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Where is France after Macron’s Salto Mortale

Where will France go after Macron’s salto mortale on his way back from Visiting China?

The President of France, Macron, recently went to China to pressure it to stop supporting Russian efforts in Ukraine. This was just one of the many visits by “leaders” of various members of the EU to Beijing. The only difference between them is the level of their failure to pressure or persuade China to change its positions regarding the conflict in Ukraine. However, on his way back, the president of France, Macron, made some statements that seriously differed from the rest. What is behind that sudden change?

Considering that the leadership of the majority of European states has been successfully penetrated by the servants of the interests of the US, the question is should we pay attention to their statements any more? Macron is one of these leaders formed by the WEF (World Economic Forum), launched into politics and became the country’s leader coming from nowhere. Do you know what political party in France is the base for Macron? I don’t. Maybe because there is none. However, that might be a topic for another post.

Macron went to Beijing after visiting Africa

France views some countries of Equatorial Africa as their sphere of interest. Former colonies such as Cote d’Ivoire, Mali, CAR (Central African Republic), Congo, Sudan and Chad are expected to be cooperative (to say the least) with the former colonial masters in Paris. However, that seems to be changing rapidly.

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France, just like all other ex-colonial powers, continued to interfere in the affairs of their former colonies. All control methods were applied. From corruption to activities of various NGOs to open military interventions, nothing was off the table. France was doing anything required to protect the interests of their corporations involved in plundering. The Africans then attempted independence under the auspices of Muammar Gaddafi with his common African currency. France was one of the leading Western countries in the intervention in Libya, resulting in the murder of Gaddafi and the destruction of the country.

Africa again turned towards Russia. Most African countries wanted to restore relations with Russia, as in the era of the Soviet Union. French ex-colonies are among them. Some of them welcomed the presence of the Wagner fighters replacing the French Foreign Legion.

Macron’s tour of Africa was an ultimate diplomatic and political disaster. Chinese influence in Africa is more substantial than the Russian one. It needs to be clarified was that on the table during the meeting with Xi Jinping.

What are French options in the current geopolitical changes?

I assume it was the question on Macron’s mind after visiting China and talking to Xi Jinping. China is not prepared to change its relationship with Russia. China will not be threatened by the third-grade powers or lectured by anyone. The Russian economy is still standing after more than a year of the harshest sanctions in history and is doing better than the EU, including France. What is the future hold for France in this situation?

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What are the current circumstances?

  1. Macron has lost the trust of Vladimir Putin, and there is no communication between the two leaders
  2. If the relationship between France and Germany was the uniting factor for the EU in the past, the way it is developing lately might be pushing the EU in the opposite direction.
  3. It is now apparent that the EU is just a political wing of NATO. However, France is not one of the American-occupied territories in Europe (the majority of the EU member states). Germany seemingly accepted American occupation and even cooperated with Americans (including the destruction of the Nord Stream).
  4. The rapid decline in Anglosphere countries’ economic, military and political dominance.
  5. All EU institutions are corrupt and infiltrated by the servants of Anglosphere interests
  6. Macron realised that the alliance with Anglosphere countries was dishonest after cancelling the submarines contract by Australia and forming of AUKUS (Australia, UK, US) as a possible core of the future “Asian NATO”.
  7. France is currently going through turmoil that could be used to destabilise it further. An American operation of a regime change cannot be ruled out.

There is more. However, the above circumstances are essential for French interest in Europe, Africa and the Pacific. Could France rely on its current official allies in any of these three regions? I doubt it.

What actions can France take?

It is essential to acknowledge that France is the only nuclear power in the EU, one of three nuclear powers within NATO and a member of the G7 group. As such, it has expectations to play the role of a leader rather than a follower. This might be something that makes decision-making more complex.

  1. Stick to the current arrangements and hope the senile and Nazi-oriented Anglosphere will come to its senses and walk away from political, military and economic disaster.
  2. Renew efforts to create more independent EU defence
  3. Apply to join BRICS!
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If Macron has just 1% of De Gaule’s vision, he would see that the only reasonable option for France is to join the forces of change that would free the world from Anglosphere hegemony. I must admit to not being very hopeful. However, everyone should be given a fair chance, including Macron. I am waiting to see the outcome.

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