Anglophone Hegemon falling into own pit dug for Russia in Ukraine

Anglophone Hegemon started preparing Ukraine to use it against Russia many decades ago when numerous Ukrainian war criminals were given shelter after WWII

We can track Anglophone Hegemon and its desire to destroy Russia all the way back for several centuries. However, I am not about to get into that part of history. Probably because the Anglophone Hegemon truly came into existence after the end of WWII. The Kingdom of Genocides was more interested in its own “glory”. After all, other parts of today’s hegemon were mostly just colonies. However, the end of WWII was the end of the empire. The Kingdom of Genocides could not maintain control any more. That role was passed to the US. At that time, it was an act of significant progress. However, the US could not handle its own “glory” and turned itself into today’s Caliphate of Chaos. As they say – shit happens.

One thing that the inventors of the first concentration camps excelled is their “divide and conquer” strategies. Before I continue, it is important to clarify that concentration camps were invented by the Kingdom of Genocides in Africa. During the Second Anglo-Boer War, which lasted from 1899–1902, the British operated concentration camps in South Africa. The term “concentration camp” grew in prominence during that period. Nazis, the secret brainchild of the Kingdom of Genocides, just copied it during WWII.

Saving private Bandera

While those naive were celebrating COMMON victory against Nazi Germany and their collaborators (practically the whole of Europe), hidden Satanists and self-proclaimed masters of the universe have already started their plans on how to undermine and destroy USSR. They started it much earlier if we are to be perfectly honest. That is why the “second front” in Europe was postponed for as long as possible and then completely simulated. Opening the “second front” in Italy had not forced Germans to move any of their troops from the Eastern front.

Several months before the final shots of WWII in Europe were fired, the intelligence services of the Western allies started their operation of saving some of the most prominent players in Nazi Germany and their collaborators. Collaborators coming from multiethnic countries were of particular interest. That is how Stepan Bandera (USSR – Ukraine) and Ante Pavelic (Yugoslavia – Croatia) managed to avoid justice. As we know now, their followers played a crucial role in conflicts that happened many decades after the end of WWII. Apart from executing genocides, the Kingdom of Genocides does nothing as effective as the “divide and conquer” strategy. For that, they need what is known as the “fifth column” in countries of their interest.

From new states to new “nations” by Communists

In short – Russia was the last frontier for the Western plunder of planet Earth. Unlike North America and Australia, it was too big for Anglophone World to conquer and swallow it. However, there were some conditions that could be used to achieve it. One of these was Ukraine. Some of these conditions were created by nobody else but Communist internationalists. Communist internationalists created states within USSR (and Yugoslavia, for that matter) – the states that never existed as a statehood in history. Ukraine has never existed as an organised independent state.

The next step after creating new states (apparently for organisational reasons only) was turning the population in these states into new nations. Very often, it was combined with the invention of new languages and even churches (Eastern Orthodox Churches tend to be attached to nations and don’t have central authority as the Vatican is for Catholics). These “differences” were groomed externally (through Nazi migrants living in the West) and internally (through corruption, nepotism and greed).

To conquer Russia, the Anglophone Hegemon had to have Ukraine

It is very simple. All previous attempts to conquer Russia failed because conquerors lost most of their steam while marching through the other parts of Russia (parts which are at the end – “kraj”) as what we call “Ukraine” (U kraju = at the end). The destruction of the USSR by communists and the creation of a new and independent state of Ukraine was an opportunity to get close to Moscow without losing steam. That was the plan, at least.

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However, taking Ukraine and turning it against Russia proved to be harder than originally anticipated. The main reason for that was the fact that all those communist experiments of creating new nations were not 100% successful. The majority of people in Ukraine speak Russian rather than Ukrainian. They also belong to the Russian Orthodox Church. To simplify it – these people are Russians who live in a territory and country called Ukraine. They are Ukrainians as they hold Ukrainian passports, but their nationality is Russian and nothing else.

When revolutions are “democracy”

The clear majority of the Ukrainian population was always “pro-Russian”. Of course that the Western propaganda machine parading as a “free media” will tell you that opposite is the truth. However, it is easy to check. The first president of Ukraine, Leonid Kravchuk, declared independence in 1991 but lost elections in 1994. He was followed by Leonid Kuchma, who presided over the country from 1994 to 2005. He was not anti-Russian enough and, due to the inability to get a pro-Western government, Anglophone Hegemon organise the regime change called the “Orange Revolution”.

