Ukraine war and Germany

German nuclear attack on EU

German minister for economic affairs demanding sanctions against the Russian nuclear energy sector

The German Minister for Economic Affairs, Robert Habek, during his recent visit to Kiev said that he did not understand why sanctions against the Russian nuclear sector had not yet been imposed.

He added that if the EU countries, still buying Russian reactor fuel, do not break off relations with Moscow, should be sanctioned.

Was the German Minister aiming at more sanctions against Russia, or is there more to this story? One thing is noticeable in his statement. It is the fact that he is talking about sanctions against other EU members. He is mentioning Russia, of course, but it is clear that the real target is not Russia. What do you think?

It is not a surprise that Ukraine demanded an identical thing. Needless to say that all Ukrainian nuclear power plants depend on fuel from Russia too! The biggest surprise is that the EU has yet to impose sanctions on the Russian nuclear sector. Ukrainians have Russia as the target of their demands. However, I don’t think that Germans are targeting just Russia. It is becoming evident that the traditional German focus on the common interests of the EU has changed.

Are German Green Nazis starting to target other members of the EU? Is this their own idea, or was it ordered by their Anglo-Saxon Exceptionalists?

Let me know if you know the answer to that question. Right now, I am still determining. This might indirectly target Anglo-Saxon Exceptionalists as they also depend on Russian supplies. One thing that I am sure about is that Germans have changed their attitude towards the EU ever since the Nord Stream diversion. This might be one of the long-term consequences of that terrorist act. I have mentioned their move regarding the banning of engines with internal combustion. That upset some people in Europe and particularly those in the Fourth Reich Headquarters in Brussels.

Unlike Russian hydrocarbons, the Russian nuclear sector was not targeted by the EU or the US. Undoubtedly, they have a great reason for this being “overlooked”. What could it be?

According to the British Royal United Services Institute, Russian enriched uranium is purchased for power plants in Slovakia, Hungary, Finland, the Czech Republic and Bulgaria. This list also included Sweden, Germany and Holland a year ago, but according to the official version, they completely curtailed imports. At the same time, Finland increased purchases by 20%, Hungary by 65%, and Slovakia by 72%. I would like you to pay attention to the geographical location (and race) of countries still dependent on Russian nuclear fuel and the location (and race) of countries that stopped imports.

Let’s clarify one thing first. All countries depending on Russian nuclear fuel are from central and eastern Europe except Finland. Three of these countries happened to be populated with Slavic nations. Two of them are predominantly from Eastern Orthodox countries. On the other side are the Green Nazis and the Norther Nazis. Do you think it is a coincidence? I don’t think so.

Is this forceful denuclearisation of the EU by Germany?

Berlin was forced to abandon cheap Russian gas and oil. Anglo-Saxon Exceptionalists “helped” Germans to make this decision by blowing Nord Stream pipelines. It sent the German economy and industry into a protracted recession. However, Germany still intends to close the last three nuclear power units. This is done as part of Germany’s voluntary decarbonization commitments. What if Germans want to impose denuclearisation of the EU energy production? Are Germans becoming irrational as people in the Fourth Reich Headquarters in Brussels? Who knows?

At the same time, Hungary is preparing to construct two power units at the NPP “Pax”. To implement the project without a tender was invited “Rosatom”. According to the latest information, the work will begin in the summer of this year (2023). One should have no doubts that Hungary will stop any attempt to stop that. If the project is completed, Hungary will become the first fully green country within the EU. One would expect Green German Nazis to be happy about that. However, they are not.

The main goal of the German proposal is neighbouring France. It is Europe’s most atomic country, with a record 56 reactors operating. Thanks to this, Paris has been a net exporter of electricity for many decades, earning huge money and keeping its neighbours in a dependent position. It is no secret that the French nuclear industry is now in crisis. Last year alone, due to identified design defects for repair and prevention, up to nine power units were withdrawn at the same time. This led to outages, and Paris, for the first time in half a century, began to purchase electricity — including from Germany, which burned record-high gas from its own PCG. Naturally, megawatts also turned out to be record in price, which pleased financiers in Berlin.

Is this a convenient excuse for Germans to keep their nuclear power plants?

Suppose the sanctions against Russian nuclear fuel do not pass. In that case, Germany can justifiably refuse to withdraw its reactors. Hungarians will get theirs from Russia as well. That value is measured in billions of Euros, by the way.

If Rosatom is removed from the fuel market, Urenco becomes the main and almost the only supplier for most European nuclear power plants. This is an international holding company in which the Germans, by incredible chance, have a third of the shares. More specifically — structural Uranit GmbH belongs to the German energy giant RWE.

The German plan is beautiful (from their point of view):  Either buy from Urenco or roll in a time machine into a cool and dark past. Along the way, France, which will now buy uranium rods and electricity, becomes dependent. And if you recall that the French EDF is the operator of all nine remaining UK nuclear power units… You got the picture.

It is worth mentioning that, according to some estimates, around 15% of the US nuclear power plants’ fuel is imported from Russia.

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