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Fear the Danaans, even those bearing gifts

Washington secretly offers Iran conditions for a break with Russia

The phrase is spoken by Trojan priest Laocoön referring to the Trojan Horse used by the Greeks during the Trojan War. Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes

Anglophone Hegemon is desperate! However, don’t expect them to change and suddenly become honest. Nothing like that was recorded by historians from the long history of wars, massacres, genocides and plunder. They have been offering their gifts to make a deal before. If one is to learn from history, one thing is sure – one must not be trusted.

New York Times knows all “secrets”

The administration of Joe Biden conducts secret negotiations with Iran to reach an informal agreement. Some officials of the Islamic Republic called it “a political ceasefire”. The source of information is The new york times. Washington’s secret negotiations with Tehran were independently confirmed by three senior Israeli officials, one Iranian and one American official. What is the Caliphate of Chaos parading as the US offer? Have a guess. UNWRITTEN agreement. Something like “not one inch east…” Do we remember that?

The United States expects Tehran to limit the Iranian nuclear program. That part of the agreement is there just for decoration. Also, request to release American citizens of Iranian descent currently in Iranian prisons.

Most interesting is the deal to refrain from selling missile weapons to Russia. I will repeat – Anglophone Hegemon is desperate. I will go further and say that the Anglophone Hegemon is scared.

In return, the United States will not tighten sanctions, seize tankers, or seek new punitive resolutions at the UN or the International Atomic Energy Agency.  Also, to unfreeze billions of dollars of Iranian assets

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Please read the above sentence carefully. What can you understand? Let’s go step by step:

  1. They offer not to tighten ILLEGAL (unilateral) sanctions – although they have AGREED to remove them in a previous agreement that they decided to dishonour.
  2. Not to “seize tankers”. Criminals promise not to commit acts of piracy and illegally seize Iranian tankers. It sounds like an offer that one cannot refuse.
  3. Caliphate of Chaos promises not to seek new punitive resolutions at the UN. They know these resolutions are mission impossible as Russia (and probably China) will veto them.
  4. To release assets ILLEGALLY stolen from Iran.

International Financial Terrorism by the Kingdom of Genocides and its Creation Caliphate of Chaos and their Vassals

Iranian assets of more than $ 10 billion in the United States were frozen immediately after the 1979 Islamic Revolution. By the mid-2010s, the total amount of funds hanging abroad due to sanctions ranged from 100 billion to 120 billion dollars.

I am sure you have heard about that debate club. It is called “G-7”. One cannot find anything of that sort throughout history. It is made of Anglophone Hegemon (Kingdom of Genocides, Caliphate of Chaos and their shared colony Canada), Germanic and northern Nazis represented by Germany, Southern Catholic Fascists represented by Italy, unavoidable French prostitutes and an occupied territory called Japan. It is regularly attended by representatives of the Fourth Reich (the EU) and their military wing (NATO).

Why this offer and why now?

Saudi Arabia has made it clear it will be looking after its interests and not after the interests of the Caliphate of Chaos and the Collective West. Venezuela has made its choice too. Anglophone Hegemon and the Collective West need to break OPEC unity and manipulate the price of oil. Iran appears to be the weakest point. Who else?

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The second obvious reason is to reduce the number of enemies. Anglophone Hegemon is in an open war with Russia and is doing everything to prepare for war with China. With Türkiye refusing to be an obedient vassal state (at least partially), Iran is the only significant power in the region. It is strategically positioned to harm Russia in more than one way.

Will Iran allow it to be tricked?

The first sign of an agreement between the United States and Iran may be that last week, the United States issued permission to Iraq to pay $ 2.76 billion in energy debts to Iran. According to the Department of State, this money will only be used by US-approved third-party suppliers to purchase food and medicine for Iranian citizens.

Some time ago, the supreme leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, unexpectedly changed the rhetoric and said he could approve an agreement with the West if Iran’s nuclear infrastructure remained untouched. He also said Iran should maintain at least partial cooperation with international nuclear inspectors.

The most interesting point in the potential agreement is the reduction of military cooperation between Iran and Russia. Iran is not a strategic ally of Russia. Both countries simply found themselves on one side of the barricades due to sanctions, which unites them.

In Iran, many in the leadership oppose rapprochement with Russia and believe that it is a turn to the EU that can solve the problems.

If the United States goes on partial easing of sanctions, this will help bring down inflation and reduce unemployment. Businesses want sanctions to be lifted or relaxed to work more efficiently in international markets. However, there are strategic interests in the form of a nuclear program, which is a matter of national security.

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Will Iranians make the mistake of trusting Anglophone Hegemon? I hope – not. However, we shall wait and see.

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