Nord Stream pipeline

Nord Stream Diversion – Long-term impact (1)

Nord Stream Diversion has denied natural gas supplies from Russia to Germany and the rest of the EU. The clear, immediate winner in this situation is the US. However, could this diversion turn against the US in the long term?

Nord Stream diversion is the work of the US and possibly some other country that assisted them in that act of international terrorism. The US is the immediate winner for more than one reason. There are at least three reasons for that: 1. Increased sale of the US natural gas to the EU; 2. Increase in price for natural gas; 3. They denied access to the EU market to Russia. They must be (and they openly are) celebrating in Washington. However, just as everything else is “planned” in Washington and Brussels these days, it might be quite the opposite in the long term.

What was the reaction to the diversion and destruction of Nord Stream? It was highly muted. An act that generally would be the news of the century. However, it was very noticeable how the EU’s political and business elites tried to discuss that as little as possible. Western media (not just European) failed to keep this colossal story rolling. It was so obvious who did it that the western elite and their media barely tried to shift the blame to Russia. Boshirov and Petrov were given the benefit of the doubt, this time or what?

American (should I say Anglo-Saxon) control over Europe became complete. American control over European politicians was more significant than expected before last year’s events in Ukraine. Until the Nord Stream pipelines were destroyed, the EU had a competitive advantage over the rest of the world because of vast supplies of cheap Russian natural gas. It was an advantage enjoyed not only by manufacturers but also by the general population. It was taken away in a few moments resulting in explosions undersea.

No more pretending to be independent

Ever since 1945, Western Europe has pretended to be independent. Even after the eastern parts of the continent became free of Soviet presence, the western parts continued to tolerate foreign occupation. Not only that. Eastern parts were lured into joining. Have you noticed that every country in Central and Eastern Europe that joined the EU first had to join NATO? Do you think it is just a coincidence? Please think again. Extension of occupied territories was celebrated as an extension of some “democratic block”, making Stockholm syndrome comprehensive and insurmountable.

Ursula von der Leyen and Josep Borrell could not hide their happiness and excitement with this new situation. Helped with the western media, presented the whole thing as being liberated from dependence on Russian gas! However, it was unavoidable that the people of Europe would find out the “benefits” of that “liberation”. The reaction of ordinary Europeans is just starting to surface. It could be more pleasant for current governments, and it will get worse. The real question is becoming apparent – Could the people of Europe do anything to change this situation that is extremely against their interests? Is there space left for the people to decide in that self-proclaimed “democratic block”? We will see.

Perceptions vs Truth


The EU is a democratic organisation representing the interests of all member-states


The Eu is, at its best, some quasi-democracy. Absurd is that the least potent bodies and agencies in the EU are democratically elected. In contrast, the most powerful ones have been appointed through a process that is far from being democratic. In short, Josep Borrell and Ursula von der Layen were not democratically elected. They have been APPOINTED by the European Council.

The true masters of the hegemon parading as a democracy cleverly overwhelmed European constituents with “democracy”. Those of you living in the EU, do you remember any election campaigns for the European Parliament in your country? Would you happen to know who your REPRESENTATIVES are in The European Parliament? Why is there such a loud media silence surrounding these elections? How are candidates selected, and by who? Move your backsides and find out.

This all works like a charm when the usual plundering of the rest of the world and the masters of the Universe from the US is happening as planned. It was all planned to perfection, including currency. How long has the rest of the world accepted the Euro as some alternative to the Dollar? All while the “golden billion” was bombing, plundering and changing regimes in the “third world”. Citizens of the EU and The US, together with the rest of the “five eyes”, Japan and South Korea (“golden billion”), did not complain about high living standards built on the plundering of the “global south”. They did not care who are their “representatives” in the EU. It may be time to start watching.

Stepping on your dog’s shit

What is the most dangerous enemy of every despot, hegemon and bully?

The answer is GREED!

That happens to those who genuinely believe to be exceptional and indispensable (as Barack Obama, for instance). Our Nobel Peace prize laureate took his dog (Joe Biden) for a walk and, in all arrogance, stepped on his dog’s shit. American masters of the universe and their pedophile friends, the Obama/Clinton criminal gang, are panicking. They have all reasons for that. This time, even all woke’s from this planet cannot help them.

Why are you scared of telling the truth? Barack Obama started the war in Ukraine. He miscalculated in 2014 and “lost” Crimea. Then he miscalculated and installed his lapdog in the White House, which led to another miscalculation that resulted in a Russian military operation in Ukraine. In short, Biden is just a little lapdog that shits everywhere, and his handler(s) are starting to step in that shit. The problem is – the EU is in shit too. And there is nothing that can change it. Nothing!

The collapse of the western financial system

Guess what? The secret father of the woke culture started this mess some years before he started the war in Ukraine. Do you remember his “quantitative easing” crap? Barack Obama decided to save greedy corporations with American taxpayers’ money. With one problem, though. American taxpayers had no money, and it just had to be printed.

Obama miscalculated his ability to save greedy corporations by printing money through a “quantitative easing” scheme. Don’t you think this exceptional move deserves at least Nobel Price for Economics? The problem is that the project had to be carefully executed over a long period. Obama/Clinton and their pedophile associates miscalculated again in 2016 and lost elections. However, they ensured they would win the next elections one way or the other (the other way worked, by the way). However, they miscalculated in choosing their candidate. Good old Joe, their lapdog is shitting everywhere, and it is all about to collapse. Remember Obamas, Clintons, Wokes, and their pedophile freaks stepping on their lapdog’s shit? It smells terrible now but is about to become unbearable before the end of this year.

In short, at the end of this part, I would conclude that miscalculations of the Obama/Clinton criminal gang are about to surface all at once. This is just a start. I will be back with more. Till then, try to avoid stepping on Joe’s shit. I know it is becoming a mission impossible if you (as myself) reside in one of the “golden billion” countries. You know what they say – Shit happens! Do you think it is not connected to the Nord Stream diversion? Think again.

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