“Man’s duty to defend himself to belong to his culture”

Emir Kusturica was solemnly presented with the “Saint Sava Charter”

With other awards, it is no longer certain whether they will knock on your door or send a dispatch to return it, because today every word and comma is measured, and not what a person has done all his life. One wrong word can lead to great trauma. However, it is human to defend oneself and to belong to one’s own culture

Emir Kusturica

The ceremony was attended by Serbian Patriarch Porphyry, Metropolitan of Montenegro and the Littoral Joanikije, members of the SOC Synod, previous winners of the “Saint Sava Charter” Academician Matija Bećković and Arno Gujon, Director of the Serbian Government for Cooperation with Diaspora and Serbs in the Region, director’s wife Maja Kusturica and Editor-in-Chief of “Novosti” Company Milorad Vučelić.

“Clash of Civilizations”

In his speech, Kusturica referred to the words of the American political scientist Samuel Huntington and his famous essay “Clash of Civilizations”.

– Is it a coincidence that Huntington included the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina in this book? No, because it is certain that the symptoms of what he called the “clash of civilizations” were recognizable in that war. After the war, ethno-religious groups became even more closed in on themselves, and distrust was greater than it was before the war in the 1990s. As the best example of that, Huntington states that the fighters of Alija Izetbegović’s army in 1995 did not call for NATO, but for Saudi Arabia and Turkey. The difference between the aforementioned war and the great world conflicts includes the question of whether they were fundamentally religious? Yes, as it is today in Ukraine. Unlike large countries, representatives of the leading civilization, we fought defensive wars – said the director.

He reminded of Huntington’s claims that “Western civilization has acquired degenerative properties and that demographically it will not be able to conquer other civilizations.”

Despite the dominance of English in the world, everyone still speaks their language

– Huntington has statistically proven that despite the dominance of English in the world, everyone still speaks their language, and develops their speaking areas. We are witnesses, at least here in Serbia, as Milorad Vučelić said, “fabrication of new languages ​​in our environment”. So languages ​​never end.

The sense of belonging to identity is the last line of defense, not only from nihilism but also from the new man: I called him a “high-tech pagan” who is ready to put everything he needs under his skin and fill his blood with chips. Huntington did not experience the appearance of the Kovid and its destructive social action, nor the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, which would surely, as a continuation of the pandemic, fit into his theory of the clash of civilizations. That Westerners saw destroyed cemeteries and Orthodox churches, mass graves, murdered children in photographs hanging in the Museum of Angels in a small town in the Donetsk Republic, that they listened to the stories of ordinary people and saw tears in their eyes, that they saw the strength and dignity of Donbass despite the war that the pro-Nazi Ukrainian government turned against them only because they are for friendship with Russia and because they want to live in their own culture.
In the verbal war that has been going on for the last ten years, according to the director, not only generals of the American army have turned to Orthodoxy, but also the army and high bodies of the European community which recently accused the Serbian Orthodox Church of its traditionalism and connection with the Russian Orthodox Church

The long history of Nazism

– This war in Ukraine, which we can now say with certainty has long been prepared with the assistance of the Pentagon, is actually a war against Orthodoxy and everything that an authentic culture represents as the main obstacle on the path of transhumanism.

Kusturica also referred to the long history of Nazism.

– In the thirties, as now, Nazism was tolerated by the English, French and Italians. If they had opposed it in 1938, there would have been no World War II. Apparently they needed Hitler for what Napoleon had tried before. “Hitler was a product of world capital, not only German,” said this year’s laureate. And then wondered “was it better and cheaper for Western presidents to attend the Victory Parade in Moscow in recent years than they do now?”

Speaking about the “Saint Sava Award” of the “Prosvjeta” society, which has a 120-year tradition of preserving Serbian culture and identity, Kusturica said:
– Everything in our country is marked by sainthood. Both when they hate us and when they envy us, they see it through the prism of the world because Saint Sava is a prince who gave up material wealth to create a huge spiritual wealth whose limits are immeasurable because they live in folk songs, our feelings, deep and buried forever

Since we are a part of that world in which they are destroying our state, taking away our land and language, it seems to me that it would be desirable for us to return to the spiritual stronghold of the nation. Saint Sava’s values ​​give us hope that we will not drown in the matrix of the global village and become nameless.

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