Reply to Scott Ritter’s interview to Gray Zone

The only way to terminate WWIII, which started some time ago, is to be perfectly honest with each other. For two reasons: 1. It is the only way to avoid total destruction; 2. To end life on this planet knowing that we did our best (if No. 1 fails)

First, I would like to clarify my deep respect for Scott Ritter and all other people who appeared in the interview.

Here is the link to the interview:

Foundations of my reply:

Let’s clarify one thing – there is no more war between Russia and Ukraine. That war was probably finished on the 24 of February 2022. We are in WWIII (phase II, probably). We are in the battle of civilisations.

The majority of the population of this planet has reached the point of not being willing to be enslaved by others. They needed a leader to start their uprising against those who slaughtered them through genocides, continuously plundered them, and kept them in poverty and misery. The chances are that the leader capable of achieving all that has arrived. It was not part of his original plan, but he might not have a choice but to lead. It has happened in history. Not often but happens, nevertheless.

What is the Third World War about?

This war that became visible in February 2022 is much more than liberating Donbas. It is much more than the de-Nazification of Ukraine as it is evident that Nazi ideology is alive and kicking in many other countries. These two are obvious.

However, since this conflict started, it became apparent that most of the world population also saw it as a class war. The war between colonial powers (no, colonialism has never died) on one side and the “global south” on the other. The fight for clean food that is not controlled by some centers of global power. The war against GMO controlled food production and supply. It is the war for the dignity of those suppressed and exploited. The battle between material and spiritual.

The stakes are too high to accept half-solutions

In the last several centuries, we have experienced global assault by a few nations/countries that believed (and, make no mistakes, still believe) in their racial and ideological superiority and “right” to rule over the rest. The magnitude of their crimes against the rest of humanity is not recognized only because they still control what is written in history books. The whole continents were depopulated through brute force, starvation and forced assimilation.

Apart from their military superiority, they have shown extraordinary ability to deceive their opponents. They spread their religion preaching love and peace by murdering, torturing, enslaving and exploiting fellow human beings. They practiced that abroad in their new colonies, but more and more, they are doing it at home as their military superiority is reduced.

It is unfortunate to conclude, but I am inclined to do that – Stalin made a colossal mistake by forgiving those who became (unwillingly) part of the Warsaw Pact. They were at his mercy, but Eastern Orthodox belief prevailed in him. Yes, I know that he sent millions to death. Let’s compare the first day after the war finished in Eastern Europe and the first day after “settlers” arrived in North America, parts of South America and Australia.

Did the native population do anything against the nations of “settlers” that had just arrived? No. The “settlers” even refused to recognize the native population as humans. They claimed that the land was not populated! From the very get-go settlers started genocide against the natives. They used brute force to remove them from the land. Settlers regularly used starvation as a way to achieve their objectives. Their churches stepped in to unleash cultural and ideological genocide. Don’t try to tell me that today’s generations from colonial powers would do differently. It is just not true. Different methods would be used, but any resistance would be met with brute force without mercy. One thing is vital to notice. Western culture and religion are entirely built on that attitude. Only fools believe in their “sorry”. They are genuinely sorry only when pinned to the ground and made utterly defenseless.

Did the native population of Eastern European countries liberated by the Soviet Union do anything against Russians during WWII? Yes, they did. Let’s not forget that Germans were not alone in fighting Soviets on the Eastern front. There were divisions of soldiers from every European nation and country alongside Germans. They were ALL Nazis. Except one – Serbs. I guess that destiny of the Serbian people is to be wrongly judged to be “on the wrong side of history”. More Jews in Poland were murdered by Poles than by Germans. More Serbs were murdered by Croats than Germans with the official blessing of the Roman Catholic Church. Russians and Jews were slaughtered by Ukrainians in the occupied parts of the USSR.

Eastern Orthodox stupidity has never changed

What did the Soviets do in liberated countries of Eastern Europe? Yes, I know what happened in 1956 in Hungary and in 1968 in Czechoslovakia. We can get into these events anytime, any of you want. I am ready for that. Are you?

Soviets (Russians, in fact), just as Serbs in Yugoslavia (80% of Tito’s Partisan army were Serbs), did not go for revenge. They came with their “brotherhood and unity” slogans. Instead of plundering, they started supplying cheap energy and raw materials. They stupidly believed that starving their economy to protect their Slavic brothers was the only right thing to do. Till the very collapse of that child of Frankenstein called the Soviet Union. So many Russians and Serbs, even after being stabbed in the back by their “brothers”, feel nostalgic about the USSR and Yugoslavia. Make no mistakes. Only Eastern Orthodox fools can do that.

