What is Serbian pro Nato Opposition exit strategy?

They want “Maidan”, and the elections in Serbia will confront them with a ruthless truth

It is Saturday, the second of April 2022 here in Sydney, Australia. Presidential, Parliament, and some local elections are due to be held in Serbia tomorrow (Sunday) Central European time. This event is under the radar mostly due to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. However, these two events are connected in many ways. Serbia is the only European country that refused to introduce sanctions against Russia. That is the case since the first sanctions were introduced by the EU in 2014. Pressure on Serbia is enormous. The only way to change this stance in Serbia is by changing the government. Make no mistakes, just in 2000 when governing over Serbia was changed on the streets of Belgrade, there are foreign-supported forces ready to repeat it this year. Unlike in 2000, the people of Serbia are much better informed about what is happening behind the scenes.

A new US Ambassador arrived in Belgrade recently. Several EU officials visited Belgrade since the Ukraine conflict started, all demanding that Serbia join the EU in introducing sanctions on Moscow. Serbia steadily rejected all these demands despite often being threatened in ways that cannot be considered diplomatic. Actually, Serbia is not the only European country that did not introduce sanctions. The other one is Bosnia and Hercegovina. And again, it is because Bosnian Serbs rejected that demand otherwise supported by Bosnian Muslims (often called “Bosniaks”). I will write something about that in one of my future postings.

What is part of the oposition standing for?

“Part of the opposition has finally and without hesitation presented a competitive program to the regime and, above all, to Aleksandar Vučić. It is demanded in that election offer to break with the policy of military neutrality and for Serbia to join NATO and disarm and shut down its army and throw it in the dump.” The real guarantor of this policy is their presidential candidate Zdravko Ponos, whose characteristics and praises are stored in the archives of NATO, foreign intelligence services and Wikileaks dispatches .

MILORAD Vučelić, editor-in-chief of Večernji novosti

The slogan “the EU has no alternative” must be unconditionally strengthened again. In order to harmonize our foreign policy with Brussels and Washington, Serbia will impose sanctions on Russia. Immediately afterwards, it is necessary to do the same with China. Serbia will eliminate any thought that we should cooperate with China or expand cooperation beyond the interests of the EU. Nobody knows how many people in Serbia still support the idea of joining EU. However, probably half of them are very sceptical of that ever happening. They have very good reasons for their scepticism. It is well known that at least 75% of people in Serbia strongly oppose idea of country joining NATO.

Pressure on Republika Srpska

This pro-NATO part of the Serbian opposition will impose all political and other sanctions on parts of the Western world against Milorad Dodik. He is the Bosnian Serb’s representative in the collective presidency of Bosnia and Hercegovina. The leadership of Republika Srpska will be pressured to fully accept everything that High Representative Christian Schmidt orders them to do. Christian Schmidt is installed as The High Representative by the self-declared “international community”. The same community that is supporting the development of democracy in Bosnia and Hercegovina by imposing a High Commissioner with power to overrule any decision made by the Bosnian parliament or court. Yes, you are reading it correctly. That is the most original way to support democracy! And it has been going like that for more than a quarter of a century. I guess that the people of Bosnia and Hercegovina are slow learners. Are they really?

This pro-Western opposition is no talking about the economy. They left that topic and economic results to Vučić. They say that they will not be fooled by the labyrinths of tax policy and numbers. Just to clarify who is this part of Serbian opposition. Basically they are made of a number of rather small political parties. All these parties have their roots in Democratic Party. That is the party that was in government from illegal overthrow of Serbian government in 2000 till Vucic party victory around a decade ago. It was under their wach that Serbian economy was plundered. It was under their wach that Serbian army was decimated. When it comes to the economy, there are not many people that would trust that lot with the economy. That is why they are not even mention it.

In constant search for negativity

However, they have numerous topics that bother them. For example, an impressive bridge was built – a viaduct that connects the Belgrade-Novi Sad railway. However, they don’t want to see it. They only see a landfill somewhere at the bottom of the bridge. That bothers them. The (Chinese financed) railway runs a modern comfortable train at a high speed of nearly 200 kilometers per hour. They fail to acknowledge it but are struggling because of the price of the ticket. There is literally nothing they would acknowledge as a positive achievement by the current government.

It is not just my opinion that the current opposition in Serbia really stands no real chance of winning either presidential or parliamentarian elections. Why do I write this article then? Well, some members of this opposition have already declared that the election will be rigged by the current government. This election will be observed by observers from 42 foreign countries. I don’t know who are these people and who do they represent. Nor do I know what are their intentions. Why “international community” sends observers to elections in some countries but not in the other ones? How about sending election observers to the US for the next presidential elections? I mean they cannot agree about the result of the last one almost two years after it.

However, I find these claims of elections being rigged a sign of some sinister plans by some parts of the opposition. Foreign interference in Serbian political affairs was deciding factor that brought the “fifth October” revolution in 2000. Current circumstances on the international scene indicate that Serbia is in its firing range again. I hope to be wrong but the purpose of this post is to make readers aware of real reasons behind possible upheaval that might follow elections.

Search for “Maidan”

Some parts of Serbian opposition want “Maidan” in Serbia and the seizure of power on the street. They know they cannot win democratically. Therefore, they will declare current “regime” undemocratic and that would be their excuse for taking charge by force. That is the only strategy giving them some (not many) chances. Let’s not have any doubts about who could be behind it. I would be surprised if current government does not beat united opposition by a million votes. However, the question is who will decide to not accept it. Such called “international community” is desperate for another “Maidan” in Europe. Will it be Belgrade? We will know soon.

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