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To Vucic and Dodik – Serbia has the choice

Kremlin celebrated Erdogan’s victory in Türkiye. Belgrade and Banja Luka should celebrate even more. Vucic and Dodik need to understand why

I will be frank about this. I am sick and tired of Kremlin’s strategies. Why should anyone believe in the same old stories after over a year of a war that he still calls a “Special Military Operation”? Also, why is Russia stuck in nowhere and pretending to be winning? Why is Russia unwilling to bring the war (apparently a “special military operation”) to a decisive end? Who wins in Russia, and who will be sacrificed in Russia and outside?

“Brotherhood and Unity” – The Shorty’s way

It is sad to see that Russia (or some in the Russian leadership) could not learn anything from the destruction of Yugoslavia. What happens in and around Ukraine is a repetition of what happened in and around former Yugoslavia. I am not shocked that Anglophone Hegemon and their loyal Nazi and Fascist servants of Europe (just the same picture as in the 1940s) used the same strategy in Ukraine as in former Yugoslavia. I am shocked, however, about Kremlin’s refusal to see things as they are. The whole indoctrination about “brotherhood and unity” in former Yugoslavia worked against Serbs only (other “Yugoslavians” never believed in that rubbish). The same indoctrination in the USSR worked against Russians only. Ukrainians, as well as all other nations of the former USSR, never believed in that. Some people in Kremlin still do.

If Shorty from Kremlin believes in that rubbish, he should step down and move to Kiev. Go live with your brothers and let Russians take their future into their hands without old communist dogma. Even the Communist Party of the RF today stopped believing it. Kominterna was the source of that dogma. Anyone who knows history will know that the main purpose of Kominterna was to destroy Russians and Serbs, and the rest of the Eastern Orthodox would be an easy pray.

The Russian people do not need “bloody decades” in the name of extending the power of oligarchs

The other day, the former president and current deputy chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Medvedev, stated that “the Ukrainian conflict will drag on for a very long time, possibly for decades”.

Russian authorities have begun adapting, having failed with the “small and victorious” military campaign plan. Today, hypocritical pseudo-patriotism flourishes in Russia. Officials cover their mistakes and crimes with beautiful patriotic speeches. However, after 15 months of special operations, more and more questions accumulate among the people, which the authorities cannot answer. People are given a daily dose of Igor Konashenkov’s almost morbid “report,” which sounds like the worse product of artificial intelligence. Have you seen that report? It sounds unreal. Probably because it is unreal.

Who are the major winners in any sanctions?

Everyone is talking about Anglophone’s Hegemon sanctions against Russia not working. It is true. Those who remember the situation in Serbia and Montenegro in the 1990s will tell you that sanctions against them did not work either. That is the truth as well. However, one should ask a simple question. How were these sanctions bypassed, and who benefited from them?

One cannot simply compare the situation in Serbia in the 1990s with Russia today regarding sanctions. Serbia, unlike Russia, has no commodities that are an absolute necessity for the rest of the world. Serbian government of that time was forced to let private enterprise – SMUGGLERS drive that war. One of these smugglers was Milo Djukanovic—the man who and his corrupt gang ruled Montenegro till several months ago. Make no mistakes; he turned Montenegro into an actual Mafia-run state. It will take years to try to rectify that. Do you think it will be corrected and fully rectified? I would not bet on that. American prohibition gave life to American Mafia, and sanctions against Serbia/Montenegro in the 1990s gave birth to Serbian and Montenegrin Mafia. Where is the cheapest cocaine in Europe?

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Let’s call things their real name. What they call “parallel import” in Russia is SMUGGLING. Russian smugglers are much more strictly controlled by the government than Serbian and Montenegrin. How do you get a licence for “parallel import”? In the same way, how do you get over a trillion dollars “defence” budget in the US? Might you lobby or just corrupt? What is the difference? Is there any difference?

Why “Special Military Operation” and not the war?

With all respect to Scott Ritter, Colonel McGregor, and some other American commentators, it is time to give people the proper explanation. Maybe they do believe in their descriptions. However, based on the fact that they are all former servants of their “deep state”, I have no trust in them at all. It might be genetic. Whatever.

