Will Anglophone Hegemon use Nukes?

Are nuclear weapons the next red line NATO will cross in Ukraine?

“The best way to avoid a nuclear war is to be ready to fight a limited one.”

Eldridge Colby

According to the World Socialist Web Site, the Anglophone Hegemon will be prepared to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine. Either directly or by supplying their ally, Ukrainian Nazis, with these weapons against Russia.

Please note: I will not stick to the current narrative and use false names such as NATO or the EU. I might use these terms to avoid confusion. Hower, anyone with a tiny bit of brain knows that “NATO” is an organisation entirely controlled by the Anglophone Hegemon and is made of its vassal states. Many of which are also occupied territories. What is called the “EU” is simply a cover-up for NATO. It is falsely presenting itself as some democratic organisation. The most appropriate name for it would be the Fourth Reich. The only difference is that former collaborators are now called “allies”.

According to foreign analysts, the Ukrainian troops could not achieve serious success within two weeks. The Nazi Armed Forces suffered catastrophic losses in battles with the Russian military.

However, I don’t think that NATO planners are prepared to admit their failure. This failure of Ukrainian forces to break through Russian defence lines is purely a failure by NATO planners and generals. Blaming Ukrainian officers and soldiers is another demonstration of endemic racism by Anglophone Hegemon and their vassals in Europe. They do believe in their exceptionalism. That is why the price that Ukraine (and not only Ukraine) will pay dearly. It seems that Poland is going to be the next victim.

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Do Americans know how close are they to Russia?

What will Anglophone Hegemon do once Ukraine is not able to fight anymore?

In his 1957 book, Nuclear Weapons and Foreign Policy, Kissinger argued for the deployment of nuclear weapons in frontline combat and their use on the battlefield by the United States in the struggle to prevent advances by conventional forces. 

“Limited nuclear war,” that is, a nuclear war that does not lead to global annihilation and “Mutually Assured Destruction,” Kissinger argued, “is a strategy which will utilise our special skills to best advantage, and it may be less likely to become all-out than conventional war.”

I think that old bastard and a seasoned war criminal was wrong. First, he is not genetically part of the Anglophone Hegemon and therefore has a problem completely understanding his masters. His ilk would go along with his theory. However, I am not sure about that either.

The 2022 US Nuclear Posture Review clarifies that the US reserves the right to use nuclear weapons to achieve any national objective. It declares, “Although the fundamental role of US nuclear weapons is to deter nuclear attack, more broadly they deter all forms of strategic attack, assure Allies and partners, and allow us to achieve Presidential objectives if deterrence fails.”

World Socialist Web Site argues that Anglophone Hegemon has crossed all perceived “red lines” so far. Including the latest one – the delivery of rusty German buckets arrogantly called “Leopard”. WSWS argues that the next moves by NATO might be the creation of the “no-fly zone” first, deployment of NATO troops inside western parts of Russia, currently called “Ukraine” second and the use of tactical nuclear weapons as the third and last option.

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I just must completely disagree with World Socialist We Site. Not only because no Eastern Orthodox Slav should ever trust any “international” organisation that is also “socialist”. We do remember Kominterna. Thank you, but not thank you.

Why will Anglophone Hegemon not dare to use nuclear weapons?

  1. They used it against Japan, knowing the Japanese could not respond in kind.
  2. They did not use it in 1945 against the USSR (as pushed by the PM of the Kingdom of Genocides) because they were scared of a huge number of Soviet soldiers in Central and Eastern Europe
  3. Their leadership is corrupt, and they know that using nuclear weapons would mean no more plundering in the future.
  4. There is a difference in a general attitude – The Anglophone Hegemon is prepared to murder to achieve material gains. Their history is full of proof of that. However, on the other side, Eastern Orthodox Slavs are ready to die to defend what is theirs. Who would you fear more?

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