Anglophone Hegemon – The Hunger Games

Anglophone Hegemon and their vassals are concerned about food prices. However, they are not concerned about possible hunger in some African countries as a consequence of the Kakhov Hydroelectric Dam damage

Anglophone Hegemon and their vassals are concerned about grain shortages! The United States and Europe fear grain shortages due to the disruption of logistics and flooding of fields and storage facilities in the lower Dnieper after the destruction of the Kakhovskaya hydroelectric dam. July contracts for wheat and corn on the Chicago Stock Exchange immediately increased. Cheap Ukrainian supplies held back world food prices. According to The wall street journal, you should not count on it.

The Kingdom of Genocides and other European colonial powers starved to death more people in Africa and the Indian subcontinent than the human losses in WWII caused by Germans. However, winners write history. Or at least control mass media with global reach. The Caliphate of Chaos made its contribution by starving to death hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children. They even publically claimed it “was worth it”. After their proxy, Ukrainian Nazis destroyed part of the Kakhov hydroelectric dam and caused environmental tragedy downstream, they first tried to blame Russia. Who else would you expect? Now, they are concerned about unplanned collateral damage. It might affect their inflation. However, they are not concerned about how this will affect the poorest countries on this planet.

Wheat futures added 3.8% to $ 6.48 per bushel. Corn added almost 2%. According to the head of the agency “UkrAgroConsult” Sergey Feofilov, quoted by Bloomberg, the long-term consequences of the disaster “can be very dramatic”. In addition, it is not yet clear how much grain will deteriorate in warehouses.

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French are worried about inflation!

Parliament deputy Alexis Jolly believes that the products will rise in price. Reducing the production and export of wheat from the south of Ukraine due to the Dnieper spill will accelerate inflation which is “unbearable for the French”. He is not asking how much farming has been disrupted in parts of Africa where the French military is active.

Environmental Terrorism sponsored by the Anglophone Hegemon and their vassals

Due to damage to infrastructure, farmers will face the problem of grain export from the region. The main route is through the Black Sea, but delivering wheat to ports is difficult now. Transport by road is expensive. There are not enough railway grain carriers.

The balance of surface and groundwater in coastal areas — may also change. That means a long term if not permanent damage.

In addition, the Kakhov irrigation system – the largest in Europe has suffered. More than 300 thousand hectares are at risk. This can only be rectified by repairing the dam. It is impossible to predict when, if ever, that might happen.

At the same time, the Organisation of the United Nations is proving to be just another tool in the hand of the Anglophone Hegemon and the rest of the “Collective West”. Despite Russia allowing for the “Grain Deal” to continue, not one part of the deal benefiting Russia (and the Global South) was not honoured until now.

There is only one way to prevent speculations with grain export from this area. It is for Russia to take complete control over the coast of the Black Sea, now controlled by such called Ukraine.

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