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The Western “Coalition” – The Middle East

About the Western Coalition’s Presence in the Middle East – @Rybar Report

Anglophone Hegemon likes hiding behind some “coalition”. What is the Western coalition’s presence in the Middle East, according to @Rybar Report?

An aircraft carrier strike group (CSG-12) led by the aircraft carrier “Gerald Ford” arrived in the eastern Mediterranean. Six additional A-10 Thunderbolt II attack aircraft were deployed to the Al Dhafra Air Base.

The Greek frigate “Psara” and two British ships also move towards the CSG-12’s location. Simultaneously, an aircraft carrier group with the “Eisenhower” is also heading in that direction, possibly replacing the “Ford” in the area.

There have been discussions about the possible deployment of an aircraft carrier in the United Kingdom. Local media currently deny sending the “Queen Elizabeth” to the Mediterranean due to its engagement in exercises in the North Sea. However, if the conflict continues, this issue will resurface.

Besides the arriving forces, various military and reconnaissance aircraft, numbering no less than 163 planes and drones in six neighbouring countries, were already stationed at different airbases in the Middle East.

This is without even considering the Israeli Air Force. Over the last two days, the airspace over Israel, the Gaza sector, and the Mediterranean has seen an average of around 200 aircraft, with F-16I alone recording 110-120 sorties daily.

anglophone hegemon military in the middle east

Numerical superiority in reconnaissance and strike capabilities is immense. However, it is not the decisive factor in the evolving conflict situation. In any case, Israel will need a ground operation where Hamas and the “Islamic Jihad” will be playing on their field.

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