Denazification and demilitarization of Europe?

Fears of a major war at the height of this greatest economic crisis since 1929 are justified

Sometime in the summer of 1945, when the Old Continent was liberated by allies – the Red Army, Army, Navy and Air Force of the USA, British Army and army of Yugoslavia – and when the decisive blow of the anti-Hitler coalition created conditions for demilitarization and denazification of Nazi, fascist, phalangist and quisling “new Europe”, some French military policemen, perhaps students of philosophy before the war, were looking for the philosopher Martin Heidegger in Freiburg, to whom the 22-year-old favorite student and loyal follower Ernst Nolte secretly brought food and clothes to escape at night if the greatest living philosopher had to flee from the retaliation of liberators. through the judgment of the spirit of the time in the making.

Heidegger’s contribution to phenomenology, and existentialism was enough to protect him in these “difficult” times for all the great Germans who survived and did not emigrate like Thomas Mann, Marlene Dietrich or Bertolt Brecht. The young Ernst Nolte will become the philosopher who will write “Three Faces of Fascism”. The title of his thesis from the University of Cologne “Fascism in His Epoch” is usually translated. The most notable history of the European movement that brought 60 to 100 million deaths from September 1, 1939. till May 9, 1945.

In short, according to Nolte:


The movement as an ideology arose on the wave of humiliation that France experienced after the defeat in the Franco-Prussian war and the “bloody week”, in which the Paris Commune was suffocated. Chauvinism and revanchism give birth to the French action. Promoted by the increasingly popular Parisian newspaper of the same name at the turn of the century, as a royalist and right-wing response to the efforts of the French left in the “Dreyfus” affair.


The movement as a party is growing on fertile ground of humiliation due to unfulfilled promises to Italy to enter the Great War on the side of allies, from D’Annunzio to Mussolini, editor of the socialist newspaper Avanti, fascists dream of rebuilding imperial Rome, destroying modernity through anti-liberalism, anti-Marxism, anti-capitalism and anti-bourgeois corporatism.


The movement, as a National Socialist state, arose from the humiliation to which Germany was exposed by the Treaty of Versailles. As a consequence of the defeat of the German Revolution and the confusion of the Weimar Republic.

Nolte’s further analysis of the three faces of European fascism will develop, after the first book in 1963, through historiographical works and newspaper articles, to a great controversy in the mid-1980s in which Jürgen Habermas and many other historians described him as the creator of revisionism, justifying Nazism and the Jewish conspiracy behind Russian and European communism, as a Holocaust denier explaining Auschwitz in response to Weizmann’s letter of support for world Zionism in England at the time of Dunkirk, as a philosopher-historian who attributes all Nazi practices except gas chambers to copying methods already practiced.

Sounds familiar?

Meanwhile, occupied Europe in both the West and the East will be rebuilt through the Cold War, waged by the 1945 Liberators. The Quisling, Fascist, Phalangist and Nazi countries will form a Coalition and steel, the common market, the European Economic Community. And finally the emerging Franco-German imperial state that calls itself the European Union.

Under the control of NATO, without the German army. With France, which is the only one to have an atomic bomb. Without the United Kingdom, which has returned under the auspices of the American superpower. This creation is objectively the fourth attempt to create Europe after Charlemagne, Napoleon and Hitler. I sometimes simply call it The Fourth Reich. The only unsure things about it – is NATO a military wing of the EU or is The EU political wing of NATO?

The Fourth Reich in agony of shattered ambitions, the humiliating dictates of hysterical American war instigators, with the economy in free fall and likely social unrest that will be “democratically” stifled by the military probably as early as October.

American and Soviet soldiers meet in 1945

Is there a much bigger special operation required?

It is, probably, because of Ukraine, as the orchestras of the media of the “free” world are trumpeting. Europe will return, with Gauleiters from America over its head. To its original ideological pattern, as defined by the unfortunate Nolte – anti-modernism against China, racist phobia against Russia and arrogance and unfounded contempt for everyone else.

It might turn that the special military operation in Ukraine does not aim at the demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine. It seems to be a demonstration of what the demilitarization and denazification of Europe would look like. The coalition from the 1940s is not complete. There are only Russia and Serbia. It seems that The UK and The US have changed sides. The fears of a great war at the top of this greatest economic crisis since 1929 are justified! Maybe the Brits will find their soul as Serbs did in 1941 with rejecting alliance with Hitler? I doubt.

However, history does not really just repeat itself as we tend to believe. Some processes seem to be cyclical to some degree only. Not everything is the same as in 1939. The founders of The Fourth Reich ignored majority of the world – mostly their ex colonies. Maybe because they started to believe in their narrative of “international community” and similar creations. They forgot about their ex colonies. They believed that strangling of decolonization in 1960’s by corruption would make Africa, Asia and South America irrelevant and easy to manipulate forever. The Fourth Reich might be in for a big surprise. I am all for united Europe but not for one that is being controlled by never elected Central Committee from Brussels. Not to mention the “beacon of freedom” that turned into an ugly and corrupt Caliphate of Chaos.

For history to stop repeating itself, some processes have to be finished. Is it happening right now? What do you think? Use the “comments” box to let me know!

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