1. Compare plasterboard properties – By major Australian manufacturers

Plasterboard is most commonly used material for wall linings in Australia. There are three major plasterboard manufacturers dominating Australian market: CSR, Siniat and Boral. They supply Australian market with similar spectrum of products with similar (not equal) properties – including acoustic properties. All three manufacturers produce board that is designed to provide better acoustic insulation (barrier) than other products. These products appear under different brand names but have the same purpose – to provide better than standard acoustic insulation.

Plasterboard consists of an inner layer of gypsum (with water crystalline molecules) and outer layers of paper. Gypsum is sandwiched between layers of paper. Depending on the additives found in gypsum as well as the weight of the paper and board itself, a finished product has various purposes and properties.

A Weighted Sound Reduction Index or Rw, is the rating used to measure the level of sound insulating abilities of walls, floors, windows and doors. It is expressed in decibels (dB), and is used for a partition or single component only. The higher the Rw figure, the better the sound isolation that is provided.

Here are some plasterboard properties as stated by manufacturer’s document available in public domain:

ManufacturerPlasterboard by Brand Name and thicknessWeight Kg/m2
CSRStandard Plasterboard (10mm)6.5
CSRStandard Plasterboard (13mm)8.5
SiniatMastashield (10mm)6.4
SiniatMastashield (13mm)8.4
SiniatSoundshield (10mm)8.4
SiniatSoundshield (13mm)12.3
BoralSheetrock® Wallboard (10mm)5.4
BoralSheetrock® Wallboard (13mm)8.5
BoralSoundstop® (10mm)9.0
BoralSoundstop® (13mm)11.8

The next step in search for best acoustic solution in terms of efficiency, effectiveness and cost of walls soundproofing will be to find out what are sound insulation properties for each individual board.

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