Special Military Operation allows authorities to be very selective about who will be sent to the front. That is different from if war was declared. It is standard procedure to call the general mobilisation if war is declared. That does not mean everyone will go to the front line immediately. However, rules used for sending mobilised to the front are more strict and harder to avoid. In short, as long as there is a “Special Military Operation”, authorities will have the choice. That means no sons of “good” (obeying and cooperating) oligarchs, politicians and others with good connections will ever see the battle. It is much clearer who will be sacrificed inside Russia. However, these are not the only intentional sacrifice by Kremlin.

Who are external victims of the Special Military Operation in Ukraine – Collateral Damage Revealed

There are two significant victims today. The number might grow as decades of the “intervention” pass. Today, there are two obvious victims. One of them is Transnistria, and the other one is Serbia. I am not well informed about the situation with Transnistria. However, the problem around Serbia is much closer to me. I will discuss what Serbia could and should do to minimise the damage. However, I know in advance that many Serbs will strongly disagree with me—particularly my dear Bosnian Serbs. I appeal to them to think again, though. Will they do so? Based on history, I must doubt it. However, the hope dies last. Therefore, I still hope.

Erdogan’s re-election in Türkiye is the best news for Serbia and Republika Srpska

Throughout history, Balkan Peninsula was the ground for endless fights between great powers for influence in the region. Serbia controls the area that dominates over the rest of the Balkans. Throughout history, Serbs paid the ultimate price for being where they are. Throughout history, Serbs consistently allied with Russia as their main ally. Was that wrong? I don’t know. However, after observing the cripple called “Special Military Operation”, I believe that Serbs need to reconsider. Let me clarify – I am not suggesting allying with our only true enemies through history – Anglophone Hegemon (be it as the Kingdom of Genocides or the Caliphate of Chaos). Never!

The golden era of Serbian statehood finished with the arrival of the Ottoman Empire in the Balkans and further to Viena. Serbs almost perished in the never-ending battle against Ottomans that spread over four centuries. Part of our genes was lost through Islamisation, resulting in brother fighting brother. Who was the brother of the Great Vezir of the Ottoman Empire, Mehmed Pasa Sokolovic? Check the name Topuzli-Makarije –  a monk of the Serb Chilandar Monastery on Mount Athos. Emir Custurica acknowledged that with the monument to these two in his Kamengrad as part of Visegrad.

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Mehmed Pasa Sokolovic (Sokollu Mehmed Pasha) was and still is the most powerful Serbian. His influence over the complete Balkan Peninsula was much more significant than that of the Serbian King Dusan. It is just that Serbian historians conveniently forget to tell us. Serbian was one of the official languages among the Istanbul elite of the time. You will not find anything of that sort around the Russian throne.

What Serbia got from Russia for fighting for their interests?

Not that Serbs ever asked for anything. However, several times in the past, Russia chose Bulgaria over Serbia. It is closer to them etc. I do understand their point. I find it harder and harder to understand that Serbia consistently repeats its choice. One that I was supporting till the moment I decided to write this.

Who is fighting for control over the Balkans today?

Anglophone Hegemon took over the southern Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija by fraudulently voting for the United Nations Security Council Resolution No. 1244. They turned Kosovo and Metohija into one of NATO’s most significant military bases and the world’s biggest Narco-Mafia-State. Anglophone Hegemon has a history of narco wars and lives on sucking other people’s blood and selling narcotics.

Germans have never given up on their ambitions to control Balkan Peninsula. Today, they are the biggest force pushing for Kosovo’s independence. Generally speaking, in Kosovo and Metohija, it is not clear if it is a European mixture of Nazis and Fascists using Anglophone Hegemon to push their interests or the other way around. In any case, Serbs are the victims.

China wants to control goods movement from their ports in Greece to central and western Europe. I don’t think the Chinese are interested in political or military domination in the region.

French prostitutes will sleep with anyone with a large – you know what. Just ignore them. Unlike in the past, they are old and ugly. C’est la vie.

Türkiye, under Erdogan, is keen to re-establish its influence over Balkan Peninsula and even further (Hungary is an observer with the Turkic Council. It appears natural, although the Muslim population in parts of Bosnia and Hercegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Albania are not ethnic Turks.

What should Serbia do today?

