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Destruction of anti-Russia – 2014-2024 – Part 2

Ukraine is a country on the brink of destruction. It might not exist after 2024. Why did that happen? It died between 2014 and 2022 during the process of becoming anti-Russia

Ukraine might get into history books as the country with the shortest history among European states ever. It was not the first to be established with the help of the Anglophone Hegemone and their vassal states of the Fourth Reich. However, it seems to be heading towards the moment of vanishing. Who is to blame? Before I continue, here is the link to Part 1.

Ukrainian (Nazi) diaspora sold the country once again!

The 1990s were terrible years for Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. Destruction of the most significant achievements of the socialist era was declared the “liberal democracy”. The main targets were free education, social care and free health care. Such “transition” was a cover for deliberately destroying social justice and community values. The Kingdom of Genocides knew how to do that. They have expertise in that “business” stretching over two centuries (at least).

Plundering and open robbery of the country’s industrial base was declared to be another transition. This time to “market economy”. The Caliphate of Chaos has extensive and, above all, EXCEPTIONAL expertise in that sort of “business”.

The tragedy of the Ukrainian nation is the fact that their Nazi diaspora was the main enabler of political changes in the country. Slimy remnants of Nazi “refugees” and their descendants crawled from under their rocks in all of the “five eyes” and rushed to recreate their Nazi dreams. The tragedy of the Ukrainian people is their inability to understand that traitors once are always traitors.

The bright potential of a country with a strong industrial and agricultural base, solid education system and abundant well-qualified workforce was given no chance. It is essential to say that Ukraine was not alone in going through that experience. However, it was different in one thing. It was one of two states built on hatred towards their closest relatives. In the Ukrainian case, these are Russians. That applies even to some of their “pro-Russian” governments.

The death of a country and a nation

The “revolution” happened in February 2014 when Ukraine died as a country. However, a much bigger tragedy occurred parallel with that – Ukraine as a nation died too. History recorded many deaths of a country (as an establishment) but not many deaths of a nation. In February 2014, a monstrous experiment of turning humans into zombies started. The Kingdom of Genocides and the Caliphate of Chaos sent their missionaries to Ukraine.

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The process of turning Ukraine into anti-Russia and Ukrainians into anti-Russians started. Do not blame just external factors and corrupt regimes. There was no resistance from Ukrainians. That makes them guilty. Nothing will make me change that conclusion. I suppose that some “nations” are not capable of doing better. Why? Is it because they have never been real “nations” in the first place? Is it because they are a corrupt mass of those who, at some point, left their true nationality and religion to become something else?

Eight years of bombing innocent civilians in Dombas could not stay unpunished. No matter how Shorty from Kremlin tried to avoid it. My dear Vladimir Vladimirovich, there are no worse haters and enemies than our brothers who chose to betray us, their mother and the past. These are NOT our brothers and will never again be. They betrayed EVERYTHING – their original language, their original church…

Special Military Operation – Denazification and demilitarisation of anti-Russia

I don’t know why it took two decades for Moscow to understand the message that Slobodan Milosevic sent them before Anglophone Hegemon murdered him. Will any historian ask that question once anti-Russia is defeated and the thunder of artillery stops? Who made that mistake and why? Are the spirits of Lenin, Marx, Engels, and Cetkin still influential inside the Kremlin castle? We might know one day. I doubt it, though. Will see.

Vladimir Vladimirovich likes using old folk’s sayings in his speeches. I have one for him: “Ko s djavolom tikve sadi, o glavu mu se obijaju”. Google Translate proved to me that stories about Artificial Intelligence are as good as those about the superiority of Western weapons – all lies, marketing and propaganda. In my broken English, it would be: Who plants pumpkins together with the devil will have these pumpkins smashing his head”. You guessed it well. The stupidity of such called Minsk agreements stinks. Who trusted those who never honour anything they promised and signed? Even Vucic (Serbia) knows that.

So, the SMO started in February 2022. Eight years late. Who knows if that is a good thing? Anyway, it finally happened. And it almost turned into a total disaster. Oh, we cannot be too tough on our brothers! That is the best way to let them be tough on us. Every brilliant person has weak points, and I will try to be less tough on him. I am not criticising him out of hatred but quite the opposite – I want him to be even better than he obviously is. In short – haters, f*** off.


