, while the same could not be said about Putin.

President Biden appears to have been more optimistic about the relationship between the US and Russia. He said he sees “a real prospect for a significant improvement in relations between our countries” without prejudice to American values.

– indicates WSJ.

According to journalists, Biden should have been more careful instead of rejoicing in some not yet obvious success in communicating with Putin. So, WSJ writes that the US president has so far only outwardly achieved what the previous three presidents failed to do. The reason is, of course, Russia’s actions.

This failed, as Russia invaded Georgia in 2008 and Ukraine in 2014, and also destabilized Syria and intensified cyber intervention in Western countries <…>. But Putin is not acting out of personal sympathy or antipathy for American leaders. He acts on the basis of a rational calculation of what he can get away with to stay in power, strengthen Russia’s strategic position, and weaken Western democracies.

– indicates the newspaper.

Biden’s liberal fans are outraged

Not the most pleasant assessments for the United States were passed on. From the American media and those liberal figures in Russia who also hoped for Biden’s tougher behavior. Moreover, if in the United States journalists make assessments like “Now time will tell Biden’s success or failure,” the liberals in Russia are much more categorical. Biden cruelly betrayed their hopes. So, the famous blogger Andrei Illarionov decided to “cut the truth” about Biden’s “shame and humiliation” on the pages of the website of the American public organization Center for Security Policy. In a long article, Illarionov said that Biden disgraced himself at the summit on all fronts: he “handed over” Nord Stream 2 to Putin, “leaked” the issue of Ukraine’s NATO membership and the issue of Russia’s “violation” of human rights.

In the incomplete five months of his stay in the White House, Joe Biden did not do anything about Vladimir Putin and his regime that was advised, recommended, called for by his fellow Democratic Party members in their numerous reports, concepts, strategies that formulated a response to the aggressive actions of the Kremlin ,

– the author writes.

Is “blogger” (paid by who) trying to become new leader of opposition in Russia? Or is it just a blabbing?

Illarionov listed at least five points on which Biden outright lost to Putin even before their meeting in Geneva:

– Biden immediately extended the START-3 treaty (which Trump refused to do), and for five years, and not for a year or two;

– Biden refused to apply the sanctions imposed by the US Congress (and imposed by Trump) against the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. Thus, writes the liberal author, Gazprom was given the opportunity to calmly complete the construction of the first string of the gas pipeline;

– Biden refused to increase military aid to Ukraine (which Trump did earlier);

– Biden “deployed two American destroyers heading for the Black Sea” at a time when Russia “unprecedentedly increased” troops on the border with Ukraine;

– Biden, without waiting for the results of the investigations, publicly denied the involvement of the Russian authorities in cyber attacks on important economic objects in the United States;

Illarionov assesses Biden’s behavior as “humiliating”. The US President “surrendered” all positions to Putin in exchange for the fact that he supported the statement about “improving relations.” The blogger is indignant and does not understand why Biden needed this, and was the approval of the “bloody dictator” so necessary for the “leader of the free world”?

Moreover. Illarionov calls Biden a “dummy”, since the vacuousness of his position was reinforced by the need to hold talks with all his allies before meeting with Putin. This is the first time a US president is doing this in order to “gain political weight.” Putin, on the other hand, did not meet with any of his allies before the summit, which speaks of his self-sufficiency.

Brief summary

These are, in a general sense, the assessments of a number of influential US media outlets. Note the fact that CNN was the first to criticize Biden. In my opinion, this indicates the ongoing political and even ideological instability in the United States. The West rushed to wishful thinking when it raised Biden’s banner to a height that neither his words nor his actions could reach. They wanted too much and at once. The reality turned out to be simpler: it was Putin who put Biden in the view of what, of course, America is responsible for. Biden, on the other hand, simply did not deny this, acting much smarter and declaring a dialogue instead of launching a “frontal attack” and finding himself in a stupid position, from which there would be no normal way out. The Western press has simply not fully understood this yet.

I was keen to post several VK videos with Russian assessments of the meeting for those speaking Russian. However, it seems that WordPress does not like videos from VK – or more probably because I don’t know how to do it. I will find the way and try to post it later.

You might notice that I used only media reports from USA and not from Australia. Why? Because Australian media could not dare being as negative as American ones. Servility of Australian media is only matched by servility of Australian politicians (all of them) and ignorance of general public in our colony down under.

I use this opportunity to DEMAND intervention by Australia government to secure release of a great Australian – Julian Assange.

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