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Anglophone World vs Germany vs Russia

Two anti-Russian initiatives by Anglophone Hegemon and its Baltic Nazi vasals on one side and German Green Nazis with Romania might collide. The Fourth Reich at war with itself and the role of Serbia in the second denazification of Europe

Anglophone Hegemon hates Russia. At least some of their vassals hate Russia too. That is logical. However, sometimes they come up with anti-Russian initiatives that clash. The good news is – it happens more often lately. Hatred is a terrible political or economic platform. I do hope so.

What is Trimorie?

Trimorie – Trimorje – Trimorye – Three Seas Initiative – Reincarnation of the “Intermarium”


There are no surprises here. All enemies of free Europe (and the world) are here. The leading role of the Anglophone Hegemon is hidden from those who are ignorant but is undeniable. The only change that happened through the centuries is that the centre of Anglophone Hegemon moved from London to Washington. The other three capitals are blind eyes that follow and provide required commodities and soldiers when needed.

Poland and the Baltic States sold their souls (if they ever had them) to London centuries ago. London eventually passed their souls to Washington but still plays a crucial role. The main supporter of command hatred against Eastern Orthodox Russia is who else but the Vatican. Feel free to add Croatia to this bunch – they started reviving Nazism in the early nineties, as were the keenest practitioners of it during WWII.

Associate members of the gang are the usual suspects populating Central and Eastern Europe and Balkan Peninsula. Good soldier Svejk will march wherever they send him and surrender or retreat if things get complicated.

Stubborn as always will be Serbia insisting on its independence and, even more, insisting on justice and fairness. Landlocked and surrounded, it might look like a minor obstacle. Are you sure about that? You better consult some history books, and you might be surprised.

The Initiative

A pavilion called “House of Trimorje” appeared at the Davos Forum in 2022. Participants of the initiative later met at Lublin in Poland. If you don’t know that Davos Forum is one of the world’s biggest gatherings of psychopaths, you know very little. Are you looking for any nasty ideas against humanity? If that is the case, you are at the correct address in Davos Forum. Welcome to the madhouse of the world!

Karen Donfried came to the congress of participating countries in Polish Lublin, who, on behalf of the State Department, announced the readiness of the United States to provide all the necessary support for this. One of its main ideologists, Jan Brzezinski, recently made a “decisive call” to include Ukraine in the project.


The Prime Minister of Poland said that without Kiev, Trimorye is generally impossible and will need to be renamed “Mezhdumorye.” He does not hide the fact that the West sees the initiative as a reincarnation of the “Intermarium” by Joseph Pilsudski.

Sanitary Cordon and a “gas coalition”

Mezhdumorye – Medjumorje – Between Seas is seen as a SANITARY CORDON to cut the connection between Russia and Central and Western Europe. Using the word “sanitary” is not an accident or inaccuracy. That is just unmasking the very foundation of the Anglophone Hegemon – racism.

You can also call it a “gas coalition” against Russia. A so-called “vertical gas corridor” has been built in recent years. It connects Polish Svinoujsze to the Croatian Krka.

The development of the European infrastructure of gas and transport networks for LNG supplies was also significantly accelerated. And its most important element is underground gas storage facilities (UGS). And a significant part of the storage facilities of Eastern Europe, whose working volume exceeds the volume of the largest EU storage facilities, is located in Ukraine. Do you want to know what could be a possible target of Russian revenge for the destruction of Nord Stream? Look no further. Think Kinzhal. That is it.

Germany is trying to increase its influence in the Black Sea Region and Balkan Peninsula together with Romania

It is important to state several things here:

  1. Germany knows who blew Nord Stream. The current German government might not do anything about that, but there will be a response at some point in the future.
  2. If I know that Germans are second only to Russians on a long Polish list of hatred, then Germans know it too.
  3. I hope Germans finally learned not to be used by Anglophone Hegemon against Russia. If my hopes are unfilled, it might be the end of Germany. Let’s all hope together.
  4. Currently, Romania is firmly in the Anglophone Hegemon’s sphere of influence. It is the only country in Europe hosting anti-ballistic missiles that are the biggest threat to Russian security. However, the president of Romania is an ethnic German.

