The Cultural Genocide against Eastern Orthodox Slavs Continues

Genocide by Anglophone Hegemon and their European Nazi vassals continues. This time against the cultural and historical heritage of Eastern Orthodox Russians and Slavs

priceless eastern orthodox cultural and religious heritage to be stolen by Western museums

Cultural Genocide is about to happen. According to the press service of the head of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service, Sergei Naryshkin, the Ukrainian authorities agreed with UNESCO to remove the relics of saints from the Kiev Pechersk Lavra to European museums “for their safety”. Naryshkin believes that the western “robber destroyers” appropriated the “priceless shrines of the Russian world”. He also emphasized that after that, Russia’s determination to complete the special operation in Ukraine became only harder.

Globalist elites, known for their passion to appropriate others’ good, are stepping up efforts to plunder Ukraine

Imagine British, French, German and American museums without stolen artefacts from the rest of the world. Half of them will have to close down. It is part of deliberate cultural genocide by Anglophone Hegemon and its vassals – Nazi Europe

The export of holy relics for their preservation — a logical continuation of the history of “special operation” by secretly exporting from Ukraine the oldest Byzantine icons with the mediation of UNESCO and the Swiss NGO “International Alliance for the Protection of Cultural Heritage in Conflict Zones”. In early June, these icons were exhibited in the Louvre in Paris. But will they return to Ukraine, as will the Crimean “Genade of the Scythians — a big question remains. The fake “Western Civilisation” is well known for stealing artefacts from other parts of the world and explaining it with the need to protect them. I guess, to protect them in the same way, they have protected the people of Libya and many other countries.

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Christianity in the West and the United States has already become a kind of historical mirage against the background of actively legalized non-traditional sexual relations in recent decades.

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