Is US Ambassador to Serbia F****t?

Serbian version of the word f****t has two different meanings – one describes sexual preference, and the other one depicts a personal character

Let me clarify one thing. I don’t know the US ambassador in Serbia personally. And, obviously, I don’t know what would be his sexual preference. And, frankly, I could not care less. However, the US ambassador in Serbia is regularly overstepping his credentials. As a matter of fact, he is publically trying to influence decisions made by the government of Serbia. One of his last blatant interventions was forcing the Europride parade in Belgrade despite being banned by the government.

I am not going to discuss whether should Europride 2022 parade be allowed or not. That is irrelevant here. What is relevant is that the US ambassador openly led very loud pressure on the government of Serbia. One must also say that he was not the only Ambassador overstepping his credentials granted to him by the government of Serbia and under relevant international agreements and conventions. Many officials of the EU took part in that BANNED parade.

One should ask a simple question what would be the reaction of the US if the Serbian embassy and some of its officials took part in an event banned on their territory?

Another clarification – I am not posting my question stated above because the US embassy support for banned Belgrade Europride parade in Belgrade. Not at all. He is saying and doing other things that make me judge his character. Let’s look at his latest public statements and interviews with local media.

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“When the Serbs wake up, they will see that the Albanians have taken Kosovo”

This is one of the latest provocations by the US ambassador in Serbia, Christopher Hill.

When asked about solving the Kosovo problem, Hill said that whether it is in this century or the next, “When the Serbs wake up, they will see that the Albanians have taken Kosovo for themselves”, and that is why, as he said, he hopes that normalization will be achieved in the meantime, so that continued with things that matter to average people.

Kosovo and Metohija is not for anyone to “take”. It has been part of Serbia for almost a thousand years. The only time Kosovo and Metohija was not part of Serbia was under foreign occupation(s) by the Ottoman Empire, Austro-Hungarian Empire and Third Reich. The fact that Kosovo and Metohija is part of Serbia has been acknowledged by the Security Council of the United Nations in Resolution 1242. The government of the US is one of the signatories of that resolution.

US ambassador Hill might have more chance of waking up and finding that Mexico took California than Kosovo and Metohija being taken by Albanians.

He expressed the expectation that he will “have Serbia by his side”

“If it was only up to us and not Serbia, we would say you have to join the sanctions, but we understand that there are specific circumstances for Serbia,” Hill said on TV Happy, answering the question of how EU sanctions against Russia could affect Serbia if it does not make decisions more quickly.

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Sanctions against Russia are ILLEGAL by many international standards and not obligatory. The only legal and mandatory sanctions are those approved by the UN. Serbia has frequently and clearly stated it would not join the US/EU sanctions against Russia. Serbia is a sovereign state and has the right to decide independently. Verbally, the US ambassador to Serbia respects that right. However, he continues with open pressure on the Serbian government and the people of Serbia. That is that double-faced approach. That is where the word “f****t” best describes his character.

Hill said there are not many similarities when asked if the Kosovo case can be compared to the point of the Ukrainian territories that were annexed to Russia because Ukraine is in a different position. In 1999 NATO, led by the US, attacked Serbia without a UN resolution approving it. The result of that aggression is that Kosovo and Metohija is OCCUPIED TERRITORY. NATO supported the unilateral resolution of independence by illegal “representatives” of people living in the province. That occupation resulted in some 300 thousand Serbs leaving the province.

“Ukraine’s neighbour, Russia, is attacking Ukraine and its civilians and meanwhile annexing its territories.” We haven’t seen such things since the beginning of the 20th century”, noted Hill and assessed that this is a different situation than the one related to Kosovo that happened 23 years ago.

The majority of Serbian people are against sanctions on Russia

It is crucial to state that over 80% of people in Serbia oppose sanctions against Russia. The US ambassador and some other ambassadors from the EU are using media in Serbia to apply pressure for sanctions to be introduced. In doing so, the US ambassador and his colleagues from the EU are breaking universally applied conventions regulating the activities of diplomatic representatives.


I would advise Christopher Hill to parade and display his diplomatic skills elsewhere. We respect his sexual and character preferences as long as he respects our hospitality. I hope that someone in the Serbian Foreign Affairs Ministry will finally react to the unacceptable behaviour of the US ambassador.


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