Ukraine SMO – The View from Crimea

Parts of an interview with the head of Crimea, Sergey Aksenov, by Svobodnaya Pressa with my comments on parts of it

The interview was conducted by Sergey Mikheeva

The head of the region was interviewed by the political analyst Sergey Mikheeva in the program “Talk about the Important” on the channel “Crimea 24”. He noted that the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, previously outlined the objectives of the SMO. However, the situation in the war zone is changed daily. Therefore, “the goals will be adjusted in one way or another”.

I am evaluating the possibility of the Armed Forces of Ukraine attacking the peninsula. “I can tell the Crimeans that no land operation threatens Crimea. Everyone who says something about this will rot in prison.

(I think that federal officials should stop ignoring the actions of the “fifth column”. And, importantly, start taking required measures to prevent their actions.)

What are the objectives of the Special Military Operation?

On the night of February 24, 2022 — the president named “demilitarisation and denazification of Ukraine. Also, protecting the civilian population of Donbas from genocide“. The Russian leader said that “protecting Russia itself from the threats that they are trying to create in our historical territories adjacent to us” is also the goal of the SVO.

The other day, however, it was first sounded that the “Kiev Nazi regime should be deposed“. It was said by the deputy chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Medvedev.

How do you comment on this addition by Dmitry Medvedev?

Our special military operation is very impressive, but it is special. It does not affect the lives of most of the population of our country. And this is the most important criterion in the assessment.

Of course, what was initially cannot be considered now. Since both circumstances and the situation have changed, we see a different situation in front of us. However, several critical fundamental points remain unchanged. And this means that they should not be realised because of some ambitions but simply because the national interests of Russia require it. First of all, we are talking about the security of our country.

The regime in Kiev is hostile towards Russia. Accordingly, we must secure our interests. Ukraine has long tried to maneuver between centres of power.

The whole point of what is happening in Ukraine is the establishment controlled by the West. They aim to form a military bridgehead that will neutralise Russia’smilitary and military-political potential.

Ukrainian attacks on Kremlin or purely civilian populations are not conducted without the knowledge of the West. Quite the opposite, they are instigated by the Western planners. That will not stop as long as they control Ukraine’s political and military establishment.

How can we solve this problem?

We are presented with two solutions.

The first of them is negotiations and achieving a certain status with the guarantee of the parties. The West rejects it for a straightforward reason: It does not experience threats and worries about what is happening. It all comes down to a simple formula for them: “Russians kill Russians, and this has nothing to do with us”. The second is the military. That is what is happening now. The current situation is not what the West aimed for, and there are signals of them changing their position regarding negotiations.

How does the West see a solution to the issue?

In their opinion, negotiations should be held that will lead to fixing the current situation. Freezing or even a temporary truce. That will undoubtedly mean the defeat of Russia. It is a question of the Ukrainian side getting a break and gaining strength for future attacks.

We are unlikely to do this. Everyone has understood what happened with the Minsk agreements…

This experience, of course, is in our favour. Moreover, the West has finally determined its position and announced that it is a question of establishing control over Ukraine by the NATO bloc in one form or another. It completely contradicts the interests of Russia and is unacceptable.

Many were interested in their content when our soldiers found books among trophies. And they were shocked at how crowded they were, all with hatred of Russia and the Russians. These are the same textbooks for which entire generations were brought up.

Therefore, we must understand that there is growing consciously and has been preparing for the past nine years — for a long time, and much earlier than — it is the mass of the population hostile to our country. You can fix it. But significant efforts will be required.

In those territories that will be Russian, this process will naturally be easier. About territories that are not under our control, it, as we understand it, will be difficult. But it seems that it must be done. And this is also a prerequisite for settlement.

What else do you think is important?

Today, Russia is a state that seeks development and prosperity. Ukraine is constantly moving towards decline, including technology. Everything created in Ukraine in Soviet times can be restored or supported only by Russia.

All this can be achieved under one condition — military resolution. All other plans offered to us will lead us to a strategic defeat. Not to mention that the abandonment of the territories that we liberated is a disaster, first of all, for the people who live there.

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Does it mean the regime change in Kiev?

It should not be just a different regime. There should be such a power that will not even think about confrontation. And this is achievable only as a result of our military victory.

These things, unfortunately, are not always explained and voiced. Here it must be understood that any plans to change the goals of the SVO, implying some kind of compromise, are a delayed conflict. In addition, this leads to an increase in tension within our society. In the West, they do not hide that they hope for this.

I am glad to see people with a clear vision and a complete understanding of the true intentions of the Anglophone Hegemon and its European Nazis and other vassal states. Western peace lovers, enforcers and keepers need not apply.

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