Viktor Yushchenko became president of Ukraine following the “Orange Revolution”. His presidency lasted till 2010 when he lost the free and democratic election to Viktor Yanukovych. I suppose that Western strategists realised that the people of Ukraine will not support anyone pushing anti-Russian policies.

The corrupt government of Viktor Yushchenko was the first government of Ukraine that started open campaigns against Russia – cultural, political and economic. Viktor Yanukovych presided over a corrupt government and was trying to flirt with the West without seriously damaging the relationship with Russia. Anglophone Hegemon decided that another regime change is required for the fulfilment of their plans for destroying Russia.

Maidan Revolution – the second coming of “Democracy” by Victoria Nuland, who “fuck Europe”

I might consider changing the title of this article. Because it seems that Europe might be the one falling into the pit dug for Russia by the Anglophone Hegemon. Maybe Victoria Nuland, in 2014, could see the fate of Europe in 2023. To be direct, folks – Europe looks pretty fucked, as I can observe it in July 2023. No, I am not going to shed any tears about that. They got what they deserve.

Finally, the Anglophone Hegemon got what they were aiming for – a new “government” in Kiev that is built on the foundations of Bandera and his Nazi followers. Sheltering of all those Nazi war criminals paid off. Or, they believed so. However, people of several provinces in the East and South of Ukraine rejected the regime change. The civil war started. Crimea seceded and was annexed by Russia.

Control over Crimea is the key to controlling Russian exit on “warm seas”. As such, it is crucial to destroy the Russian ability to protect against aggression coming from the West. The good news for Russia was the fact that all those “scholars” (some of them “Sovietologists”) and other “experts” and advisers believed in their own shit. The West was not prepared for the annexation of Crimea by “weak” Russia. However, the judo master from Kremlin executed the basic philosophy of that sport – to use the enemy’s own strength to overpower it. Russia could not be happy with the arrangement regarding its navy bases in Crimea. However, nothing could be done about that. Unless… Unless poker players try to play their game on the great chessboard called Eurasia.

The Trojan Horse by Anglophone Hegemon’s vassals – European closeted Nazis – Such called “peace” agreement named The Minsk 2 (following the failed Minsk 1)

Kiev junta could not suppress people uprising in Eastern Ukraine. The rebel forces were able to defend and even go into counteroffensive. They were close to taking Mariupol. At that point, the Western Hegemon activated their European vassals to negotiate “peace”. Who would be better for that task than the team made of German Nazis and French prostitutes? They have been sleeping together since 1939. Allo… Allo… where is the resistaance? The Minsk 2 “peace” agreement was signed. I guess that the judo master from Kremlin believed in the impossible – that the West will honour their obligations. Something they never do!

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We now know that the Minsk 2 was there just to give the Anglophone Hegemon time to build Ukrainian capabilities to be its proxy in a war against Russia. However, the good news for Russia is – all those “scholars” from fake Western universities (those that are the best on this planet, apparently) kept their diplomas and doctorates and positions as experts and advisers. Blodless liberation of Crimea, according to them, was just good luck for a “weak” Russia. You heard the story of a petrol station parading as a country. Good!

The hole is deep enough! Or Anglophone Hegemon believed so?

Insisting on Ukraine becoming a member of NATO is the declaration of war against Russia. It was understood many years ago. The Western Hegemon believed it is time to push it. The hole for Russia was made and, apparently, was deep enough. The Judeo-Nazi creature “Servant of the People” was about to start playing the biggest (and probably the last) role in his life. Judo warrior in Kremlin was FORCED to act. Welcome to the game that will decide the future of this planet.

The lengthy operation under the motto “How to accept Ukraine into NATO” is more and more reminiscent of a boring circus performance with clowns tired of their own reprisals. The names of the performers may change, but the goal is unattainable in principle.

The most extravagant proposal was put forward in the Bundestag: to accept Ukraine into the North Atlantic Alliance “in parts”. Only Bundestag Nazis can come up with something like that. So, let’s put Ukraine on a spit and cut those pieces already cooked and get them into NATO! Yum!

It was never about fighting against communism

In all those years and decades that NATO has existed, its goal has not changed. It has always been to destroy Russia. When Russia was part of the USSR, and when after the collapse of the Soviet Union, it became the Russian Federation. NATO has always wanted one thing: to fully control Russia or it should not exist. 

Let’s clarify what should be obvious: NATO is the military, and the EU is the political instrument of Anglophone hegemony. They loved Russia in the 1990s because they were fully controlling it. Remember, an Anglophone hegemon is not necessarily interested in more territories. They conquered enough. However, they need to be able to plunder – through control or through conquering. Without that, the Anglophone hegemon cannot survive as we know it now.

