Serbia between Austro-Hungarian and Neo-Ottoman Empires

Serbia is under tremendous pressure from the Anglophone Hegemon and its vassals in the Fourth Reich (EU + NATO). It is in danger of being the victim of another Coloured Revolution. Is there a way out?

Serbia is under attack. Serbian fifth column pretending to be the democratic opposition is marching on the streets of Serbian towns almost daily. At the same time, there is a significant escalation of organised terror against the Serbian population in NATO occupied province of Kosovo & Metohija. Additionally, there is orchestrated attack on Republika Srpska as part of Bosnia & Hercegovina. This is all financed, controlled and directed by the Anglophone Hegemon and its vassals in the Fourth Reich (EU + NATO). Is there a way out for Serbia? What options are possible, and what would be the consequences?

Anglophone Hegemon is on decline. However, it is still extremely powerful and capable of oppressing other countries and getting them under control. Their goal is always the same – plundering natural and human resources and creating a market for their corporations. Serbia has been their target since the destruction of Yugoslavia. The current situation in Ukraine has made the position of Serbia even more delicate. Anglophone Hegemon has managed to swallow all countries in the region and force them to become NATO members. Only Serbia and, Bosnia & Hercegovina are not members of that criminal organisation. The only reason for Bosnia not being a member is the fact that Republika Srpska is preventing it. That is why Republika Srpska is the target of Anglophone Hegemon and their vassals from the Fourth Reich.

Serbia and Serbian people living outside the Serbian state are not being surrounded and threatened for the first time in their history. Quite the opposite is the truth. The question is, how much independence and freedom is possible for any country of that size today? Making alliances that are not very strict and allow flexibility is not necessarily losing independence. What is on the table for Serbia to choose?

The Revival of the Austro-Hungarian Empire

I must admit that idea of this happening is not mine. Actually, I stumbled across it quite recently. First, it made me laugh. However, it might be worth looking at it. What made me laugh about it is the fact that this possibility was presented as a threat to the EU. It was presented by the EU “progressives”, who, by the way, have no idea what is the meaning of “progress”. However, it is a different topic. Let’s chew on the Austro-Hungarian Empire MkII. Has anyone told them (EU “progressives”, “greens”, and other fake “left” parties) what happened to the original Austro-Hungarian Empire? Do they know what happened to it? It was Serbia that challenged the Austro-Hungarian Empire in the WWI. It was the end of the Empire. Why would Serbia now want to be part of it?

Well, according to those alarmed by that possibility, Serbia has some common views on some issues with countries such as Austria and Hungary. It is a fact that bilateral relations between Hungary and Serbia have never been better. Two countries are cooperating in multiple fields. Relations between Austria and Serbia are also good, but the main concern for the “progressives” is their cooperation regarding preventing illegal migration. Just the other week, Austria, Hungary and Serbia stepped up their cooperation regarding illegal migration. “Cooperation with Serbia, Hungary necessary after EU’s asylum system failed”, says Austrian chancellor. Slovakia appears as a possible addition that would create central European awsome-foursome (to use Aussie lingo here). How come?

Possible pro-Russian “Austro-Hungarian Empire” MkII

In early May this year, Slovakia’s prime minister resigned and was replaced by a caretaker, deepening the country’s political crisis months before an election that looks likely to be won by a Moscow-friendly party opposed to further military aid to Ukraine.

Polls suggest the opposition Smer-SD leftwing populist party led by former prime minister Robert Fico, who has opposed military aid to Ukraine and blamed “Ukrainian fascists” for starting the war there in 2014, is on course to win the 30 September elections.

Austrian politician Herbert Kickl is a pro-Russian, anti-American conspiracy theorist who champions horse dewormer as a remedy for COVID-19 and wants to turn the Alpine country into a “fortress” against migration. He must be doing something good if Politico is alarmed and opposes him.

He’s also the odds-on favourite to become his country’s next leader and Europe’s next big headache.

