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France in BRICS – A Matter of Survival

France does not have many options for survival as a significant power, and staying in the EU is not the real one

France is at a crossroads due to its ambitions to play a significant role in European and international affairs. Many myths have been smashed recently. One of them is unconditional cooperation with Germany. An even bigger one is cooperation with the United Kingdom. In many ways, France could feel like being surrounded by kanny enemies parading as allies. I know that many will attack me for the above statement. However, I am convinced that it is correct. Would you like to challenge my opinion? Please do! I love being challenged.

Before continuing, I need to state that Macron cannot turn France into the best direction for the nation. Not in my opinion, at least. However, I also believe that he will not serve until the end of his mandate. During his recent visit to China, Macron realised what the best option for France was. However, he does not have the strength and skills to implement the best solution. However, his statement after that visit could be the starting point.

Could China offer France an exit in this challenging situation? France is a member of NATO and the EU—the member who is rapidly losing influence in these two Anglosphere-oriented and controlled organisations. Two events highlighted that France could not trust alliance with either US/UK-led Anglosphere or Germany. The first is forming the AUKUS and cancelling the submarine contract between Australia and France. The second one is the destruction of the Nord Stream by the US/UK and the failure of Germany to protect its interests. In short – Anglosphere exceptionalists and German Green Nazis are in it together AGAIN.

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Macron’s salto mortale during a visit to China

One thing about Macron’s visit to China is almost certain. It is a pronounced difference between his attitude before and after meeting Xi Jinping. From intention to pressure China to join sanctions against Russia to openly discussing freeing Europe of American influence! What could happen during that meeting? Nobody knows what was said during that meeting, so we are all free to speculate. I am about to do it here and now.

Macron said we must eliminate dollar dependence and defend Europe’s “strategic autonomy”.

The French president refused to support the American approach to Taiwan.

“Our priority is not to adapt to the agenda of others in all regions of the world,” he said.

What could be presented to the French president to make him make this public turnaround that upset many in Washington (openly), London, and Berlin (quietly)?

The sign that Macron “did not get it” (at least not in total) is his statement:

The key to less dependence on the Americans is primarily to strengthen the European defence industry and accelerate Europe’s struggle for nuclear and renewable energy.

Everyone knows the French push for an independent European defence industry is a non-starter. Thanks to Germany, Italy and Spain always joining the British in undermining it. Everyone knows that. Except Macron himself, by the sound of it. Regarding Europe’s “struggle for nuclear energy” is concerned, one must say that Germany just closed the last three of their nuclear power plants and is calling for introducing sanctions against the Russian nuclear industry that would negatively impact France and French interests in the nuclear energy sector.

Olaf Scholz indeed visited China before Macron. However, I’m afraid I have to disagree that it is a sign of a Franco-German alliance departing from the full support to Anglosphere. I think Germans will serve Anglosphere and expect some benefits in return – like strengthening their influence in Balkan Peninsula – something I intend to write about soon.

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What could Xi tell to Macron?

Changes in his positioning Macron (from anti-Russian to anti-American) suggest that he learned something from Xi that pushed him into a possible coalition with China:

a) Xi probably said that China irrevocably chose the goal of — building a new world order because the current system is clearly failing. He managed to convince Macron that this was promising and invited France to join. It is symbolic that the French energy giant Total, a few days before Macron’s visit, entered into the first yuan contract at the Shanghai Oil Exchange for the supply of LNG to China.

b) Xi may have promised France help with high-tech orders. This, in particular, is evidenced by the contract to purchase 160 Airbus aircraft, which provided the French with an income of about $ 51 billion and helped in the competition with the American Boeing. Xi and Macron agreed that Airbus would double its production facilities in China. Agreements were also signed for nuclear energy, wind energy, water and agriculture-food, and transport.

c) Xi probably told Macron what happened to the Nord Streams. It is no coincidence that the PRC Foreign Ministry said that China hopes for speedy progress in investigating the North Stream explosions so that the truth opens to the world and the perpetrators are punished. France did not want to be involved in the attack, hence the strengthening of anti-Americanism. Worse, France is realising that Germany probably knew about the diversion in advance. Anglosphere exceptionalists and German Green Nazis are working behind French back at its best.

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It is symbolic that the EC chairman accompanying Macron and a staunch supporter of American Europe, Ursula Von der Leyen, met with Xi for 15 minutes and was not seen at major events nor in detailed media coverage in China.

France in BRICS as the best survival solution for France – Why not?

China’s diplomatic efforts are superior to Western measures in all world regions. There is no end to those wishing to join BRICS. The reason is that China has surpassed the United States in its commercial influence. This is of great importance, especially in connection with the Ukrainian conflict.

The anti-Russian resolutions voted by the West at the UN are, in fact, “a pie in the sky”. They have no obligation to take concrete actions against Russia. Countries of the Anglosphere abused OUN to the point of destroying its credibility. Russia is part of the BRICS and is a significant player in this group. The West does not have the necessary support for measures that would entail the abolition of trade with Russia.

In this context, France’s Emmanuel Macron seems to have realised that anti-Russian and anti-Chinese politics is exhaling, has reached its limit and is counterproductive. It is much more promising to join cooperation with BRICS. France in BRICS will be the first step in a new world integration.

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