European Union – Defilement of moral

Morality is a set of norms, values ​​and beliefs in society

It is also a model of behavior, with central values ​​- good, right, fair. Morality is also a state of mind, of an individual or of society as a whole. This is, in short, a generally accepted definition of morality. Officials of the European Union, and especially its officials in Brussels, should check on their understanding of morality. That might help them to change themselves, especially when dealing with others.

With undisguised reproach colored by anger that Serbia did not impose sanctions on Russia, from the height of exceptionalism that the EU does, they told Belgrade: “Sanctions are not only an economic issue, but primarily a moral issue!” It is possible to agree with that. The question is – does EU and NATO have any ground to preach to others on the morality. No, neither of them does have that ground.

But gentlemen from the European Union who address Serbia so arrogantly and ignorantly should look in their own mirror and understand that morality is not a changeable category.

Morality is not a disposable value. It is now mentioned in Brussels for daily political needs. In the specific case opromoting the EU “values” (which remain a well hidden secret) and addressing Serbia It is in the function of geostrategic interests. The EU mentions morality and calls out Serbia, without even blushing. EU forgets that it has violated, and continues to do so, basic moral principles.

Was it moral to bomb Serbia?

Was it moral to bomb Serbia for two and a half months in 1999? For a full 78 days. The NATO and EU, with America as the leader, dropped carpet bombs, including those banned by international conventions on the heads of the Serbian people. They killed civilians, bombed moving trains, destroyed hospitals, schools, food factories, destroyed water and electricity networks. They even bombed one information house for the first time in the history of warfare. RTS (Radio & Television of Serbia) and killed 16 workers in night shifts. Let me remind you that CNN & BBC called it “legitimate target” They should know that history has logged that in.


More than 2,500 people were killed in the aggression, eighty of them children. The EU is now, in the conflict in Ukraine, invoking morality and international public law ?! Neither morality nor international law lived in the EU in that tragic spring of 1999. Pandora’s box was opened with the aggression on Serbia. It was immoral what the EU did in aggression, ignoring the UN as well

Is it moral that you declared the KLA a terrorist organization in the EU, and after a short time, when your interests changed, you declare it a land army in Kosovo?

You did not dare to land and collide with the Serbian army like a real army, like a man with a man, but you fired deadly and destructive rockets at Serbia from a safe height of 10,000 and 15,000 meters from your “tornadoes”, “mirages”. You forgot then that there is something called morality, individual, social, state …

Why attacking Serbian Orthodox Church?

Is it moral to attack Orthodoxy? Why does the Serbian Orthodox Church bother you? Why in the resolution of the Council of Europe you accuse it of nurturing and proclaiming “family values”? And what is more valuable than that?

Is it moral how you treat the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina, while more and more openly and emphatically expressing affection for Kosmet Albanians. As a mediator you should be neutral? Has the EU taken concrete measures, and there are mechanisms for that in Brussels, to force Pristina to act in accordance with the agreements signed in Brussels? The EU did not do that and thus discredits itself.

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The obvious racism and double standards in treatment of migrants

Was the behavior of the EU towards migrants from Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and other countries towards which you expressed xenophobia, selfishness, rejecting them and keeping them outside the EU borders, moral? You built fences, dug canals, brought police, army … There was no place for those migrants in the EU, or you received them in limited numbers. The EU wanted to turn Serbia into a “platform for the dislocation of migrants”, as you yourself said.

Now that the unfortunates are fleeing Ukraine, the EU is accepting them with open hearts and open arms. It is good and should be praised.

But those unfortunates from Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan were fleeing from someone’s bombs. From yours. Does skin color, religion or something else determine your attitude towards the unfortunate? Double standards. You didn’t even mention morals.

Is it moral that the EU does not vote twice in the UN for a resolution banning the affirmation of fascism and Nazism? The EU abstained, against only the United States and Ukraine. The EU’s preference for units called “Azov” or the Right Sector in Ukraine is becoming clearer. Let’s face it. It is not only Ukraine that needs de-nazification.

There is a lot that tramples the sacred word morality. To mention the 500,000 children killed in Iraq by denial of food and medicine that, according to US Secretary of State! What about your attacks on civilians in Afghanistan and Syria. That was done by NATO, and the EU countries are its members.

This is our answer

The EU and NATO have no moral rights to point finger at anyone. Your moral lessons are desecration of morale. Serbia knows well what is moral and what is immoral. Serbia has never behaved differently in her history.

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Serbs paid the highest possible price for maintaining their freedom and independence. We cannot betray our ancestors who paid that price. That is why Serbia today is the only island in Europe free and independent. Don’t point your finger at us. You might be sorry. Remember, we brought down as many empires as our brothers in Afghanistan.

NATO called their war against Serbia in 1999. “Merciful Angel” That is very strong proof of their “morality”. Just remember, we fought against Third Reich and, if forced, we will fight the Fourth Reich too. We won then and we will win again.


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