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Iran and Saudi Arabia have agreed to normalize relations – diplomatic ties have been restored, and the work of embassies will be resumed within two months

This is another news media in the “collective west” that will not want to deliver to their audience. Iran and Saudi Arabia have agreed to normalise relations – diplomatic ties have been restored, and the work of embassies will be resumed within two months. Plans by the US and UK to use conflict between Iran and Saudi Arabia to control the Middle East have failed. This is, in fact, one of the most important news so far in 2023. How this happened?

China cannot reconcile Russia and the West in the conflict over Ukraine. It is a territorial conflict between Western and Russian civilisations. However, China has shown that it can influence the balance of power in another important region of Eurasia, the Middle East. And this is a massive step towards building a post-Western, multipolar world.

Iran and Saudi Arabia fell out seven years ago after the Saudis executed a prominent Shiite preacher. The thousand-year contradictions between Shiites and Sunnis, Persians and Arabs. Their rivalry for leadership both in the region and in the Islamic world – all this has reached the limit. The rupture of diplomatic relations between the region’s most potent and ambitious countries is always dangerous. Primarily when it occurs against the background of their rivalry and mediated conflicts in different parts of the region (Syria, Yemen, Lebanon, Palestine)

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Many forces want to turn the conflict between the two neighbours into a war. The US and UK, and also Israel. Particularly part of the American establishment influenced by Israel that is betting on the crushing of Iran. All elements of the “divide and conquer” strategy are present in this conflict.

The honest mediators that Iran and Saudi Arabia can trust

Other external forces are not attracted either by fanning the fire of a new war in the region. Nor by playing on the contradictions between quarrelling neighbours. There are those who are equally interested in developing relations with both parties. Only they can be honest mediators. Who are them?

It is about Russia and China. These two countries initially pointed to the importance of reconciliation. Tehran and Riadh were involved in stabilising the Persian Gulf. Everyone should understand that we are discussing constructing a new architecture in the Middle East. Architecture after the departure of the Americans from there.

Yes, the US is leaving slowly while hoping to be able to pull the strings remotely. Hoping that “divide and conquer” will serve their needs once again. They have left Afghanistan. However, they still strongly influence Iraq and maintain a military presence in Syria. Not to mention the allied relations with Israel. American bases in the Arab countries of the Persian Gulf still symbolize the dominant position of the United States in the region. At the same time, everyone is preparing for a “world after the Americans.” Why?

Fading hegemon

Increasingly failed hegemon does not pull for global dominance – and it has to choose. The Middle East was sacrificed to the Pacific region, which America wants to focus on to contain China. And now it’s more actualised, and Europe — to mobilise against Russia. Ideally, the United States wanted to build a system of checks and balances in the Middle East. They would have a controlling stake and a decisive word on all the main lines of tension – both in the Arab Israeli confrontation over Palestine and the Arab-Iranian contradictions. For this, the United States needed to play on contradictions, divide and rule – and Iran was appointed the main villain. To rally everyone against him, America even tried to achieve an Arab-Israeli rapprochement – hence the Abraham Accords and Kushner’s plan for a Palestinian settlement.

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Most importantly, the region has ceased to trust the Americans. Even their eternal allies, the Saudis, have long not believed in American guarantees or plans. Therefore, they understood the importance of restructuring their strategy and their ties with other global players. First of all, with those who are working to build a post-American world order. Building good relations with China and Russia became one of the priorities for Saudis and Iranians.

The growing influence of honest mediators – China and Russia

Hence the growing influence of China and Russia in the region. The Celestial Empire has become the main trade and investment partner of both the Saudis and Iran. Russia, with its military operation in Syria, has shown everyone its reliability as an ally. Together they are working on de-dollarization.

Yes, coordination with Russia in the commodity market is essential for the Saudis. With Iran, Russia has substantial infrastructure plans for transport corridors. The main thing is that both Tehran and Riyadh know: Beijing and Moscow will not play on the contradictions between them and will not pit them against each other. They know that Putin and Xi Jinping are trustworthy.

That is why the reconciliation between Saudis and the Iranians took place in Beijing. China and Russia need strong partners in building a new world order. The role of the Islamic world in this matter cannot be overestimated.

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