Reply to parts of the interview:

The bitter wounds can be cured with bitter medicine only

Warning for all snowflakes (Eastern, Western, Left and Right) – Good and lasting solutions were NEVER politically correct! Stop reading right here to avoid being very upset and outraged. Frankly, I don’t give a flying f*** to your opinion(s). Probably because I am not exceptional.

The world has some chance of achieving peace only if the Kingdom of Genocides and its creation, the Caliphate of Chaos are ultimately defeated economically, militarily and politically. India and China can be offered their share of liberated Alaska… No, it is not a crazy idea. Are people in California prepared to be part of a nuclear war to keep Alaska? Of course not. Just as nuking Poland would not start an atomic war. And it would not be the first time Anglo-Americans pushed Poles under the bus. Don’t worry; some of them will survive and forgive you too.

The same is with wasting extra military force to defend Kurils from Japan. Japanese ambassador should be called instead and, in the most straightforward way, should be told that any attack on Russia would spell the end of Japan. Is America going to die to protect Japan? Or course not.

Nuclear arms will be used to defend ESSENTIAL parts of territory and interests by either atomic power. Now, try to figure out what is essential for Washington and Moscow. Both have a pretty good idea of how many nukes and where they can bang as some sort of “message” to each other without going into a total war. Otherwise, they might as well stop making them.

For example – You either pull NATO Nazi formations to the old demarcation lines between them and the old Warsaw Pact, or we will turn what was East Germany into a nuclear wasteland.

The first thing that all those corrupt American politicians (is there any that are not corrupt yet?) will understand is – in case of a nuclear war, we will not be able to play the game of spending hundreds of billions of dollars for “defence” and collect good part of that money for our pockets. So, they all want perpetual war(s). A direct nuclear war between two major atomic superpowers would end that game.

We do it with THREE FINGERS

Another factor that nobody is talking about is – what is the religious background of those making important decisions and what are their “values”. The EU loves talking about – stuff they don’t have, but it is a different story. The western values are much more materialistic – particularly Anglican and Jewish) while Eastern Orthodox values are more spiritual. The best example of that is Russians and Serbs. No sacrifices are too enormous for glory. Anglos prefer to use a calculator before making commitments. Now, tell me whose “red lines” are negotiable and whose are not?

It is simply time to say – we will find a way to coexist as equals. The way that is suitable for all. Or we will all go to hell. Any volunteers?

Keep your freaks away!

We will fight for our right to deny some “rights” in our societies! Just today, western freaks will assault Belgrade. Again! Freaks from all of Europe and the rest of the world will gather in the capital of Serbia. Some western “parliamentarians” will be there to support them. As well as ambassadors of many western countries. Apparently, they have the “right” to walk on our streets and push their “values.” Make no mistakes, we have our own freaks. No, we are no better or worse than any other European nation. Maybe even I am one of those local freaks, though I am not there? However, we don’t march on streets of foreign capitals and push our “values”. That will have to stop. One way or the other. We can discuss this on some other occasion, though.

We owe a quality solution to ourselves. If we cannot find them, we owe nothing to the next generations, as none will be left. The answers can still be negotiated, but the draw is not acceptable. Someone will have to wave the white flag. My bets are on those who love indulging in material “values”. My game would be based on these bets.

Scott, we are both in our sixties, served our countries (yours helped mine being destroyed) and have many similar views. We could be brothers in arms. Unfortunately, we might be bitter enemies.

There is one significant difference between our views.

I concluded that, if decent people are to win, they have to understand that draw is equal to losing. We let our oppressors trick us into a draw and status quo whenever they were weak. Only to see them coming back at us even more determined to destroy us and take away the last thing we still own – our pride and dignity.

You still believe that we can negotiate.

Every day brings more of those from the global south to my camp. Maybe because they have nothing left to lose. And dignity is not negotiable. Wise people would be terrified of that.

As an old road warrior, I can tell you one thing – It does not matter how many horses are under your car’s bonnet. What matters is how many you are prepared to ride.

And the last of my crazy beliefs – WWII was not finished with the defeat of the Nazis. Not at all. Many of them got shelter in countries that invented that ideology. Vampires are about to attend their biggest gathering in centuries. Looking for the core of that ideology, look at their castles scattered over Europe. Look no further. What now?

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