America dumped Ukraine and will abandon Europe, too, if required

The last NATO summit brought disappointment not only to Zelensky. It became a wake-up call for all European members.

America has a long history of abandoning its allies. The tough stance of the United States on Ukraine, which practically condemned all the hopes of NATO membership, reminded the Europeans that Washington could dispose of them at any moment. What about the famous Article 5 of the NATO treaty? What about it? In the whole history of that criminal organisation, it was activated only once. Not surprisingly, it was to support the interests of the Anglophone Hegemon. To justify aggression against a country that had nothing to do with the apparent terrorist attack in New York.

America achieved most of its objectives already.

Apart from Russia’s economic and social destruction, Anglophone Hegemon has achieved all other primary goals set long before the start of the Special Military Operation.

Cooperation between Germany and Russia, as a primary concern of the Anglophone Hegemon, has been achieved 100%. The chances of Russia’s interest in rebuilding collaboration in the next decade or longer are minimal. Russia is reorienting towards Asia and doing its best to develop domestic production of many products previously imported from Germany. I am not talking about cars but more serious products such as industrial machinery and tools.

The deindustrialisation of the EU is going as planned. The leading competitive edge EU manufacturing had over others was easy access to cheap Russian energy and minerals. That is wholly destroyed, and manufacturers in the EU are probably paying more than their competitors now. On the other side of the Atlantic, the government is offering incentives (a program worth around $500 billion) for re-industrialisation. Also, America is financing it from the money printed as a newspaper – thanks to European support of the US dollar as a “reserve currency”.

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Dependence on American LPG is not just a matter of price and logistics. It is also giving Americans the ability to completely control the European cost of manufacturing and cost of living. Russia had no interest in undermining European manufacturing as they complemented each other. European and American manufacturing are direct competitors. German Green Nazis are celebrating freeing the country from dependence on Russian gas. However, the country is not just as dependent on a foreign power for gas supplies as before. The problem is that it depends on a potentially hostile supplier. After all, how much more hostile can you get from physically destroying the supply lines of your major ally?

The Fourth Reich is defenceless.

Where does Europe find itself after the end of the conflict? It was promised to loot the ruins of Russia as the main prize. However, there are no ruins. The EU (Fourth Reich) expected parts of Russia and will find itself out of looting Ukraine instead. They disarmed and depleted their stocks of ammunition. The lion’s share of rearming will go to arms manufacturers from the Anglophone Hegemon. Losing in Ukraine promises Europeans decades of poverty, riots and collapse. Millions of Ukrainians are already within the fortress, seeing itself as a garden. Millions more will be just east of the fort, jobless and angry at former sponsors who abandoned them. Ironically, many of them trained for combat as European members of NATO. How long would Poland stand to skilled and angry Ukrainian paramilitary organisations and gangs? Not very long.

Is anyone serious and sane who would believe that Russia is interested in occupying Europe (even the Lilliputan Baltic states)? I doubt it. However, if in charge, I would kick Baltic Nazis’ asses as hard as possible. Russia is actually not even too keen on occupying western parts of Ukraine.

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However, there is a serious danger of Anglophone Hegemon turning Ukraine into a land of constant volatility and threat to all its neighbours. Indeed, the plan is to make it hostile to Russia only. Just don’t forget one thing – the planning was done by the same people that predicted the complete collapse of Russian economically and socially. The same people that planned events in Syria and Libya… Very incompetent planners – if you as for my opinion.

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