Kickl’s far-right Freedom Party has been leading the country’s national polls by several points since November as soaring inflation and a sharp increase in asylum applications fuel discontent with the current government, a coalition between the centre-right Austrian People’s Party and the Greens.

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Hungarian opposition to sanctions against Russia and military assistance to Ukraine is the loudest in the Fourth Reich.

Serbia is the only country in Europe that refuses to introduce sanctions against Russia despite all pressures and threats.

If the above predictions materialise by the end of this year then central Europe could become a huge hole in Anglophone’s Hegemon and its vassals Fourth Reich Empire. If you guessed that I am getting interested in forming Austro-Hungarian Empire MkII, you guessed well. It should be noted that, despite pressure, Slovakia refused to recognise the “independent state” of Kosovo & Metohija. It is one of the five members of the Fourth Reich that refused to do so.

Erdogan is back and ready to build Neo-Ottoman Empire

Turkish aggression in at least five countries has been headlined in international news reports just this month, June 2020. These accounts focus on President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s latest intrusions into Israel, Libya, Iraq, Syria and Greece.

In Israel, an article was released on June 15 by the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs reporting that Turkey is working nonstop to gain influence on the Temple Mount, in the Old City of Jerusalem and in eastern Jerusalem neighborhoods.Writer Nadav Shragai points out, “In the second decade of the 21st century, Turkish nonprofit associations – and sometimes the Turkish government itself via the governmental aid agency TIKA [Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency] – have funneled tens of millions of dollars into various initiatives that have enhanced Turkey’s influence… ”

Hudson Institute

Who is Hudson Institute? “Hudson Institute is a research organization promoting American leadership for a secure, free, and prosperous future

Please pay attention here! An organisation promoting AMERICAN LEADERSHIP accuses Türkiye of INTRUSIONS into Libya, Iraq and Syria! How well informed and/or educated are those in the “institute”, and how well is informed or educated the mob that reads their rubbish?

More attention, please! “Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs” reporting on Türkiye’s work to gain influence in the Old City of Jerusalem! As a reader, don’t you feel as if these mongrels are challenging your intelligence?

Bilateral relations between Türkiye and Serbia have reached their peak level in history and continue to improve with new challenges and opportunities. Türkiye recognised the “independence” of Kosovo & Metohija but is not seen as hostile towards Serbia. The presidents of Serbia and Republica Srpska both have very good relationships with the Turkish president

In what may initially seem like a head-scratching move, Hungary became an OTS observer state in 2018. Since his party, Fidesz, came to power in 2010, Orbán has pursued an “Eastern Opening” policy to promote trade and economic partnerships with Russia, Turkic nations, and South and East Asian countries. OTS stands for Organisation of Turkic States.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Austro-Hungarian Empire meets the neo-Ottoman Empire

What do you think about that combination? Let me clarify one thing first. I am not supporting of creation of any new “empire”. We are just observing the last of them declining and vomiting on its own stench of exceptionalism and other bullshit. However, there are things that we should learn from the Anglophone Hegemon. As their Commonwealth, for example.

If there is to form the commonwealth of ex-Austro-Hungarian colonies, Bosnia and Hercegovina will certainly qualify. More than a third of the Bosnian population is made of ethnic Serbs. Unlike in the last century, Serbia would have no reasons to oppose the formation of such an organisation. Serbia should actually join it.

If there is to form the commonwealth of ex-Ottoman colonies, all countries in the Balkans, including Serbia, would qualify for membership. We know that our brothers and sisters in Croatia might think that they are better than that. Maybe they are. Let’s wish them good luck in the Fourth Reich! Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Albania should join. Bulgaria might be inclined to wait and see who looks like a winner and join that side. Their problem is that they were notoriously wrong in the past – therefore, their history of never finishing a war on the same side on which they started it. Greeks would refuse, and it is understanding and acceptable.

Are Serbs “Little Russians”?

