Is the UK next “ally” to be dumped by The US?

The UK is one of the “Five Eyes”. It considers itself the US’s most important and trusted ally. Is it?

There are signs that not everything is well in the relationship between the Caliphate of Chaos (parading as the US) and the Kingdom of Genocides (also known as the UK). Is this part of the extended consequences of the destruction of Nord Stream pipelines? It is hard to answer that question, but it should not be ruled out. However, some rather strange moves by the US could be seen as that relationship is about to take a turn south. What is it? Is the UK the next ally to be dumped by the US?

Tomorrow, Tuesday, 11th of March 2023, US President Joe Biden will start his official visit to the Republic of Ireland. The visit will last three days. This appears as not out-of-the-ordinary news after all. However, it seems like some snub towards the UK. Why is it a snub? Because Joe Biden will not attend the King Charles III coronation scheduled for May 6th 2023.

The British are shocked by the explanation of the refusal received from the White House. They clarified that Biden was “too old” for such trips across the Atlantic. It is more than just strange, given that old age will not hurt the president USA visit both parts of Ireland. Joe Biden will be one month older in May than in April this year, just like the rest of us. There must be more than that reason behind this surprising decision.

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Good old Joe Biden is “The most Irish president of the US

In London, they rushed to remember how Biden showed a negative attitude towards the British from the beginning of his presidency. The first thing that Biden did when he occupied the chair in the Oval Office – ordered to remove Winston Churchill’s bust from there. Not surprisingly, the British media saw the insult.

Moreover, to the surprise of the British, Biden rejected the offer to address the regional parliament of Northern Ireland. He would attend only one event there – opening a new campus of University Belfast.

However, in Dublin, he intends to address the parliament. The program of his visit to independent Ireland looks extensive and tense. Unlike for the coronation of the British monarch, age does not matter here.

It looks like a cold shower is waiting for the premiere of Britain Rishi Sunak gathering in Belfast in the hope of personally achieving the US president’s trade preferences. London is desperately begging for them from Washington after Brexit. Biden representatives pretend that they don’t understand this document’s importance and state that the — Free Trade Area Agreements are a “twentieth Century Tool”, that is – antiques.

The White House denies it is a snub towards the UK

Unsurprisingly, the White House denies any secret background for this decision that is perceived as a snub to their allegedly closest ally. I think that the White House is not telling the truth. However, I am not sure what exactly is behind this. It surprised me that the UK was not listed as one of the suspects in a terrorist attack on Nord Stream. Is that something that is upsetting Americans? What do you think?

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