Corrupt Russian leaders and their “elite” even were believing in the possibility of becoming part of NATO and the EU. There are two possible explanations for that. The first one is the corruption of the government and elites who agreed to have their country plundered. The second one is the complete lack of any deep knowledge of the history of the Anglophone world.

Waking up the Bear

Illusions began to dissipate in 1999. The Russian authorities at the beginning of the 2000s warned that they would not play any games with cheaters and started building. The new leader started gradual change – limiting the plundering and building military capabilities. 

The self-proclaimed “civilized world” could not accept the mistake in their assessments. All those “scholars” kept telling them that Russia is weak and its collapse is just around the corner. In 2008, Anglophone Hegemon instrumentalised another “government” born in the coloured revolution (Georgia) in an effort to provoke and humiliate Russia. Russia should be grateful for that. It helped in the crystalising what real intentions of the Anglophone Hegemon are. In the process, it also helped to make an assessment of their own military capabilities. Without that, Russia would not take some steps to improve its military.

The big Russian Bear was awake. However, Russians prefer substance over marketing. That is why their “Western partners and friends” continue believing in their exceptionalism. They have always believed in that, as racism is part of their genes. Maidan’s “revolution” in 2014 was handled by the Russian bear extraordinarily well. The corrupt traitor of his own genes, the black arse in the White House will never forgive them that. Neither is the funny creature that is pretending to be the president of the Caliphate of Chaos today. Digging of the hole was accelerated.

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Hatred blinded vampires in the Kingdom of Genocides and their inbreds residing in castles all over occupied Europe. The Western Satanists and their pedophile priests wanted nothing less than total defeat, destruction and humiliation of everything Russian and Eastern Orthodox. Serbs lost their title of the worst people in Europe, planet Earth and further into space.

Russia leads the “Global South” in the fight against Anglophone Hegemon and their European vassals – former colonial powers. The time for change is NOW!

In spite of the unprecedented propaganda against Russia and Russians, the truth is out there for those who want to find it. The truth is that, in spite of the unprecedented sanctions, the Russian economy is doing better than Anglophone Hegemon. It is doing much better than the EU. Anglophone Hegemon, after devastating South America, Africa and Asia has turned on their vassals. As Victoria Nuland predicted in 2014 – Europe is fucked.

Anglophone Hegemon might (however unlikely it might look) avoid the economic collapse of the EU. However, it will not be able to avoid humiliation. Let’s not forget it is the perception of their superiority created by careful marketing that kept them in the position of controlling the rest of the world. That perception is practically gone. Forty countries are supporting Ukraine’s military efforts. Many of them belong to the group of the world’s strongest economies (another carefully groomed perception). They could not and will not defeat Russia. One cannot think about worse humiliation for the Anglophone Hegemon.

The huge majority of countries openly refused to follow the Anglophone Hegemon and their sanctions against Russia. The “Global South” was waiting for a leader in the fight against hegemony imposed on it by the “Golden Billion”. it is clear now that the long-awaited leadership has arrived.

Someone will definitely fall into the pit the Anglophone Hegemon dug for Russia. Ukraine is already in. Who will join them? I doubt it will be Russia. What do you think? Comments are welcome – even the rude ones – I am not made of sugar – try me.


I was interested in politics since my days in High School. However, I was always just a silent observer. It started changing in the 1990s. Still, it was not enough to get me into commenting in the public domain (except for sharp skirmishes on the western controlled “social media” that got me banned from LinkedIn).

English is not my native language, but I spent more than half of my life in the English-speaking world. You can probably sense that when reading. Why am I writing then?

Probably because I feel that I owe it to two men who had an impact on my upbringing, education and attitude towards life and truth and justice as part of it. These are – my late father and my late uncle Vojislav (Slavko). No words in English or Serbian language can express my respect and gratitude towards them. Life without truth and justice is not worth living. They lived their lives in full and without compromises. I just hope to follow their steps.

Australia was calling itself the “Lucky Country” when I landed on the red continent. It truly was a lucky country. However, we took some wrong steps as a nation since then (in my opinion). Whatever happened, we lost that optimism and desire to be our own. I am a fierce critic of Australian foreign policy. It is time to stop, reflect and decide whether are we going to stick to the old and outgoing world of the British Empire or to be part of a new and more just world. I hope to contribute to that discussion and the best way I could think about is to openly write and express my opinion. Let’s make sure that we will leave the country in better shape for those following us.

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