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Destruction of Ukraine – 2014-2024 – Part 1

Ukraine is a country on the brink of destruction. It might not exist after 2024. Why did that happen?

Ukraine is conducting its long-promised spring counteroffensive. The essential word in the previous sentence is “promised”. Promised to who. And why? What is the real purpose of that offensive? Who is planning it?

The Ukrainian spring offensive is just over two weeks long today. All sources of (mis)information agree on one thing – it is not going well. One does not have to look at all those war maps available on the Internet. We can observe the start of the blame game between Ukrainian Nazis and their sponsors that regular readers of my scribbling know I call Anglophone Hegemon and their vassals. Nobody blames others when everything is going as planned.

Make no mistakes here, NATO and the EU are just military and political wings of the Fourth Reich with the capital in Washington. Everything else is a virtual picture created in Hollywood. Now, let’s wake up and smell the coffee (or is it the gunpowder)!

I probably have more military experience than most of the “experts” we can find on YouTube and some Western TV channels. When it comes to drawing arrows on electronic maps, I admire their skills. I mean their drawing skills. I must have missed that lesson during my military training. However, I will not try to “analyse” any battles here. That would contribute to the electronic pollution that the Internet is experiencing these days.

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Ukraine’s role as the “fifth column” was assigned to it in 1945

Before continuing, we must clarify: Ukraine never existed as an independent state until 1991. It was formed as a state within the USSR by communists. That is the eastern part of the country in 2014 borders. What is the meaning of “Ukraine”? In Russian, it means “at the end” – basically, it was an area at the end of the Russian empire and part of it. The western parts of Ukraine in 2014 borders were added after WWII ended by moving the borders of the USSR west and compensating Poland by moving their borders further west.

German Nazis and Italian Fascists indeed had collaborators in every European country. However, only collaborators from Croatia and Ukraine were involved in genocide against Jews, Russians, Gypsies and Serbs. Collaborators in other countries were mainly performing policing duties.

Anglophone Hegemon was never an honest ally of the USSR. That is not a surprise, considering ideological differences. However, one should expect them to be united in punishing German Nazis and Italian Fascists and their collaborators in crimes against humanity in Europe. Well, that was not the case. Thousands of war criminals from Germany, the USSR (Ukrainians) and Yugoslavia (Croats) were given shelter in countries of the Anglophone Hegemon. More than just that. Some of them became active in some government agencies. They were used against USSR as the “fifth column”.

A September 1945 report by the US Office of Strategic Services said that Bandera had “earned a fierce reputation for conducting a ‘reign of terror’ during World War II”.[64]: 27  Bandera was protected by the US-backed Gehlen Organization but he also received help from underground organizations of former Nazis who helped Bandera to cross borders between Allied occupation zones.[9]: 322  One faction of Bandera’s organization, associated with Mykola Lebed, became more closely associated with the CIA.[65]: 236 


Gift from Khrushchev

On 19 February 1954, the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Union issued a decree transferring the Crimean Oblast from the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic to the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic.

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That was the final step in forming Ukraine in pre-coup 2014 borders. Ukraine became a Soviet state that was bigger in size than any country in Europe. However, Ukrainian nationalists continue presenting themselves as victims.

Although some Eastern European countries can argue that falling under Soviet control was detrimental to their development, most of them and all of the USSR would be unable to justify that claim. That could be true for Czechoslovakia and Hungary. All other parts of the USSR and the Eastern European block benefited from being under Soviet control. Just compare the levels of education in these countries in 1945 against the levels in 1991. However, I will not battle that part of Anglophone Hegemon propaganda on this occasion.

During post-WWII rebuilding, Ukraine became the industrial and scientific powerhouse of the USSR. That happened only because of heavy investment in Ukraine by the central government in Moscow. Many Ukrainian nationalists conveniently forgot that much of that investment was relocating factories from Rusian to Ukraine. In short, in 1991, after the dissolution of the USSR, Ukraine was one of the most industrialised parts of Europe. Ukrainian perspective looked bright and optimistic in many ways. But… There is, unfortunately, a big “but” there.

Everything that happened in Eastern Europe after 1991 was planned for only two purposes.

  1. To enable unprecedented plundering of that part of Europe to benefit the Anglophone Hegemon and some of its vassals.
  2. To enable unprecedented plundering of the former USSR states with the ultimate goal of Balkanisation and destruction of Russia as an economic, political and military power.

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