Western “thinkers” (seriously!?) on both sides of the Atlantic emphasize a supposed “traditional” alliance between Serbia and Russia. An April 2018 report, “Do the Western Balkans Face a Coming Russian Storm?” written by Mark Galeotti for the European Council on Foreign Relations, described Serbia as Russia’s potential “Trojan Horse” in the European Union. That same month, former NATO Supreme Allied Commander Wesley Clark wrote an opinion piece in the Washington Post titled, “Don’t wait for the western Balkans to blow up again. The U.S. and the E.U. must act.” Clark made a reference to “pro-Russian” Serbs. Wesley Clark is (another) Anglophone war criminal deeply involved in a war against Serbia and has business interests in Kosovo.

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Are Serbs “Little Russians”? I don’t think so. Serbs are too independent and proud to accept that role in relation to Russians or anyone else. According to Western “thinkers”, Serbs are also some sort of “Big Serbs” who try to dominate everyone. In any case, according to Western media, Serbs are bad guys, and you should hate them just as the Wimbledon crowd hates Novak Djokovic.

However, Serbs know exactly who they are and are proud of it. Serbs know who are their friends. Sometimes Srbs have problems with recognising their true enemies, though.

Serbs value true friendship and loyalty as part of it. Dear individualists from the Anglophone World might have a problem understanding it.

Is making an alliance with Russia the way to go? I don’t think it is practical. It might not even be possible under current circumstances. However, standing by our brothers and friends should never be questioned. Betraying Russia would be betraying ourselves. Some Serbian politicians would be keen to do that, but they know that the Serbian people would punish them for that.

Balkan “Silk Road”

China’s presence in Central and Eastern Europe has been affected by the crisis of the erstwhile “17+1” format after the withdrawal of the Baltic countries. However, Beijing still has committed partners in the region. Serbia is certainly the main one.

The Anglophone hegemon is pressing members of the Fourth Reich to break their previous connections with the Chinese “One Belt One Road” initiative. French prostitute was trying to sleep in two beds without success. The Italian prostitute is talking about breaking away loudly. It seems that Italian politicians are more liars than most of their counterparts. She tricked them.

Serbia continues to expand its ties with China, relying on both already established areas of cooperation, such as infrastructure development and investment, as well as moving to the fields of energy and security, all the while boosting bilateral political cooperation and coordination on sensitive political issues.

The current government of Serbia seems to be successful in developing cooperation with China in spite of pressures from the Anglophone hegemon. Getting Chinese-made air defence systems instead of Russian ones was done charmingly. A good one for Vucic and Dacic tandem.

Serbia should try to become the main hub of Chinese trade with Europe. It is in control of the main roads and railways between Chinese-controlled ports in Greece and central and western Europe. Serbia also has several ports on the Danube. However, China has no ambitions nor abilities to play any role more significant than being a business partner. That is important and – every bit helps.

Neutral and Nonaligned

During the Anglophone hegemon’s and the Fourth Reich’s aggression against the country (Serbia and Montenegro) in 1999, Yugoslavia was practically left alone. Although the Russian Federation consistently sided with it and tried to protect Serbian interests in the United Nations Security Council, Russia itself, economically disabled and waging domestic military conflicts, was not strong enough to counter or modify such an American decision. Almost the same applies to the People’s Republic of China (PRC), whose embassy in Belgrade was even hit during the NATO campaign killing three people. The Chinese public was outraged by the attack, and officials condemned it as a “barbarian” act.

Would there be any difference today? I actually suspect that Russia would seriously consider intervening militarily to support Serbia in case of another aggression. However, it does not matter what I think about it. I am waiting for one thing to signal Russia’s readiness to be present in the Balkans. It is marching in Odesa port and region. Without a presence on the banks of the Danube, Russia will not be able to do much for its influence over the Balkans or to assist Serbia in a possible war.

Considering the situation in Ukraine, southeast Europe and globally, I still believe that Serbia should maintain neutrality. However, it should be opened to multiple alliances to enhance its political, economic and military capabilities.

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The neutrality of Serbia is important not only for Serbia but much wider. Once again, Serbs were among the first to scream that “The king is naked”. That is important and quietly appreciated all around the world. That is why Anglophone hegemon and the Fourth Reich are plotting another regime change in Serbia.

