Dugin – The West is not Judeo-Christian

Alexander Dugin discusses the geopolitical implications of the escalating conflict between Israel and Palestine, challenging Western perceptions and highlighting the broader global power dynamics at play

By Alexander Dugin

Aleksander Dugin – The West is not “Judeo-Christian”

The escalation of hostilities between Israel and Palestine undoubtedly unifies the Islamic world. Western conservatives once again invoke the defence of a ‘Judeo-Christian civilisation’ in the face of Muslims. The radical ideology of Hamas gives them a convenient pretext. Yet, a society deeply rooted in atheism, materialism, and the legalisation of various perversions, having long abandoned theology and traditional values, can neither be considered Christian nor Jewish.

If such a Western stance supports Israel, something has gone seriously amiss, as we observe now. For if the devil’s civilisation is on your side, you have taken a misstep. There is no such thing as a Judeo-Christian world. It is pure nonsense. In contrast, the Islamic world exists, and its traditions remain strong. The dynamic is not Judeo-Christians versus Muslims; it is Muslims opposing a satanic culture, opposing the Antichrist. Biden’s idea to merge the themes of supporting Ukraine with that of Israel underlines this: the West always sides with those who obey its hegemony. Muslims were not enemies of Ukraine or allies of Russia (except the eschatologically awakened Iran and Syria), but now they may be.

Russia represents a pole in a multipolar world.

Islam represents a pole in a multipolar world.

Both poles stand against the West’s desperate attempts to maintain unipolarity and global dominance, even if it risks a world war. The Palestinian conflict with Israel was not a civilisational frontline, but now it is. Similarly, the tensions between Russia and Ukraine were regional until the West supported the nationalists in Kiev. This made the war in Ukraine a frontline of a global confrontation between multipolarity and unipolarity.

The scale of this confrontation is expanding. The situation grows increasingly ominous. Billions globally are convinced that the collective West and its allies represent the utmost evil. It is the civilisation of the Antichrist.

Perhaps only Trump’s return to US leadership, or the onset of a full-blown civil war there, can save the world from Apocalypse or at least delay it. Democrats, globalists, and neoconservatives are leading humanity straight into the abyss, which, strictly speaking, is the demonic mandate.

Source: ARKTOS

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