Green Nazis and Anglo-Saxon Exceptionalists

Welt: Annalena Berbock will fight with China, Russia and Iran

In an interview with Die Welt, Annalena Berbock ( German Foreign Minister ) explained the basics of her foreign policy. In her opinion, the transformation will be sharp and affect everyone whether they want it. She promises to punish the Russian Federation for Ukraine, the People’s Republic of China – for activity in Africa, and Iran – for women.

Annalena Berbock in the best tradition of German Nazis and American exceptionalism. Both of these ideologies assume their superiority over others and their “right to intervene”. If you look for even deeper roots of this pure racism you will get to ideologies that led Anglicans as well as some Catholic nations into colonialism. Even today, many British and western Europeans will tell you how they built their former colonies rather than admit they went there just to plunder or for a land grab (North and South America, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa till recently). Whatever they do it is some sort of a mission to improve or purify others who are inferior. Missionary mentality.

German Nazism serving Anglo-Saxon Exceptionalism – in the past and now

Military operations in Ukraine have shown that Western weapons systems in the Old World are often incompatible. And this situation needs to be changed. So says Annalena Berbock.

The party last year approved a program that described NATO as an “indispensable” part of European security and backed an expansion of EU defence cooperation. You are right for those who might think Annalena is pushing American (Anglo-Saxon) interests. Exactly as Hitler was pushing their interests in leading Germany against the Soviet Union. That was the only way that Anglo-Saxons could compete with Germans.

She believes that if someone terrorises their population, especially women, as the Iranian political regime and the guardians of the Islamic revolution does, perhaps their inclusion in the list of terrorist organisations is correct from a moral point of view.

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Annalena Baerbock is pushing agenda applied by the collective west only. It claims that some religions (Islam, in this case) are oppressive against women. Why make an exception out of Iran? Why not Saudi Arabia, for instance? The answer is clear: Not such direction has been sent from Washington yet. German Nazis are just puppets of Anglo-Saxon Exceptionalists.

However, Annalena Berbock asked the legal service of the Council of the European Union to give a legal assessment of whether it is likely to include the IRGC in the list of terrorist organisations. The answer was no. Therefore, the German state resorted to another mechanism with the same sanctions effect. It has taken measures related to the violation of human rights.

Those who are lecturing others about “rules-based order” are regularly twisting the rules to suit their goals.

Making of a “leader”

Baerbock was born in Hanover in 1980 to a social pedagogue and an engineer. She grew up on a farm with her two sisters and two cousins. At the age of 16, she participated in a student exchange in Florida.

She began studying political science and public law at the University of Hamburg in 2000. Baerbock spent the 2004-2005 academic year at the London School of Economics and Political Science, studying international law. She started a dissertation on natural disasters and humanitarian aid at the Free University of Berlin but hasn’t finished her thesis — her political career got in the way.

Social pedagogy, student exchange and some education

Did you read about social pedagogy (the link above)? I would highlight some terms from that article, like “socially constructed”. Could it be just another word for “brainwashed”? Where is Social pedagogy practised? It seems to be some north European thing. Those from the south of Europe are not good enough.

Early recruitment happened in the Caliphate of Chaos when the “leader” of the future was on a student exchange in Florida at the age of 16. The finishing touches of that “social pedagogy” process happened in the Kingdom of Genocides. For those who did not follow me closely till now: the Caliphate of Chaos pretends to be the USA, and the Kingdom of Genocides is parading under the name of the UK. I would like to know if some of you figured it out without my explanation. Please let me know.

Education folks! Yes, education. Education plus indoctrination = German green Nazis. The Free University of Berlin. Founded in West Berlin during the early Cold War period and born out of the increasingly Communist-controlled Humboldt University, its name refers to West Berlin’s status as part of the free world, as opposed to the Soviet-occupied “unfree” areas surrounding the city. I guess West Berlin was Anglo-American (ok. French too) liberated, and East Berlin was Soviet-occupied! Have you got it?

Nazis were not defeated – they were saved by Anglo-American troops in Europe – to fight another day

All history books that claim the defeat of the Nazis in May 1945 are incorrect. It was the defeat of the German military but not the end of Nazi ideology. Many prominent Nazis found shelter in the Caliphate of Chaos, Canada, Australia, New Zealand (don’t you love those “eyes”?), some South American countries and the Kingdom of Genocides (it would be impossible to have something of this sort without that lot). A tiny number in South Africa as well. Do I need to comment on the structure of these countries? They maintained the “low key” till recently.

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Before I finish. How to recognise new European Nazis? They changed their uniforms from black and brown to green. Watch for that green, folks! In the “five eyes” they operate under various names. Do some of you have suggestions on how to recognise them? Feel free to comment.

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