Bullshit by SirMichael T. Cianci – “Containing The Russian World”

SirMichael T. Cianci – third-grade propaganda pamphlet “Containing The Russian World” – Loads of bullshit from “a graduate student of Johns Hopkins SAIS”

Let’s discuss this third-grade propaganda pamphlet titled “Containing The Russian World” by a louse named SirMichael T. Cianci! Let’s clarify something before continuing – Not much better is expected from anything that comes out of lice called Johns Hopkins SAIS but bullshit paid for by masters of the Anglophone Hegemon.

Let’s observe how dis louse is twisting the truth in his pamphlet.

In February of 2022, Russkiy mir, the ‘Russian world’, came knocking on the gates of Kyiv. In fact, it had come knocking before in 2014, as it had for Georgia in 2008 and Chechnya prior.

The truth is:

  1. Before the “Russian world” came knocking on the gates of Kiev, the Nazi regime of Ukraine murdered thousands of supposedly their own citizens in parts of Eastern Ukraine. The same regime refused to implement Minsk 2 Agreements guaranteed by fellow Nazis (closeted) from Germany and France. It is interesting that the same two countries recently presented another “peace plan” for Kosovo & Metohija province of Serbia.
  2. Kiev was visited by a different “world” in 2014. It was the Anglophone World that spent $5 billion (by their admitting) to undermine the democratically elected government of Ukraine. SirMichael T. Cianci is possibly paid from the same funding to serve his chicken-shit to the public. However, times when people with fake titles and diplomas could claim the right to lecture others are gone. World just does not need any more of that sort of bullshit.
  3. The EU report on the 2008 war in Georgia – accuses Georgia of starting the hostilities. Make no mistakes, a louse named SirMichael T. Cianci knows that. However, like all graduates from fake universities of the Anglophone Hegemon, he will write anything for money.
  4. Chechnya is part of Russia since 1859. That is history. Everything else is blabbing

In Anglophone World – “integration” is another word for “conquering”

U.S. policy must recognize that the dream of integration with the West, that Russia could become a responsible member of the international community, is over

  1. Native people of North America, Australia and Latin America were “integrated” with the West! We all know how! However, we are not allowed to use the world. You know the one – “genocide”
  2. Russia refused to be “responsible” and join in aggression against Iraq, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia and Serbia, Libya etc. Russia refused to accept as responsible murdering half a million Iraqi children through sanctions, but according to those exceptional ones in the Anglophone Hegemon, it was responsible and “worth it”. Maybe Russia is, after all, a different civilisation from the Western one. It is evident.
  3. George Robertson, a former Labour defence secretary who led Nato between 1999 and 2003, said Putin made it clear at their first meeting that he wanted Russia to be part of Western Europe. “They wanted to be part of that secure, stable, prosperous west that Russia was out of at the time,” he said. I am grateful to Anglophone Hegemon for rejecting the Russian request to join the “international community” made up of 30-40 countries. Russia is part of the “jungle” of over 150 other countries. We, Slavic Eastern Orthodox people, are not much into “gardening”
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Russophobia goes a long way before Putin

Like his civilizational predecessors, budding Russian imperialists in the era of Tsars and Soviets, Putin has run the country towards total collapse. Imperial grandeur brought Russia to Ukraine, seeking to extend the line of Russian national identity—and it has quite literally destroyed the country. Outside of the defeat of the Russian Armed Forces abroad, the state apparatus has been shattered by dissension at the highest ranks. A fractured elite only invites conflict within the country.

  1. Russia is not bad because of Putin only! Actually, it is impossible to pick any part of Russian history when it was not aggressive and imperialistic except the great times of the 1990s when a drunken “father of democratic Russia” allowed Western lice to plunder the country and suck the blood of the Russian people.
  2. The claim of the defeat of the Russian Armed Forces is an act of desperation. Western lice should know one thing, though – not one child murdered by their cluster ammunition will be forgotten, and their crimes will not be forgiven. There will be painful consequences. As you would expect from not-so-civilised Eastern Orthodox Slavs.
  3. “A FRACTURED ELITE…” How can we read that? Pay attention to the use of the word “fractured”. Those Western lice selling the rest of the world “democracy” and “freedom of expression” and all other freedoms are scared of an elite that is not unison in everything. Being different is a crime. However, one of the best things that happened to Russia is the fact that a lot of their “elite” moved to the “Holly Land” to call it their new home.
  4. “Conflict within the country”!? Is that bullshit artist talking about France in his pamphlet about Russia? Or maybe the CAMPUS COORDINATOR for PETE FOR AMERICA prefer to stop sleeping with Pete and try it with Emanuel. Hey man, it is not a particularly original method of becoming “somebody” or a “graduate student”. The question might be – with whom Emanuel was sleeping before becoming what he is now?
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The Fourth Reich is the way to contain Russia!

