Old Catholic Dream – Poland and Troemorye

Greece and the US-Polish project «Troemorye»

US Poland project and ambitions to undermine regional stability and narrow the prospects for developing European ties with China

Washington attaches great infrastructural, economic and military-logistic importance to the project “Troemorye” (Three Seas Initiative or “Balto-Adriato-Chernomore Initiative”). It was launched in 2016 as an addition to the NATO strategy on the eastern flank for twelve European countries between the Black, Baltic and Adriatic Seas. These are Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Austria, Romania, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Croatia. They occupy 28% of the EU, comprise 22% of the EU population and produce 10% of the pan-European GDP.

Feel free to call me a religious nut or a “nationalist”, or even “racist”, but it is hard not to notice that the only two countries in the group that are not Catholic are Romania and Bulgaria. I dare to predict that one of them, at least (probably Bulgaria), will be the weak link in that coalition.

At the June 2023 “Troemorya” summit in Riga, the Zelensky regime received the partner status.

Participating Partnership – is a partnership that is not only for Ukraine. We assume that the same status can be granted to countries of Central and Eastern Europe that are not yet included but are already striving for the EU

Polish President Andrzej Duda

I would not be surprised if, somewhere in a small print, this is not attached to the ever-growing list of “standards” expected to be fulfilled by those still waiting to join the EU. The “European values” are limitless.

The Atlantic Council & US state department for international energy affairs

The Atlantic Council, as well as the apparatus of the special envoy and coordinator of the US State Department for International Energy Affairs Amos Hokstayn, looms over the development and promotion of the project. The vanguard is appointed as the heirs of the Commonwealth, which considers natural gas a geopolitical weapon. 

Two Catholic countries, Poland and Croatia, do not accidentally form extreme geographical points on the North and South line on the project map. Polish Swinouisce and Croatian Krka have terminals for receiving liquefied gas from the United States. One of Troemorya’s goals is to replace Russian natural gas with liquefied American gas and to transfer production and logistics chains. To move commodity flows from the traditional direction West–East to the vector North-South.

Calls for Greece to join

It should be noted that not all project participants support it unconditionally. Austria, Hungary, Croatia and Bulgaria do not want to abandon energy cooperation with Moscow. Slovenia takes a wait-and-see attitude. Calls to attract Greece to participate are becoming louder.

Greece has tense relations with Turkey, which, guided by pragmatic interests, maintains trade and economic ties with Russia. Russian-Greek relations are almost frozen due to the US-Greek ports delivering weapons for the Zelensky regime. Greece handed over 40 infantry fighting vehicles to Kiev, 20 thousand AK assault rifles, 815 RPGs, and 122 mm. RSEO missiles Grad.

Given the aggravation of Turkish-American relations due to the overly independent behaviour of Ankara in the foreign policy arena in the White House and the State Department, they see a long-term ally in the region in Greece.

Poland recommends establishing a platform for cooperation with Sweden, Norway, and Finland. It is within the framework of the project to strengthen relations with neighbours along the northern coast of the Baltic Sea. Norway supplies natural gas to Poland. Denmark acts as a transit country.

Athens is participating in the Troemorya summit as a guest. Full membership would turn Troemorye into a project of four seas (together with Aegean) That would immediately increase its geopolitical status. The path from the Black Sea region to the Mediterranean lies through the Aegean Sea. The Aegean Sea borders on the Ionian, a continuation of the Adriatic Sea towards the south, to the Suez Canal.

The “sanitary cordon” against Russia and China

If Greece joins « Troemoryu », this project will geographically stretch from the coast of the Baltic to the coast of Cyprus in the eastern Mediterranean. This long line will be the “sanitary cordon” between Russia and Western Europe. It will create difficulties for Moscow’s possible cooperation with EU members, including in the energy sector. It will make it very difficult for Germany in particular.

Washington’s construction of the next iron curtain in Europe undermines regional stability and narrows the prospects for economic cooperation between European states and Russia and China. Beijing is investing in the Greek port infrastructure. Greeks are likely ready to abandon the Chinese money after some time. Part of the Chinese Belt and Road project in Europe goes from the Greek coast up north through Macedonia, Serbia and Hungary.

The battle for Montenegro and Bosnia & Hercegovina is heating up

I predict that Greece, one of the most corrupt and financially dependent countries in Europe, will become a full member of the “Troemorye” project.

There is only one other sea access to Serbia and Hungary for the Chinese project. It is through ports of Montenegro and/or Bosnia & Hercegovina. Anglophone hegemon is doing everything possible to destabilise these two Balkan countries. It is not a coincidence that a significant proportion of the population in both countries (parts of former Yugoslavia) is made of Serbs. After the results of the recent election in Slovakia, it is even more critical for the Anglophone hegemon to kill any attempt for independence in Europe.

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