Germany is trying to deepen cooperation and influence in Central Europe (Czech Republic and Slovakia) and the Black Sea region (Romania).

Romanian president Klaus Johannis was assured by Germany of support for Ukraine and Moldova. Scholz’s arrival in Bucharest took place immediately after the agreements between the Romanian authorities and the German arms concerned Rheinmetall on opening repair shops in Romania to restore Ukrainian howitzers and German-made armoured vehicles.

From the Black Sea, Scholz moved to the Balkan theme, having declared:

The Western Balkans remain an important priority for the European Union. I reaffirm Romania’s fundamental support for the course of the West Balkan states towards the European future… We also share a common vision regarding the strategic values of EU eastward expansion. I will point out the support Romania provides to Moldova and Ukraine on their European path.


What is the Romanian role?

For Bucharest, the Black Sea theme is inextricably linked with the Balkan. The West Balkan states (Serbia with its disputed province of Kosovo and Metohija, Northern Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania) form a geopolitical shoulder behind Romania. Romanian state’s geopolitical function in plans of the Anglophone Hegemon is to separate Belgrade from Moscow. In other words, Romania was tasked to serve as a “fence” between Russia and Serbia.

If Bucharest refuses to fulfil this role, Romanian statehood will lose all meaning for the West. Therefore, Romania is actively involved both within NATO and the EU, proving its devotion to Washington. It is important for Romania to drag the West Balkan countries into the North Atlantic Alliance and the European Union to exclude their future rapprochement with Russia.

Important to know – Romania is one of the five members of the EU that refuses to recognise Kosovo as an independent state. The reason for that is the fact that Romania is concerned about possible territorial claims by Hungary. Germany, on the other side, is one of the major forces bullying Serbia. Is that surprising? Of course, it is not. It is called “tradition”

The merging of interests

It was not without reason that Bucharest and Berlin were allies in World War II. Germany has always considered the Balkans its zone of influence. Control over the Balkans expanded the operational space for Germany along the North–South (North Sea – Adriatic), allowing it to operate on both sides of continental Europe. However, as a Serb, I feel it my duty to commend Romania as the only German ally that did not take part in the partitioning of Serbia (partitioned between Croatia, Hungary, Bulgaria and Albania)

For Romania, it is important to determine the direction of military-political trends in the triangle of the Black Sea – Aegean Sea – Adriatic Sea. This is the point where the strategic interests of Berlin and Bucharest coincide. Germany wants access to the Mediterranean and further to North Africa and the Middle East.

Unpredictable region and other obstacles

If there is anything predictable here, it is the unpredictability of the triangle between the Black Sea, Aegean Sea and Adriatic. Turkey pursues an independent policy with continuous aggravation with Greece. Russia does not allow to be restrained in the Black Sea. There is no full-fledged axis Moscow – Belgrade now, but it may appear in the future. To avoid this scenario, Bucharest stands for Western Balkan membership in the EU and NATO. They only need to get Serbia to agree. It is what I would call the ultimate mission impossible.

Romania considers itself not to Southeast but to Central-Eastern Europe. It places Bulgaria with the republics of the former Yugoslavia, Greece and Albania in the so-called Balkan Europe. The fact that the Romanian scientific and political discourse has the concept of Balkan Europe as an area separate from Romania speaks of the desire of the Romanian state to occupy a central connecting role between different parts of continental Europe – Western, Eastern, Northern and Southern Europe. 

The key to strengthening Romania’s position in the Black Sea is its control over Ukraine and Moldova. Romania is also, together with Hungary and Poland, claiming parts of the current Ukraine as theirs.

The key to Russian security is control over Odesa in the current Ukraine. Failing to get to control the Danube Delta would mean that Serbia might not be able to indefinitely support Russia. However, I would not underestimate Serbia’s loyalty.

It is not a coincidence that the most aggressive anti-Serbian stance comes from the German Green Nazis. Their main purpose is to serve the interests of the Anglophone Hegemon. By turning Serbia away, Germany is dramatically reducing its chances of playing an influential role in the Black Sea region and the Balkans. Will they ever learn?

Welcome back to the 1930s! Game is on

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