Dodik – No to Anglophone Hegemon in Bosnia

Dodik: America is trying to transform the political system established by Dayton

Dodik Milorad is the ELECTED president of Republika Srpska. Republika Srpska is the officially recognised entity of Bosnia & Hercegovina via Dayton Agreement – an internationally verified and recognised document.

The entire history of the Anglophone Hegemon is littered with agreements it signed and then betrayed and its “divide and conquer” approach in diplomacy. Diplomacy which is not diplomacy. Dayton Agreement is another of these agreements that they are trying to ignore. Anglophone Hegemon is continuously pressuring for unilateral change of the agreement. It is part of efforts to deepen disagreement between three major ethnic groups in Bosnia & Hercegovina.

“Republika Srpska is committed to the Dayton Agreement.” said the President of the Republika Srpska Malorad Dodik, in reply to the speech of the American ambassador to BiH Michael J. Murphy before the Bosnian-American Academy of Sciences and Arts. According to Dodik, the speech showed arrogant disrespect for the sovereignty and self-government of BiH and the inviolability Dayton Agreement.

In his speech, Marfi says that the United States sees Dayton as the foundation to upgrade rather than, as some in Republika Srpska think, beyond change. This is a recognition that the US is trying to transform the political system established by the Dayton Accords. Dayton is not treated as a binding agreement but as a temporary measure. That is simply not true. The agreement can be changed BUT with acceptance of all three sides (Bosnian Croats, Bosnian Serbs and Bosnian Muslims that proclaimed themselves to be “Bosnjaks). Republika Srpska will not accept changes that are against the entity’s interests.

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Republika Srpska treats the constitutional order established by the Dayton Agreement as what is proved right. It is a proven instrument of peacekeeping, stability and democratic authority in a country with three divided ethnic groups.

Dayton Agreement is fundamental for maintaining peace in Bosnia & Hercegovina

BiH’s (Bosnia & Hercegovina) progress is not jeopardized by the Dayton constitutional system but by reckless attempts to undermine it.

Contrary to Marfia’s claim, the democratic constitutional system created by the Dayton Agreement is a huge success. All citizens of BiH enjoy all civil liberties. Since the signing of the Dayton Agreement to date, there has been no significant interethnic violence in BiH. Although politics in BiH is characterised by divisive rhetoric, as in the most open democracies, differences are resolved peacefully and by the law. BiH renewed and recovered from the war, joined the Council of Europe, and became an official candidate for EU membership at the end of last year. GDP per capita in BiH more than quadrupled between 2000 and 2018 and continues to grow, except during the worst months of the Kovida pandemic.

Dodik Milorad – President of Republika Srpska

Intervention is never the first measure, but honestly, the international community is often too patient and tolerant of oppressive political leaders who intend to pursue narrow political interests at the expense of the people of BiH

Michael J. Murphy – US Ambassador to BiH

Calling leader(s) in BiH “obstreperous” (noisy and difficult to control) is astonishing due to the lack of respect for the democratic processes of other countries. The US policy is to intervene and overthrow every foreign leader it considers difficult to control.

Milorad Dodik – President of Republika Srpska

Dodik and other leaders in BiH are democratically elected

All leaders in BiH on all levels and in both entities have been democratically elected for the past twenty-seven years. Neither Murphy nor any other foreigner has the right to decide who should and should not occupy leadership positions. Insisting on that “right” is a sign of arrogance by imperialistic belief in the exceptionalism of Anglophone Hegemon. I suggest that Murphy study the history of Bosnia and Hercegovina. That would indicate to him how stupid his views of his exceptionalism are.

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Such arrogant insults are, to say the least, highly indecent to a diplomat, but, unfortunately, such offensive arrogance marked Murphy’s entire mandate.

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