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Pranksters Vovan and Lexus on Ukraine

Unofficial Ukraine news from (un)disclosed sources. We know their plans and cannot help but laugh and feel sorry for them.

Some call them GRU agents. Others call them telephone hooligans. One thing is clear – the secrets “snatched” from Western politicians by pranksters Vovan and Lexus are on a par with the “booty” of intelligence, but the guys are not shy about sharing them. They found out from Merkel and Hollande why the Minsk agreements were needed.

Western politicians understand everything but…

Lexus: – We constantly ask them this question. They insist that “we must help Ukraine in its struggle for democracy.” As soon as we ask what it really is, they fall into a stupor: “Well, yes, everything is not going as we would like…”.

Vovan: – The other day we had a conversation with one of the Ukrainian propagandists. He visited a hospital where the morale of the soldiers was weak. And he was indignant at the Western media: “I wrote an article, and the British write about the same thing, but in the opposite direction. How so?!

British wet dreams in Ukraine

It was the British press that promoted this counteroffensive more than anyone else. They shouted about an “avalanche”: “Ukraine will reach Crimea in the summer!” And now politicians are asking questions, especially in countries with upcoming elections. And we see unprecedented ratings for the Alternative for Germany, which previously were almost marginal.

British politicians all speak in a stereotyped way. It is as if they were quoting a manual: “Ukraine is a Western country. We must defeat the dictatorship.” About the counter-offensive, they say: “We see that this is unrealistic, but Ukraine must win.”

An Adequate Grandfather

Lexus: – We talked with Henry Kissinger. He spoke with Ermak (head of Zelensky’s office – Ed.). And he revealed Kiev’s plan: “We will try to fight, then we will conclude a temporary agreement, like North and South Korea, and then we will recapture these lands (Kherson, Zaporizhzhia, DPR and LPR. – Ed.).”

Vovan: – As Kissinger said, he talked with Blinken and Biden. He says that in the USA, the idea is this: we are not talking about peace negotiations but about a ceasefire. They want a protracted conflict to pump up the Ukrainian “black hole” with old weapons and develop their military-industrial complex.

Lexus: – He compared Ukraine with Vietnam. A few years later, public opinion changed, and the same will happen to Ukraine. And he is sure that Ukraine will not return to Crimea.

On whose behalf did you communicate with Kissinger?

Lexus: – Zelensky. And Kissinger says what is in the people’s minds determining US policy.

We know their plans!

Lexus: – There is a complex system. We had conversations with those who drive British foreign policy. They say they are determining what will happen next with the fighting in Ukraine and the United States. Hollande, Merkel, and Poroshenko confirm this. But in Britain, they emphasize: “We are throwing up ideas to escalate the conflict.”

When no one knew Britain would supply Storm Shadow missiles, they told us over the phone that they were starting to pump up this topic in the media and had already sent out all the manuals. So, the press would exaggerate this topic, and in the United States, they would fall for it and make the same decision themselves.

Polish wet dreams in Ukraine

There is talk that the Poles want to squeeze out Western Ukraine, and the Romanians want to squeeze out Transcarpathia. What do they say in Warsaw and Bucharest?

Vovan: – Duda (President of Poland – Ed.) had no direct approaches to this. He is very nervous about the topic of war with Russia. The Poles will wait until Ukraine is drained of blood, and on the sidelines, they will begin to suggest: come on, purely for the sake of security… First, they will create a “grey zone”, controlling Lviv with the border strip, and then they will integrate it into Poland.

Will there be clashes between Russia and NATO?

Lexus: – Nobody wants this now. Poland first. They understand that if this happens, it will be with their hands.

Vovan: – When a Ukrainian rocket fell in Poland and knocked out a tractor there, we called Duda. He spoke with the NATO Secretary General, with Biden, with Zelensky, and immediately after with us. And he told us that he feared a war between Russia and Poland and did not want to apply paragraph 5.

The NATO’s Fifth Paragraph and a Good Luck to Poland

The 5th paragraph in the NATO Charter states that if one country is attacked, the rest “harness” for it.

Lexus: – But what is it written there? Some may send their armed forces, some give weapons, and some wish good luck. And the Poles fear they will be the country… to which they wish good luck. Poland is in a serious economic crisis.

We talked with the head of the Federal Reserve System, the European Central Bank, and the mayor of Warsaw. And everyone says that the countries on the borders with Russia and Ukraine suffer the most from sanctions. Poland has huge inflation and budget problems. The mayor of Warsaw complains about hordes of refugees – the social system cannot stand it. And taking on the western part of Ukraine is a separate burden.

What does the European Central Bank say?

Vovan: – There is an amazing woman, Christine Lagarde: “I would know about the forecasts if I had a crystal ball and I could look into it.” That’s the whole economy of the European Union. Well, they’re still holding on. Well done.

Source: Komsomolskaya Pravda

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