Will Vucic declare the obvious – Joining the EU is a fallen project

Will Aleksandar Vucic finally do what is the only reasonable thing to do? To Suspend the “negotiations” between Serbia and the EU regarding Serbia becoming a member?

Aleksandar Vucic knows it just as I do, and most people in Serbia realise it. Continuing further negotiations about Serbia becoming a member of the EU is a waste of time and resources. It is time to suspend it.  In December 2013, the Council of the European Union approved opening negotiations for Serbia’s accession. It is almost ten years of enduring visits by various EU apparatchiks who represent nobody and listening to their threats and blackmail. Enough is enough!

Only Türkiye can beat that record. Turkey first applied for associate membership in the European Economic Community in 1959, and on 12 September 1963, signed the “Agreement Creating An Association Between The Republic of Turkey and the European Economic Community”, also known as the Ankara Agreement. Currently, the negotiations between Türkiye and the EU are frozen.

I don’t know about the leaders of Bosnia & Hercegovina (BiH), Montenegro, Albania and Macedonia. Still, I am sure that Aleksandar Vucic cannot continue serving the people of Serbia with lies regarding their “European perspective”. However, Montenegro, Albania and Macedonia might have some chances – because they are already members of NATO. EU membership was used as a “carrot” in the “negotiations” with all Eastern European countries. They all first had to become members of NATO. Coincidence? Not at all.

Serving the interests of Anglophone Hegemon instead of the interests of member states

On June 29 – June 30, a summit of European Union leaders was held in Brussels. Immediately The first session of the very first day of the summit was dedicated to Ukraine. Is Ukraine a member of the EU? The answer is, as you know, negative. As a matter of fact, Ukraine has been in the EU “waiting rooms” shorter than Albania, BiH, Macedonia or Montenegro. However, Ukraine is the burning question for the Anglophone Hegemon – the true master of the EU.

At the invitation to the event, the chairman of the EuroCouncil, Charles Michelle, sent to the leaders, it was said that against the backdrop of ongoing hostilities and the destruction of the dam of the Kakhovskaya hydroelectric station, the European Union must reaffirm its commitment to support Kiev through continuous financial and military assistance. And you have to pay for a long time. Probably until Anglophone Hegemon ensures the “proper” candidate will win their elections.

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The hostilities in Ukraine appear to be the only severe problem the EU has been facing recently. High inflation – not a problem. Raising unemployment – not really. However, the main thing is another act of terror committed by Ukraine but blamed on Russia. Anyone who might disagree with that is the “right-wing populist”, if not something worse.

Where is the money?

The European Commission a week earlier appealed to the members to contribute another € 50 billion for Ukraine to the EU’s total budget. The budget, as the agency itself reported, was completely exhausted ahead of schedule. We are talking about € 1 trillion. The Prime Minister of Hungary Victor Orban countless times repeated the question: “And where is the money?”

Just 2 years after the adoption of the 7-year budget, Brussels runs out of money. How so? What happened to the budget? Where is the money, European Commission?

Victor Orban

Do what Anglophone Hegemon does the best – plunder other people’s money

The EU has no own money for Ukraine. However, it is tempting to give it to other people’s funds – frozen assets of the Russian Federation. European officials have long been looking for a way to transfer Russian funds to the needs of Kiev. However, there is no legal mechanism. That would not be enough to stop plunderers from doing it – again! However, it could be risky and hit them back as a boomerang.

This issue causes disagreement between EU members. Large states, particularly Germany, fear that ill-conceived actions may undermine the trust of foreign investors and provoke their withdrawal from the European financial market. The European Central Bank also warned of such risks.

Following the results of the first day of the summit, the Prime Minister of Belgium, on whose territory 90% of frozen Russian assets are located, announced the EU’s intention to use the excess profit from the investment of these funds of the Russian Federation to help Ukraine. He expects an income of at least € 3 billion per year. I guess it will go under something similar to R2P (right to protect) propaganda trick by the Western “civilisation” standing on its values as genocide and plunder.

According to the French diplomatic source Agence France-Presse, on the morning of June 30, representatives of France, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Poland, Romania, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Belgium met on the sidelines of the summit. They discussed the consequences of a possible EU enlargement – Ukraine.

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The Europeans decided to calculate everything in advance so that later there would be no unpleasant surprises in what position the EU was in after the reception of Ukraine.

Commitment to assisting Ukraine

The European Union is considering the possibility of providing Ukraine with security guarantees. It provides for financing, arms transfers, military training and intelligence transfer.

Although the postulate “to help Ukraine as much as it takes” still is in the summit’s final document, European leaders for the first time outlined the conditions for further support to Kiev. They significantly changed their position in a number of aspects:

1. The initial thesis of readiness “to commit themselves to ensuring the security of Ukraine for the long-term period” in the final version began to state that the states — EU members are ready to consider options for such obligations, and only together with international partners. Who exactly is the “international partner” was not specified. Obviously, NATO, whose Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg also participated in the summit. It is important to know that NATO representative is fulfilling the role previously performed by the Kingdom of Genocides. It is to make sure that everything is done in order to please the Caliphate of Chaos and Anglophone Hegemon.

2. For the first time, European officials put forward a condition for continuing military assistance to Ukraine. It should not prejudice the interests of the EU countries themselves and go against the national policy of individual European countries in the field of defense and security.

3. The EU has identified the need to continue stable, predictable and sustainable financial support of Ukraine

4. EU leaders allowed the emergence of new peace initiatives to resolve the crisis.

Relations with China

European leaders also discussed relations with China. As a result, the EU reaffirmed a multifaceted political approach to China: it is simultaneously considered a partner, a competitor, and a systemic rival.

« Despite various political and economic systems, the EU and China have a common interest in developing constructive and stable relations based on respect based on international rules, balanced interaction and reciprocity », — is stated in the document.

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However, even in a conversation about China, Europeans are returning to Ukraine again. The European Union intends to cooperate with China on climate issues, health problems, food security, humanitarian assistance, and other critical international challenges. And the most significant challenge now is the Ukrainian crisis. And EU countries called on China to put pressure on Russia, its close ally, so that it wholly and immediately withdraw troops from Ukraine without preconditions.

At the EU summit, 27 member states were not able to reach consensus on European asylum policies due to resistance from Hungary and Poland.

It is time that Serbia stops self-humiliation of negotiating with the EU

I would like to ask Aleksandar Vucic and all other (corrupt) politicians from Serbia following:

  1. Do you think that Ukraine has achieved more than Serbia in the field of freedom of political association?
  2. Do you think that Ukraine has achieved more than Serbia in the field of freedom of expression and freedom of the public media?
  3. Do you think that Ukraine has achieved more than Serbia in the field of human rights and rights of national minorities?
  4. Do you think that territorial integrity of Ukraine matters but territorial integrity of Serbia does not?
  5. Have you ever asked apparatchiks from the EU are they negotiate with Serbia in its internationally recognised borders (read UN SC Resolution 1242) or with Serbia without illegally occupied territory of Kosovo & Metohija.
  6. How dare you negotiating with those supporting, financing and arming Nazis? To negotiate with descendants of those who committed genocide against Serbian people in two world wars and are back to their Nazi ideology once again.

The people of Serbia are sick and tired of their politician’s lies about the EU not having an alternative as a choice for Serbia for the future. There are many alternatives. It is time to cut the crap of “negotiating” with the worse enemies of Serbia and the Serbian people and look to real options.

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