Join them if you cannot beat them – Joining the military wing of the Fourth Reich (NATO)

Make no mistake here – ALL such called pro-democratic political parties in Serbia are the fifth column directed by Anglophone hegemon and the Fourth Reich. Current demonstrations have nothing to do with democracy whatsoever. Soros is present in Serbia more than ever. The fifth column actually rejected an offer by the current government to have early elections. They want to take over without elections! All in the name of making Serbia “more democratic”.

The real purpose of institutional terror against Serbs in Kosovo & Metohija (currently occupied by NATO) is to force Serbia to betray Russia (and China) and join NATO. What do they offer in return? Well, there are only a bit shorter sticks than usual and no carrots in the “offer”. They will forgive us for beating us and stealing our territory. Well, it could be worse when you deal with the Anglophone hegemon and their vassals in the Fourth Reich. They are even talking about getting the fake “country” in the Fourth Reich – in spite of the fact that five current members don’t recognise its “independence”!

The real purpose of continuous attacks on Republika Srpska in Bosnia is to force them to agree with the country’s plans to join NATO. All that is facilitated by the “High Representative for Bosnia and Hercegovina” who is doing his “job” illegally as his engagement was not confirmed by Russia and China as it supposes to be. Needless to say that his authority is going as far as nullifying decisions made by democratically elected people and institutions in the country! All that in the name of DEMOCRACY! Who is crazy here?

The good news is that over 3/4 of Serbs would rather go to another war with NATO than join it. That makes me immensely proud.

Stay Firm and actively develop alliances in economic, political and even defence

Serbia had a long history of being occupied by the Ottoman Empire. On the other side, Vojvodina was occupied by the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Serbia lost 1/3 of its male population in the WWI against Austro-Hungarian Empire. Serbia as part of the former Yugoslavia had a serious disagreement with the USSR that almost ended in a war. China is too far… However, good long-term strategy and diplomacy can make all that work in the best interests of Serbia and others involved. We just need each other if we are to protect ourselves from the Anglophone hegemon and the Fourth Reich.

Austro-Hungarian Empire MkII

Potential members: Austria (neutral and EU member), Hungary (EU & NATO member), Slovakia (EU & NATO member) and Serbia (neutral and nonaligned). Who could join too? Bosnia & Hercegovina appears as a promising “candidate”.

CountryGDP (US$)Population
Austria471.4 billion9.042 million
Hungary178.8 billion9.684 million
Serbia63.5 billion6.760 million
Slovak Republic115.5 billion5.432 million
Bosnia & Hercegovina24.5 billion3.234 million

The Organisation of Turkic States (OTS) – Neo-Ottoman Empire

Current Members: Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Türkiye and Uzbekistan

Current Observers: Hungary and Turkmenistan

CountryGDP (US$)Population
Azerbaijan78.72 billion10.175 million
Kazakhstan220.62 billion19.622 million
Kyrgyzstan10.93 billion6.803 million
Türkiye905.99 billion85.341 million
Uzbekistan80.39 billion35.648 million

The Eurasian Economic Union

Current Members: Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Armenia

Current Observers: Uzbekistan and Cuba.

CountryGDP (US$)Population
Armenia19.5 billion2.780 million
Belarus72.79 billion9.209 million
Kazakhstan220.62 billion19.622 million
Kyrgyzstan10.93 billion6.803 million
Russian Federation2.24 trillion143.555 million

Serbia would be welcomed by all three above-mentioned groups and organisations without any conditions and without being required to give away 15% of its territory.

On the other side, Serbia “negotiates” accession to the EU since 2013. It is no secret that Serbia MIGHT be accepted ONLY after giving away its southern province of Kosovo & Metohija. Accession to NATO would be much quicker so they can disarm the only nation in Europe prepared to fight for its freedom. In the process, of course, Serbia would have to recognise independent Kosovo which is currently under NATO occupation and hosting one of the biggest US military bases in Europe.

I think it is time that the Serbian government call a REFERENDUM so that people of Serbia can make the choice. What would you choose?

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