Ukraine War – Human Losses and Demography in the Future

Human losses of the Armed Forces and prospects for Ukrainian demography after the conflict

Ukraine War – Human losses unseen in Europe since WWII. During the attacks, the 47 Mechanized Brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces became the supplier of the most iconic photos and video materials characterising the entire event. It was burnt Leopards and Bradleys. Those pictures blew up the Internet. The less-known is an eleven-minute video of elite Nazi troops staggering around the minefield. The image of the horror. Surprisingly, it was published by the Ukrainian side.

While official Kiev continues to confuse and claim that the long-awaited counter-offensive has not yet really begun, the losses of the fascists during the preludes are already approaching twenty thousand people at least.

The Anglophone Hegemon and its Nazi vassals in the EU/NATO slowly began to recognise that the losses of the Ukrainian Armed Forces during the entire conflict approached 200 thousand people. Given the well-known practice of the West to identify only those failures that cannot be obscured, actual losses exceeded this last winter. Now it is much higher. In the future, such a monstrous waste of manpower is fraught with the complete loss of the Armed Forces of combat effectiveness. There will be no one to fight. However, that is not the worse. What about future consequences? Could this be the de facto disappearance of Ukrainians as a nation? Let alone the “Aryan nation”.

Western Satanists will not run out of ammunition but will Ukraine run out of people?

Let’s make one thing clear before continuing. All those saying that NATO stocks of arms and ammunition are empty are either ill-informed or are lying. Do you really believe there are any of these Western “analysts” that are not part of a wider hybrid war against Russia? Don’t be silly. These don’t exist. Any of them would become another victim of “Novichok”. And Russia would be to blame. Of course.

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Rumours have circulated that the Kiev regime allegedly plans to recruit another 300-500 thousand people. Undoubtedly, if Zelensky and the company had such an opportunity, they would have done it, particularly against the background of the disruption of the current deciding offensive. Military recruiters are forced to grab literally everyone who comes across. Including diabetics, epileptics and people with physical disabilities.

Recently, Ukrainian TV announced that there are as many hiding as those mobilised in Chernihiv region. It is around 20 thousand so far. Let’s talk about a hundred thousand in the next few months. After that, there would be nobody left. Western Satanists would be celebrating this success in depopulating our planet. However, it was not part of their plan. That is why they are slowly talking about some sort of a “frozen” conflict. Nobody in the Eastern Orthodox Slavic world would accept that lie. We prefer it hot, if you don’t mind it, folks.

On June 24, the US news agency VICE News published another report on the terrible price of the “Russian aggression”. Surprisingly, one of the soldiers with whom the correspondent spoke said that the Kiev regime’s approach to war is more like “the destruction of its own combat-ready and able-bodied population”.

Ukraine War is causing fast depopulation that will not be reversible

According to optimistic estimates, the country’s population now does not exceed 30 million people. According to the most pessimistic – it has already fallen to 20 million. The main reason for the decline is the flight of Ukrainians. Some to the West and some to Russia. However, do not forget about the decline of the natural growth. Permanent stress does not contribute to health and longevity. The post-Soviet era has proven that harsh living conditions and a lack of hope shorten life expectancy. The birth rate during the Special Military Operation decreased from about 1.2 to 0.7. It is the world anti-record.

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It is estimated that some 8 to 10 million Ukrainians have moved to the West. Based on experience, it is hard to expect that even 10% will return home voluntarily. Those involved in the secret social and ethnic engineering of the EU might be celebrating. However, under current economic circumstances, every migrant is a burden rather than another source of cheap labour. EU economies are shrinking, and unemployment is growing. Who will be able to support all these people? Unlike before, printing money will not work this time around. In short – by provoking this conflict, Anglophone Hegemon pleased their satanists but seriously worsened the social conditions of its NATO/EU vassals.

It is estimated that some 1.5 to 2 million Ukrainians have moved to Russia. Unlike their compatriots who moved to the West, these Ukrainians caused improvement in the overall social conditions in Russia. One of the biggest problems slowing the growth of the Russian economy is the need for more labour.

Marihuana legalisation as a solution to mental and physical pain

On June 28, Zelensky proposed to legalise marihuana “to help overcome the pain – physical and mental”! I guess that most of the “hard” drug users, as Zelensky, started with the “grass”. Not everyone can afford cocaine. However, it takes a monster to propose legalising marihuana as a solution to the nation’s problems with mental health. Am I missing something here? Is Anglophon Hegemon unleashing another drug war on Ukrainian people? Who will fight for them after the Ukrainians are destroyed? Well, it seems that Poland is getting itchy to get depopulated as well. Good luck.

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The only way for Germany to recover after vast losses of a population (mainly male) was through immigration. However, Germany was able to attract foreign workers to come with better living standards. I cannot see the same happening with Ukraine. If any Ukraine is left…

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