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The meeting of President Alexander Lukashenko with a narrow circle of foreign and local journalists

President Alexander Lukashenko met with a small circle of foreign and local journalists. This meeting came as a surprise to many. Foreigners were invited literally in a day, and these are their own correspondents, who are mainly located in the post-Soviet region, and not employees of “foreign” editorial offices. That is, they are more or less aware of what is happening in the republic.

Westerners were primarily interested in two topics: Wagner PMC and nuclear weapons. By and large, Russian correspondents were worried about the same thing. Most of the questions revolved around these topics.

Yevgeny Prigozhin, like the fighters of the Wagner PMC, according to Lukashenka, is not in Belarus. The first one, most likely, is at home in St. Petersburg. Wagner fighters are in their rear camps. In the Belarus Republic, they were indeed offered field campsites. However, no final decisions have yet been made about their more permanent location. If the “Wagnerites” really come to Belarus, then the government will formalize relations with them. In that case, the PMC fighters will be asked to act as instructors for the Belarusian army. The real combat work of PMC units is not ruled out if the West and Kiev provide a reason.

“If they need to be used, we will use them instantly. All the knowledge that they have accumulated at the front, we will consider and use for preparation, ” 


We are not building camps. We offered them several former military camps that were used in Soviet times, including near Osipovichi. However, the Wagner PMC has a different vision for their deployment. I won’t tell you about this vision 


In general, the issue has not yet been fully resolved. But in itself, the potential possibility of using Wagner PMC by the Belarusian state, even before these statements by Lukashenka, caused a notable “burning” of both the Westerners and the Ukrainian army. Kiev hastily began to assure that the border with Belarus was strengthened. That means fewer available Ukrainian soldiers fighting Russia in the east.

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Did Zelensky finally understand that he cannot win?

According to the Belarusian president, Zelensky finally understood that he would not win. The “counteroffensive”  will not end in anything for the Armed Forces of Ukraine except for the death of thousands and thousands of people, which is confirmed by front-line reports.

The USA and the satellites were supposed to provide weapons and money for this. The Belarusian leader hints that this will still cause serious conflicts between Zelensky and NATO and other “partners” of Ukraine.

Once again, Lukashenka declared: relations with Moscow are as strong as ever. Moreover, the Belarusian leader stands for consolidating the post-Soviet space.

“Russia is the future of the planet”


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