We thank our enemies for being arrogant and EXCEPTIONAL – Their experiment of turning Ukraine into anti-Russia is about to be terminated

We can already say that the demilitarisation of anti-Russia (if the definition of it is destroying their arms) is finished. They are still in possession of lots of armaments. However, it is because they have become an instrument in the demilitarisation of the Fourth Reich. Will someone let them know, please? Maybe not…

Let me be brutal here. I doubt that denazification will be achieved entirely, though. There are too many of them. And we are too soft. Those reading this – can take this however they like.

I am having a blast watching some four-star generals from the Caliphate of Chaos and Kingdom of Genocides predicting the victory of anti-Rossia and the “liberation” of their “gift” Crimea! These are generals who have lost every war since 1945. There are no transgender people among them yet. They are coming!

Two pillars of education of the collective West (The History Channel on Foxtel and Hollywood Studios) still need to present their view on this part of history. Don’t worry, though. They are always a bit late. However, expect many folks speaking broken English to hit your screen soon.

Several Western publications issued materials recognising the superiority of Russia over the Western equipment of the Armed Forces of anti-Russia armed to the teeth. So, Wall Street Journal reports that the Russian military is destroying NATO’s weapons thanks to air superiority. Make no mistake here. They are not sending compliments to the Russian army. As usual, they are trying to sell more arms for their masters from the MIC (Military Industrial Complex). They already sold rubbish called “Patriot” and hundreds of rusty German buckets called “Leopard”. Did you guess it? It is time to sell some F-16s. Fire Sale Folks! Buy one and get one free (not).

Throwing anti-Russians under the bus. Anglophone Hegemon’s standard scenario

Selling arms is the primary business in the Caliphate of Chaos and Kingdom of Genocides. It is important to notice that their arms production is one of the last segments of the real economy there. The rest of the “economy” is made of Foxtel, Netflix, Hollywood studios and fog traders on Wall St. who believe that manufacturer of smartphones has “value” that is multiple times bigger than the economies of entire countries. When it comes to hallucinations, these guys have the best dealers. That applies to the rest of both “nations” who are the world’s biggest consumers of all sorts of chemicals with one purpose only – to maintain that famous “American dream”. Don’t let them wake up at any cost!


Great Hollywood planners… Is it Hollywood or Pentagon? Pentagon, I guess. Anyway, enablers of the creation of anti-Rossuia started to experience problems lately. No, It is not thousands of anti-Russians who are dying daily in some of several meat grinders in Donbas and Zaporizhzhia. They are disposable. After all, many Poles are willing to become anti-Russians as soon as possible. That is not a problem. The problem is in marketing. How to explain to potential buyers of a scrap metal called “superior western arms” all those western arms turned into piles of burned scrap metal?

Let’s clarify something first. NATO generals plan all military (and terrorist) operations in eastern and southern anti-Russia. NATO instructors have performed training of the elite units of the anti-Russian military. All “in real time” intelligence is by NATO. All arms given to these elite units are Western. Oh, all war games are supported by that famous “artificial intelligence”. And it all collapsed! What is the problem? How can that be explained?

Who is to blame for the collapse of anti_Russia

To my surprise, the Western propaganda machine did not blame it on climate change. Not yet!

  1. Anti-Russian soldiers were not well trained. Hang on a moment! Who trained them? The correction was prompt – a) anti-Russian soldiers had to be “untrained from old Soviet ways of doing things”, and, as we all know, it is hard to kill old habits; b) anti-Russians just could not get it. One can use many words to describe it, but the most common one is “stupid”. Mind you, the same problem was observed in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq… I am sure you got it
  2. Officers of the ant-Russian military did not follow instructions of their handlers from the Fourth Reich

I can go on more, but what is the point? Anti-Russia is on the way to being terminated. That will be the best option for everyone involved. That would be the best option for the entire planet. The Sun will shine over Global South after terrible suffering at the hands of the Anglophone Hegemon and their vassals in the Fourth Reich.

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