With these socioeconomic connections, the central tenet of this containment must be military-oriented. In fact, the framework of this containment lies within the NATO alliance. Recently, three sweeping changes to the European security architecture have fundamentally strengthened the hand of containment. On NATO’s eastern flank, the proactive quartet of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland have been elevated, leading the rest of the alliance as the Eastern Flank heats up. To the north, the accession of Finland, and soon Sweden, will transform the Baltic Sea into a ‘NATO lake’—effectively defanging Russia’s Black Sea fleet. Finally, in Germany, the Zietenwende is poised to turn to make the country a real military power on the continent—unseen since World War II.

  1. “the central tenet of this containment must be military-oriented”, – indicating who might be generous donors to Johns Hopkins SAIS. Do these pamphlets publishers coming from Woke World and Cancel Culture genuinely believe in their all-inclusive transgender soldiers being able to actually win any wars? I cannot wait for the population of Poland to get to know freaks that suppose to protect them. Will someone tell prostitutes in Zakopane not to expect too much from these customers?
  2. It is geography, stupid! “transform the Baltic Sea into a ‘NATO lake’—effectively defanging Russia’s Black Sea fleet” – Russian navy has the Baltic Fleet and Black Sea Fleet. Just for graduates of all fake universities and colleges – the Russian Black Sea fleet does not operate in the Baltic Sea.
  3. The Kingdom of Genocides and the Caliphate of Chaos, together with the other three members of the Anglophone Hegemon, absorbed and sheltered tens of thousands of Nazis from Europe in the post-World War II era. Should we be surprised by that? No. Any “civilisation” that could celebrate Churchill is prepared for anything. They know that without USSR they could not win against Germany. Now, they want Germany’s “Zietenwende“. Welcome to the birth of the Fourth Reich (EU/NATO)!

Wait! There is more! Japanese Imperialists will join too! Is history back to September 27, 1940?

“A growing Asian angle—one that ties the West’s closest partners, South Korea and Japan, to the security architecture on the other side of the vast continent. Alongside this, Japan, too, is undergoing a Zeitenwende

  1. With pomp and circumstance, Hitler, Imperial Japan’s Ambassador to Germany, Saburō Kurusu (later a central figure in diplomatic talks between Japan and the United States before Pearl Harbor), and Count Galeazzo Ciano, Mussolini’s son-in-law, gathered in Berlin. On September 27, 1940, they signed the Tripartite Pact. We all know how that story finished. However, it seems that Germans and Japanese learned nothing from their histories. Poor students deserve punishment. It will come.
  2. Neither Japan nor South Korea are independent states. The same applies to Germany and Italy. They are all occupied territories. And vassals to Anglophone Hegemon. However, the nations that can swallow the tragedies of Dresden, Hiroshima and Nagasaki maybe don’t deserve better. What do you think?
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Western poker players vs Russian, Chinese and Iranian chess players. Let the games start!

The many different pieces across the Eurasian table, foster a robust strategy of containing Russia. The great Eurasian puzzle is now a chessboard, with pieces from far-flung ends of the continent cutting off the Russian world’s ability to expand further

  1. It is a pleasure to see that fake scholars who cannot differentiate between the Baltic and Black Seas decided to replace poker with Russian roulette! I mean, they want to play it against the Russians! Right? Another good news here!
  2. Russia is contained only by the “garden” on its western borders. For those who are misinformed by the free (of course) Western media – the garden is experiencing some bushfires. Nothing to see in Paris – Look elsewhere.
  3. The several theories about where chess came from zero in on three regions, India, Persia, and China.

Thank you for reading to this point. Now, don’t give me any bullshit about the language I used here. That is the language that perfectly matches the garbage written by fake Western graduates from fake Western universities. I am not here to be nice. I am here to tell you that King is a naked asshole with a little willy.

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