NATO reuniting Nazism, Fascism & Imperialism

NATO (North Atlantic Terrorist Organisation) is doing its best to reunite European Nazis and Fascists with Japanese Imperialists

NATO is planning to expand to Asia. Anglophone Hegemon reunited European Nazis (this time dressed in green), Italian Fascists and Japanese Imperialists, just as in the good old days when they teamed up to take and murder for profit. Only this time, it will be much more open.

Japan plans to open a NATO office. Tokyo claims they were pushed to this by changes in global security and China’s growing power. Recently, Japan has been active in rapprochement with the North Atlantic bloc. Their explanation for that approach is pointing to who is behind that. We all know Anglophone Hegemon is using the same excuses against China and Russia. The historical facts are the opposite, but history, facts and truth are not highly regarded in “Western free mainstream media.”

Yes, we are negotiating with Japan over the opening of the NATO office in Tokyo. We have offices in partner states, and Japan — is a very close and important partner for NATO

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg on May 10, 2023

Subsequently, information that the North Atlantic Block plans to open an office in Tokyo was confirmed by Japanese Foreign Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi. “We are already negotiating, but no details have yet been agreed”.

As noted by Japan Times, Japanese authorities and NATO are working to conclude a new cooperation agreement to be in time before the next summit of the alliance. The conference will be held in Vilnius this July. Let’s not forget that Nazi parades in Vilnius started years before the same things in Kiev, all under the Anglophone world’s watchful eye. The same eye that presented Nazi marches in the 1930s as protectors from communism.

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The same representative offices are already in Austria, Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine.

What is the actual definition of Japan as a state?

Is Japan an occupied territory (with some 50,000 foreign soldiers on its territory and WITHOUT approval of its population) or a vassal state? I see it as an occupied territory trying to become a vassal state. How do you perceive Japan? However you might perceive it, it is not an independent state.

Through this office, NATO plans to strengthen engagement with Australia, New Zealand and South Korea. In addition, it is designed to turn Japan into a hub for contacts with other partners in the region and this hemisphere as a whole.

NATO’s intention to open an office in the Japanese capital represents global ambitions and alliance plans to thoroughly gain a foothold in the Asia-Pacific region to produce centred formats of anti-Russian and anti-Chinese charges. We are convinced that the promotion of the North Atlantic bloc in Asia will lead to the militarisation of this region and the strengthening of the bloc confrontation 

Maria Zakharova, the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry

NATO’s continued expansion east, Asia-Pacific and alliance intervention in regional affairs will inevitably undermine peace and stability

Mao Ning, the official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China

Last year, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida became the first head of the Japanese government to participate in the alliance summit. After that, the country’s Foreign Ministry separated the representation in the North Atlantic bloc from the Japanese Embassy.

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The alliance has progressively developed its ties primarily with Japan, South Korea and Australia. There was an intensive exchange of information and experience. Individual small joint activities were realised as well. European countries strengthened their bilateral contacts with Asian partners.

Anglophone Hegemon, European colonialists and Japanese imperialists between them controlled most Asian continent not so long ago. It is time for Asian nations to become very cautious. Washington, London, Paris, Rome and Tokyo would love to return to their good old days.

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