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The US military biological programs questions

Who are the US and Ukrainian citizens behind military biological programs in Ukraine? By the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation

The fact is that the US has been involved in the operation of around twenty Biolabs in Ukraine. Even they don’t deny it. Those who follow international affairs and Western media informing about them must know that if something is declared “Russian propaganda” or “conspiracy” has a reasonable chance of being the truth. Another powerful indicator of a deliberate action to hide something from the general public is Google search results. Make your judgement based on this screenshot taken this morning AEST on 17th of April 2023.

One might ask the simple question: Who and how picks “featured snippets” that appear on the top of a Google Search page No. 1? I am still trying to figure out the answer. Let me know if you do, please.

I am trying to figure out what was the purpose of these Biolabs. I don’t know the answer. Who does? However, I know that all Western mass media and search engines with lots of “artificial intelligence” somehow (not very intelligently) manage to deny access to the general public to different claims. This post is my intention to rectify that “honest mistake”. I have a very limited audience. However, I am sure that my source of the “information” will be used to discredit this post. That would be fine for me. I am not trying to answer the question of the actual purposes of all these Biolabs. I want to provide my readers with an opinion different from one pushed by the mainstream media in the Western world. Is not that so simple?

Claims by Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov, head of the radiation, chemical and biological defence forces of the Russian Armed Forces, at a recent briefing

Today we are supplementing the list of defendants in the Pentagon’s biological research. Among them: (full name), head of the non-governmental organisation International Institute for HIV and Tuberculosis in Kiev, took a direct part in creating a laboratory base for implementing military-biological research in Ukraine.

The military leader also named (full name), a professor at the Institute of New Pathogens at the University of Florida, who studied the spread of the causative agent of tularemia in the territory of the post-Soviet republic. The scientist also implemented the Yu-Pi-8 project on the spread of Congo-Crime hemorrhagic fever and hantaviruses in Ukraine.

And Professor (full name) was engaged as one of the leading consultants for the U-P-2 project on the use of geographic information systems, remote monitoring and laboratory diagnostics for the detection of diseases of tularemia and anthrax in humans and animals in the republic.

Among the performers of American military biological projects — citizens of Ukraine: (full name — Deputy General Director of the Kiev Regional Laboratory Center state institution of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and a former employee of the American company Black and Witch”. Since 2020, he has been an adviser to the commander of the medical forces VSU on laboratory diagnostics, “— indicated the general.

(Full Name), director of the Ukrainian Institute for Public Health Research, also participated in the projects. They coordinated the activities of the company “Labyrinth Global Hels”, which carried out the interaction between state bodies of Ukraine and the company “Metabiota”.

The US Department for the Reduction of Threat of the US Department of Defense uses the potential of biologists from Ukraine and Central Asian and Transcaucasia states. Work in this direction is planned by the American administration for at least 2025,

I will make one conclusion: The US is highly involved in running numerous Biolabs in Ukraine and other countries bordering Russia. At the end of this, I want to ask one question: Why is that so? Do you know the answer? Would you like to know? Is it reasonable to ask these questions after the COVID-19 pandemic? I think it is. Why mainstream media and Google are trying to push it under the carpet?

I will provide just one link to demonstrate how is Western mainstream media trying to discredit everyone who asks similar questions. Why is that so? Are they afraid of something?

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