According to many, Serbia has no option but to continue the way it has been since the SMOs started. That means being constantly pressured, blackmailed, and having the Serbian population in Kosovo continuously attacked while enormous pressure is also applied against Republika Srpska in Bosnia, Hercegovina, and Montenegro. All that, while the fifth column is parading as a “democratic” block, is trying to paralyse the country from within.

According to those declared as “Serbian Nationalists”, Serbia must stick to the current situation to assure Russian support in the UN regarding the Kosovo issue. Most of the people of Serbia and Serbs abroad (including myself) believed in the same. Plus, traditional connections between the two nations. However, if you look back at history you might find out that, more often than not, the Russian governments failed to be in step with the Russian nation.

To clarify – I do not doubt mutual support between the peoples of Serbia and Russia. That will exist as long as these two nations live. Let’s separate governments from people from this point on. If nothing else, governments are corrupted by various interest groups (insiders and outsiders).

What are Serbian Options?

  1. Maintain the status quo and continue current policy while trying to minimise “collateral damage” – this seems to be the current government’s strategy.
  2. Break its neutrality and offer Russia to open a military base in Serbia – Serbian right wing parties
  3. Break its neutrality and offer China to open a military base in Serbia
  4. Maintain the current policy of not introducing sanctions but follow the Hungarian example and become an observer in the Organisation of Turkic States. After all, Serbia was part of the Ottoman Empire, and Hungary could barely claim the same. This is my proposition to Vucic and Dodik.
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What is the current state of the influence of major geopolitical powers?

  1. Anglophone Hegemon – NATO
  2. The European Union – EU
  3. Neutral Serbia
  4. Completely confused and dysfunctional Boshina & Hercegovina
  5. Artificial Narco-Mafia & NATO controlled territory – the occupied Serbian province of Kosovo & Metohija

Anglophone Hegemon in charge of NATO overwhelmingly dominates Balkan Peninsula and surrounding regions. Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Türkiye, Greece, Macedonia (The people of Macedonia don’t want it called any other name), Albania, Montenegro and Italy are all members of NATO.

The European Union (EU) is NATO’s political and propaganda wing. It has no independence and, importantly, no ability to force any of its policies. It completely depends on the US and is often manipulated by the Kingdom of Genocides (just as in the past – that is how Europe got two world wars on its soil)

Neutral Serbia should maintain its military neutrality for now. However, it must consider joining Hungary as an observer in the OTS (Organisation of Turkic States). Members are Türkiye, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan. Observer States are Hungary, Turkmenistan and Northern Cyprus.

The artificial narco-mafia will have to pull out with NATO once that organisation collapses.

Why is the Organisation of Turkic States the best option for Serbia and the Balkan Peninsula?

  1. It is the only great power that is part of the Balkan Peninsula
  2. Its influence is more spread than any other great power. It has a historical connection with every country on the Peninsula.
  3. Cultural influence over the whole of the Balkans (from language – turkisms, cuisine, music and more)

Who are the strongest influencers by country?

Hungary – Victor Orban recently stated that the country will be looking to cooperate with Türkiye, Germany and Russia.

Germany has always influenced Croatia. I don’t expect that to change. In any case, it will be anti-Serbian as per tradition.

Bosnia and Hercegovina is strongly influenced by Türkiye, Serbia, Russia (Republika Srpska) and Croatia.

Serbia is the last bastion of Russian influence on the Peninsula. However, it is considerably influenced by Türkiye and has a very friendly relationship with Hungary, China, and Azerbaijan. Most people of Serbia will reject any influence by Germany or Anglophone Hegemon.

Germany traditionally influences Romania. It has somehow a tense relationship with Hungary and a friendly relationship with Serbia.

Russia heavily influences the Bulgarian people. Their governments are traditionally corrupt and willing to follow the highest bidder.

Greece is the only c country in the region with a territorial dispute with Türkiye and would bitterly oppose any idea of a Turkish influence over the region.

Albania is strongly influenced and probably controlled by American and British intelligence services. The people of Albania would welcome Turkish influence.

Serbia and Russia heavily influence Montenegro and would not object to Turkish influence. This does not apply to the government, which is controlled by American and British intelligence services.

Macedonia is under heavy pressure from NATO and EU. People of Macedonia are influenced by Russia. I believe that Macedonians would welcome change and closer association with Türkiye.

It is time to reconsider spheres of influence and formal and informal alliances on the Balkan Peninsula. I will come back to this topic.

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