Nord Stream diversion – Long-term Impact (2)

Possible Russia’s response to Norway’s guilt in the Nord Streams

The northern branch of European Nazis miscalculated badly when deciding to join Anglo-Saxon Nazis in the war against Russia. Regardless of their membership in NATO or not (Sweden), they are entering a long-term period of instability and constant fear. Their infrastructure is very exposed. Will Anglo-Saxon Nazis come to their assistance if in need? Of course not. Anyone who can read history books could tell them that. Part one of this article is available for reading here.

If Norway ordered terrorist attacks on North Streams, Russia would have the right to compensation. If that turns out impossible (due to the well-known western “rule-based order”), then Russia might do things that will not be very funny for Oslo.

This opinion was shared by a political scientist, professor of St. Petersburg State University, chief researcher at the Institute of Europe of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and president of the Association of Baltic Studies Nikolay Mezhevich, on-air Media group «Patriot». Even Russian inaction will be unpleasant for Norway. Not to mention that their attempt to protect their potentially exposed infrastructure will be costly and without firm guarantees to be effective. The long Nordic nights might become even longer.

For who was profitable to destroy these streams? The German economy — not. The Russian economy — not. German politicians — here, I cannot give such an obvious answer! Do German politicians work for their national sovereignty or America’s? Could they take part in this process? Without any doubt – they could. What is their participation (if any)? Direct or indirect? Most likely indirect.

That means that German politicians will be waiting for a potential response from their hungry citizens, who are the ultimate victims of this act of aggression. Will Russia look for revenge? They certainly don’t want anyone to know that.

Most probably it was an act involving several terror-supporting governments and their agencies – Nazis united

Actions of this kind often involve a chain of intermediaries. That binds them together. Norwegian specialists are among the primary suspects. Norway has developed one of the best diving schools in the world. It is associated precisely with the engineering services of complex energy facilities. At the same time, Oslo is one of the beneficiaries of this act of terrorism, after the US.

Norwegians need to remember one crucial fact. Much of their energy-related undersea transport infrastructure is close to the Russian border.

The main beneficiary of the attacks was not the Norwegians, but the Americans and their companies. It is they who today supply their raw materials to Europe without Russian gas. Therefore, to the question “who benefits” the answer is unequivocal: those who are completely independent of gas, and this is the USA and Great Britain.

Refusal to perform a transparent investigation into this terrorist act makes the EU look very guilty. How can they explain this approach to action with tremendous consequences for numerous countries and companies? Not to mention the effects imposed on their citizens. Citizens that don’t trust them any more.

Europeans will be paying the ultimate price for this terror attack for many years. The current economic decline will probably be long and painful. One thing is for sure, the living standards of their citizens are much worse now than before the attack. What would be their response? We can see glimpses of their response to the current events in France. More is coming.

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