Recklessness, impatience and great hatred…

Recklessness, lack of patience and great hatred lead a person to insurmountable problems

Recklessness, lack of patience and great hatred lead a person to insurmountable problems that got us all to where we are right now. Do you know what I miss the most from my younger days? Morning coffee while browsing the papers is something I miss so much. There is something special in that ritual. At least for me. The news has not been this dramatic since the 1990s. It is so dramatic that sometimes I forget about my coffee, and it gets cold. I don’t mind cold coffee. Do you?

This morning I got a chance to perform that old ritual I like so much. Here are the results.

Radoslav Sikorski

Recklessness, lack of patience and great hatred lead a person to insurmountable problems. All this was shown by former Polish minister Radoslav Sikorski when immediately after the explosion on the “North Stream” pipelines, he wrote: “Thank you, USA”. American propagandists were shocked. There was no more time for denials. The fact remained that Washington did a disservice to Europe. Because Europe’s independence from Russia means its dependence on the USA. The big question is whether Sikorsky will regret thanking Washington already this winter. People like him keep Poland very close to the top of European haters. With bitter competition from the Baltic States. Democracy makes miracles. So they say. Let me know what you think – in the comments box.

Volodymyr Zelensky – His mother probably called him Zelya before his addiction

PREVENTIVE STRIKE: That’s how Volodymyr Zelensky, carried away by the whirlwind of a war he doesn’t control, repeated the words of the former Polish president Lech Walesa and called on Washington to carry out a preventive nuclear attack on Russia. The lightly promised speed is leading us towards the official declaration of the third world war, with the probable destruction of humanity. Zelensky did not know whether this would increase Russia’s nuclear weapons risk. He replied: “It’s hard to say.” But at least there is no dilemma here, and the answer to that question is simply because the concept of nuclear deterrence rests on the fact that there will undoubtedly be an answer. That’s why there are “red lines”, and fools think they can be erased.

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Was this before or after his morning dose of the top-quality cocaine supplied by the president of Montenegro? Please share your thoughts on this with me.

Anglo-American Agenda – Destroyed Ukraine and frozen Europe are just collateral damage

The Americans pleased Sikorsky and Zelensky by blowing up the gas pipeline. The economic destabilization of Europe, a potential global competitor, was their primary goal. But Americans easily lose enthusiasm for ventures that can cost them money. If they were to please Zelensky again and carry out a pre-emptive strike, the threat that Russia would immediately retaliate is an unnecessary risk for them. Why would they enter into a nuclear war with Russia when their main goal is the economic destruction of China? Destroyed Ukraine and frozen Europe are just collateral damage. Planting all those unelected officials in all structures of the EU works like a charm. That is what I call a good investment. Did I mention corruption, blackmail and extortion? No, never! The rule of law? Always!

EU energy policy – who is in charge?

It is understandable that now every country is trying to escape this energy nightmare. Mateusz Morawiecki says that EU energy policy cannot be allowed to be implemented according to Berlin’s dictates. He does not say, but he thinks that the USA should lead the policy in Europe. Warsaw was the first to impose sanctions on “Gazprom”. Then it asked Berlin for compensation for the Second World War, and they were again firmly rejected. Poland accuses Germany of being selfish because of 200 billion euros in support for its industry. Germany will try to bridge the lack of and increase in energy prices. Thanks to subsidies, German companies will be able to pay the high energy cost, while others will not.

It could quickly happen that Poland (its economy is the fifth, and Germany’s the first in the EU) will be left with short sleeves. Poland is the largest recipient of grants from European infrastructure funds. Germany is the largest donor of these funds. So it can be shown that the Poles, in general, and not only Sikorsky, are running in front of themselves. Time for Poles to decide if they hate more Russians or Germans. I guess that Baltic haters don’t have that problem. Do they?

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It is a Cabaret… Money… Money…

After the diversion of the “North Stream”, Norwegian gas became popular. Poland finally built the Baltic pipeline to Norway with German money. But even before the crisis, Germany was an old reliable buyer of Norwegian gas. If Germany is ready to subsidise the purchase (although the price is determined by the British and European stock exchanges), it will get it again for its industry. As for the Polish terminal for US LNG, if the Germans pay more, the Polish traders would rather sell it to the Germans at a higher price than to the Poles themselves at a lower price. That’s why it’s always better to look at how to help yourself and not ruin someone else. Poles will never learn some things.

That naughty CARTEL!

OPEC+’s decision to cut oil production by two million barrels per day is truly disappointing for Washington. Whether it is also “short-sighted,” as Blinken says, remains to be seen. It is useful for Russia. It will disavow the pressure of sanctions on Russian oil prices. Many are already saying that OPEC+ is betting on the victory of the Republicans and is looking to contribute to it in every possible way. 

Democrats risk losing their majority to Republicans in congressional elections next month. Now they will have to continue selling oil from reserves, and “Bloomberg” reports that the US government is considering a complete ban on the export of oil derivatives to stabilise the domestic market. And so the answer to the formation of the “ceiling price” arrived. One should know that US oil reserves will have to be refilled at some point, meaning upward pressure on the price. It is crucial saying that reserves also have national security elements. Last but not least, banning export would mean the EU would be left on its own. Not again!


It is called diplomacy stupid!

Recently, there was a sudden exchange of foreign mercenaries who were fighting in Ukraine and were being held by Russia. Many were surprised that Russia agreed to this exchange. Saudi Arabia played an intermediary role. Some of the mercenaries were already sentenced to death. The public in their countries pressured their governments to work for the release. 

Figuratively speaking, Putin enabled Prince Salman to return to the political stage by giving him an intermediary role in the release of these mercenaries. Thus, those countries which boycotted the prince had to negotiate with him to rescue their citizens from captivity. The western media did their best to ignore all this. Am I surprised how the narrative of that FREE (undoubtedly) western media is in line with their “intelligence community”? How could I ever expect different?

With all the accumulated anger from oil producers, it was perhaps a little extra tip in the balance to make the OPEC+ response disappointing for the Americans. So it could be said that Joseph Biden was “short-sighted” when he hastily travelled to Riyadh, and especially when, after a lukewarm reception, he returned to the story that Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman had a poor record on “human rights”! Not to mention LGBTQ+ rights that US and other western diplomats recently fought for in Belgrade, Serbia. Some diplomats negotiate, and some parade under the rainbow flag on the streets of Belgrade. The difference in results is visible.

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