Global Warming, “Climate Engineering” & Wars

The American intelligence community is alarmed by the growing risks of military conflicts that threaten to erupt due to “climate engineering”

As for any global “movement” promoted by Western media, there are always specific interests, greed and fear. A fierce campaign against global warming and an urgent transition to an “uncarbonated” economy is no exception. However, it turns out that, in addition to the burning desire to minimise Russia’s income from the sale of nasty hydrocarbons, The United States and its satellites dream of depriving Russia of its principal ally, the Sun. We need some climate engineering urgently! Those who are not with us are, therefore, against us! Does this sound familiar to you?

The fact is that neither the most powerful army in the world nor a thousand military bases, no well-lubricated machine for printing dollars can prevent imminent social chaos and collapse of the US economy due to global warming. According to the most conservative estimates of specialists, by 2100, due to heat, drought and degradation of agricultural land, the average per capita income in the United States will fall by at least a third. The crops will collapse many times, and by 2050, tens of millions of Americans will be forced to become climate refugees due to rising sea levels.

Those Russians again

At the same time, ongoing climate change more than suits Russia. The ubiquitous British scientists sadly calculated that global warming, so hated by the West, would increase the area of land suitable for efficient agriculture in Russia by almost five million square kilometres. By 2028 Russia would control a fifth of the world grain market. It will turn into the primary food producer on the planet. By the end of the century, Russians’ average per capita income will increase five times. According to estimates, by 2080, half of Siberia will become comfortable for life and agriculture. The lands currently belonging to the zones of risky agriculture will bear nine times more.

It is already happening

We see the positive impact of global warming on Russia now. In a recent message, the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, mentioned that Russian agricultural production showed double-digit growth rates last year. Grain crops are breaking all records. Only ten to fifteen years ago, it seemed like a fairy tale.

“The US intelligence community is conducting feverish work to analyse the risks of global wars caused by implementing the five-year plan for “climate interventions”, developed by the White House and approved by Congress. They will use the R-2-P (Right to Protect) scheme to justify their interventions. As we all know, Anglo-Saxon exceptionalists spent all their history protecting others from some sort of “evil”. This will be another “right thing” they do for humanity.

According to this plan, developing, testing and implementing technologies for the “management of solar radiation” is urgent. It is supposed to spray tens of millions of tons of fine particles into Earth’s upper atmosphere, capable of forming a giant mirror reflecting the Sun’s rays. These “mirrors” will be placed over the territories most suffering from rising temperatures.

The risk is “worth it” (just as murdering 500,000 Iraqi children was)

The National Research Council at the US Academy of Sciences said, “the severity of potential risks from climate change outweighs the potential risks of the moral dangers associated with a properly organised research program”.

It is unsurprising that mass media from Exceptional Anglo-Saxon groups of countries, followed by the press from Northern Nazis, Green Nazis and some other enslaved countries, is preparing public opinion for new wars. Expect Americans followed by their vassals, to start marching soon. Hollywood will be saving planet Earth again. Don’t you feel great about that?

One thing is obvious: if the Sun is on the side of Russia, the result of this new round of confrontation is already visible as a clear Sunny day. Maybe people living in the “third world” will be given a chance for better living standards after all. The “golden billion” expect them to stay in the IXX century to save the planet. Any effort to make their lives better might trigger intervention. Nothing new, just different excuses.

I am not a climate change denialist by any standards. Our planet is going through a climate change process. Also, I do not deny the contribution to that process by humans. However, as with any other thing, the abuse of various institutions (science in this case) to gain a material advantage by the collective west has resulted in a lack of credibility.

Why it seems that perceived prevention is the only cause of action? Mainly if we are still determining if it will be possible to achieve given targets. Why is there minimal action to be prepared to deal with the consequence of global warming?

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