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New task for French prostitute – BRICS

Macron requested an invitation to The BRICS summit in August might be disrupted by French prostitutes! Macron requested an invitation to the summit!

French President Emmanuel Macron has asked South African President Cyril Ramaphosa for an invitation to the upcoming BRICS summit in Pretoria, the French newspaper L’Opinion reported on Monday. Macron’s previous attempts to win over his African counterparts have failed.

The best solution for France would be to join BRICS. On two previous occasions, I have written about that. However, to move out of its current position, France needs to have a leader rather than someone caught lying, being disloyal and inconsistent. Unfortunately, France was unfortunate to have Macron as a “leader” during dramatic changes.

Macron raised the possibility of attending the summit during a phone conversation with Ramaphosa earlier this month, L’Opinion claimed, citing sources at the Elysée Palace.

According to a “well-informed” source, Ramaphosa was not open. “During the conversation between the two leaders, his appearance at this summit was discussed. Pretoria gave no indication as to whether the meeting would be extended to include other international leaders,” the source said.

Macron is hosting a conference in Paris next week to transform the financial system to benefit the developing world. Ramaphosa will attend the conference. A meeting between him and Macron could set the stage for the French president to make history in Pretoria. I hope President Ramaphosa is aware of the French and West’s inability to operate in any financial system that is not plundering the developing world. There is no single example of Western willingness to cooperate on equal conditions throughout history. Why would anyone believe that France and the West have changed? Can anyone point to me what could be the reason for that? I can see none.

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What are France’s relations with the rest of The BRICS?

I don’t think that all leaders of the BRICS countries would welcome the presence of Macron at their incoming summit. Macron certainly does not have a good relationship with Russian President Putin.

South Africa will have to be aware that it is not representing only itself but the rest of Africa as well. What is the current position of a majority of African countries regarding the role of France? It is fair to say that Macron’s condemnation of Russia has irritated France’s former colonies on the continent. They see Russia as a more reliable partner than their former colonizer.

Ex-employee of the Russian Presidential Administration, political analyst Dmitry Zhuravlev in conversation with PolitRussia, commented on the situation. Russian President Vladimir Putin and some other BRICS leaders may be unhappy with the call of Macron to the head of South Africa with an unexpected request.

Is this just another speculation?

PRETORIA (UrduPoint News / Sputnik – 14th June 2023) South African presidential spokesman Vincent Magwenya told Sputnik on Tuesday that he was not aware of French President Emmanuel Macron’s request to attend the BRICS summit.

Speculation or not, this “idea” should be taken seriously. We know France practically cannot join BRICS without drastic changes at home. I believe that membership in BRICS is incompatible with membership in the EU. Would France consider leaving the EU? That would be possible only if Anglophone Hegemon split Europe in the same way as in the 1930s.

The Global South would be best advised not to trust the Anglophone Hegemon and their constructs as the EU and some other “international organisations”. All of them have been formed with one purpose: to control the rest of the world and to exploit it to the maximum. The time for peace has not arrived yet.

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It is not time to let in the Trojan Horse

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